The new management is way more efficient and better organized than the orevious group. So there has been some improvements. But my overall experience here has been less than great.

I have really enjoyed my 3 years at Lafayette Place Apartments. The staff are always super nice and helpful when I have issues with maintenance or just simple apartment issues. The prices are pretty competitive and the complex is very nice with its different amenities.

The apartments are nice but they could use some modernization. I think they should be repainted and re decorated. To improve the amount of residents.

A very good place to live! Very close to campus and near most of the important places in Oxford. On the low end of student housing prices, considering utilities and furniture are included.

Lafayette Place gives you the basic necessities to live in. The best part is that they include all utilities! If you are not looking for anything fancy or high end this is the place to go.

Really like the new activities happening. The last management team didn't really put an emphasis on it and I'm really glad this one is doing that.

This is a good place to be at. The staff are friendly and are always helpful. Since the change of ownership the apartment complex have been cleaner than before.

I've loved living at Lafayette Place. The staff is very helpful and always willing to go the extra mile for the residents. The apartment and the staff are more than I could have ever asked for!

Lafayette Place has a fabulous location and the people whole live there are great! it's really quiet and i love the salt water pool. there is a bit of a trash problem and i think it could benefit from another dumpster.

This is a nice place to live when you're going to school. Its extremely close to campus and the busses are always running by here. The staff is very understanding and accommodating with everything and macitence works really fast. With all the renovations they are doing, this place is going to be even greater.

Amenities are great and the manager is very helpful but the prices, cleanliness, construction constantly inconviencing whether it be mold or renovations... ect... overall bad experience

The apartment and facilities are overall nice. I enjoy the location and all of the amenities. Furthermore, most of my interactions with this staff have been nice. I dislike all of the renovations that are occurring. I understand that some of them are probably necessary (i.e reinforcing the entry ways due to building codes). However, I would honestly prefer to pay less in rent if it means I get to sacrifice the buildings being repainted. I am working towards my PhD and would prefer not to be paying student loans for the rest of my life. Also, because I've been in school for a while now, I've lived in many dorm rooms and apartments and I feel that the staff comes in a lot more frequently (without warning) for whatever various reasons than I would like and more than I'm used to.

A clean, happy, and healthy environment. Great place to live! I was nervous about moving to Misssissippi when my hometown is 1,100 miles away. Lafayette place helped make the adjustment smooth. The location is great right off of Jackson Ave so everything is close and easy to access.

Always respectable when I talk to them. Seem to really care about the residents and will go above and beyond when something is wrong. Sometimes communication is difficult, unless it is face to face.

Living in Lafayette place is great, I had a very great time living in my home. All the staff is very friendly and I feel very welcomed. Great place

The staff are great! Buildings/rooms are not worth the price (1br). Glad they are renovating though. Construction is a bit of a hassle for us living in building 4.

You guys are doing great! I love living at LP. Everyone is so friendly and my unit is terrific. The clubhouse is always fun to hang out at and the staff is very nice.

They have super friendly staff and a community vibe that feels like family. I appreciate the new renovations coming and we love the pet friendly property!! My dog is like my child and he has friends here just like I do!! And nobody judges me for being a crazy dog lady so that's a plus.

Great neighborhood and very accessible for students to campus or to shopping centers. Service from staff at times is insufficient due to staff members who don't have enough expertise to help out.