It's been a great place to live so far! Our apartment is just so nice and cozy! The community is so welcoming and there is always something to do around our complex! Love it here and can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

Nice front desk, work order cancelled without attempt at completion though. Buildings are nice but can be leaky when it rains, it depends on where you are in the building.

Lafayette place is doing a great job . Everything is nice and new . They have worked with me on moving in and getting me and my best friend in the same apartment

Lafayette Place is good Off-Campus Student Apartments Near the University of Mississippi. It is only a short walk to wherever I may want to go.

Great place, great location. The people are all very friendly. However, the recent renovations seem to have been left unfinished, so there are a lot of little things, like missing chairs, leftover debris, etc. Definitely not move-in ready, but at least they have a system to deal with the complaints. I'm still waiting on my desk chair though...

Lafayette Place is a great place to stay. The staff is friendly and will go the extra mile to make sure everything is beyond great for each person.

It is a nice place with renovated units. The only thing that bothers ne here is the office hours which starts very late morning. The clubhouse is good. Staff are friendly.

Nice apartments to live in. Sometimes the management is a little rude and hard to talk to but the apartments themselves are nice. Nice ammeneties too.

Great place to live and it is very quiet and peaceful. Has the community pool and hang out area where I like to play pool. Amenities are great also.

Everything is great. I love the apartment in its entirety. The complex is not noisy. I really love the pool area and I think is really nice. It's overall great

The Lafayette Place Apartment community is an incredibly welcoming one. The staff is incredibly attentive, and the amenities are more than generous.

Great place. Could have more garbage dumbs. The place is quiet. The hallways could be power wash to get rid of spiders webs and other bugs. Good

Great, nice, cool, fantastic, no place I'd rather be. Live Laugh Lafayette Place. 5 Stars best place to live. Wow I love this place, it smells nice.

Quick response from staff when needed. Repairs done also pretty quickly. Good in providing service for packages - receiving text messages is very convenient. Good opening hours..

I can't say that Lafayette Place is the best apartment complex I have ever stayed at. However, I have lived here in Oxford at Lafayette Place for almost a year and a half now and I could not be more pleased with my experience. Sure there had been times when maintenance hasn't come through for me, or I've had problems with my rent, or whatever it was, but the staff has been very helpful every time I've needed it and I am very pleased with that.

This is the only apartment complex I have lived in & although it is marketed as "student living" you do not have to be a student to live here, which is kind of weird in my opinion. I do love that it is fully furnished and allows pets. The employees in the front office are very helpful and nice but I have had problems getting responses to emails more than once. In the past, they have not given 24 hour notice when work is going to be done or when a roommate is going to be moving into my apartment, they usually notify the residents the day that it is happening. They are in the middle of doing renovations and have been pretty good at notifying residents of which renovations are happening within 24 hours. However, they have ignored my email about what renovations are going to be taking place throughout the summer. In person, I have had different answers on which renovations are taking place and it would be nice to know what to expect, especially when the increase in my rent is due to the renovations. Lafayette Place has different activities such as barbecues and Xbox tournaments to engage residents, which helps keep residents connected.

Great! I honestly like all the things that are being fixed around the complex. My new bathroom wood floors are awesome and they are my new favorite. Thank you!

I usually feel safe and comfortable at the apartments. Unfortunately the maintenance requests I put in are not always completed. There is also a bug problem so I have to keep changing out traps every 3 months.

The trash compactor needs more attention. It's very dirty and should be emptied more often. The summer activities are great though. I love how it's free and in a comfortable and convenient location.

The new management is way more efficient and better organized than the orevious group. So there has been some improvements. But my overall experience here has been less than great.

I have really enjoyed my 3 years at Lafayette Place Apartments. The staff are always super nice and helpful when I have issues with maintenance or just simple apartment issues. The prices are pretty competitive and the complex is very nice with its different amenities.

The apartments are nice but they could use some modernization. I think they should be repainted and re decorated. To improve the amount of residents.

A very good place to live! Very close to campus and near most of the important places in Oxford. On the low end of student housing prices, considering utilities and furniture are included.

Lafayette Place gives you the basic necessities to live in. The best part is that they include all utilities! If you are not looking for anything fancy or high end this is the place to go.

Really like the new activities happening. The last management team didn't really put an emphasis on it and I'm really glad this one is doing that.