The apartment complex is pretty great. Staff is nice and very helpful. Never have a problem that they can’t fix. The people here are nice.

I enjoy my privacy and the amenities provided. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The convenience of the furnished apartment is much appreciated.

Love meeting all the neighbors and having great conversations with them. I have never had that experience before!! Very diverse and nice people, not just students!

I have been a resident here since May. I have enjoyed living here. The RAs are great and always nice. I love living close to restaurants and the University.

Staying here has been peaceful and we'll managed. I can say that I've enjoyed being a resident and is looking forward to another great year.

Everything is great. This will be my third year living here and I must say, each year the staff always goes above and beyond to make living here a great experience.

The apartments could be more kept up, and maintenance requests are not fulfilled promptly. I believe the rent is very overpriced for the apartments, considering the bed is a full and the furniture isn't the nicest. My dishwasher hasn't been fixed complete and things fall apart on the daily. I have tried to get them fixed but mostly they only get repaired as a temporary fix and come right back apart.

I have enjoyed my stay at Lafayette Place. I renewed my lease and will Ben staying another year. They just need to general maintenance on the lights and cleaned up around the garbage area.

Just wasn’t the greatest. Walks thin and maintained wasn’t great. I really just didn’t like the location and we had people firing off guns and no one would let us know and that’s not okay

Lafayette place has been perfect for what I was looking for in at Ole Miss. It has a great location, very affordable great amenities and it is very peaceful!

It is close to campus and everything run smoothly! I also like how when the staff notices a problem they fix it in a good time period! It has been a good experience!

Really nice place to live. Nice and helpful staff. Don't have any kinda of noise issues with tenants. Some people don't know how to find the trash can but that an a personal problem.

My time here has been a good experience. I enjoyed what events I was able to attend and the pool has been great when open this summer. Only problem would probably be the constant smell of marijuana in breeze way and around apartments

I have, and still very much like living here at Lafayette Place. My Building neighbors are kind, and I feel safe in my apt and on the grounds.. (should always feel safe at home) I’ve heard of a few bad experiences in other places.. I love my apt and all the amenities offered, The staff is always helpful and friendly.. the comuntity event are nice as well.

my experience here has been great! The apartment is clean and neat. My room is a little small but it’s nice. There’s not a lot of commotion here so I love that too.

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This place is so much more better than my past place of living and more friendly. I can’t wait to finish my senior year here at the Lafayette Place.

My experience with Lafayette Place has been amazing! Eveyone is so friendly and helpful! The complex is always nice and clean. I have not had any bad experiences so far!

I have been residing here for over a year now. I am comfortable with living here, but there is always room for improvement. Since my beginnings the staff has changed tremendously, and if it is not the fact that the staff has changed the urgency to assist from the staff has definitely changed. I have had a hard time getting my monthly electric bill for the past few months. In addition to my electric amount not being available when I asked for it. I was charged an extra $160 to my $74 electric bill for late fees, that in conclusion was late due to the system of the office negligence. Still , and yet I am considering renewing my lease again in hopes for improvement in a staff that was once so much better.

So far everyone has been so helpful and I love the environment and the plentiful amenities that are included, I've never seen a place so involved with their residents before... Very awesome!

The experience is great so far to be completely honest.. its jus I’m still waiting for some maintenance done on my apartment pertaining to my AC unit

Lafayette Place has been nothing less than amazing. The apartments are great. Such a great community. The staff here is one of kind. Awesome resources available to residents.

I will be renewing for the fall because this is a decent rate and I am settled. My neighbor's aren't great. The amenities are good. They have awesome community engagements.

The phrase “home sweet home” is very fitting for me these days. I am very relaxed & pleased, since living here. Being a resident here is an advantage to my livelihood! It feels good returning home, especially after a hard night at work.

The staff here is amazing and accommodating. Maintenance is fast. Neighbors are pretty quiet. The apartments are nice and it is in a great location