It’s ok but I really do love the neighborhood that it’s in. I wish they could see our neighbors beer and broken beer bottle they leave outside around our buildings. Love that it is dog friendly!

Its very quiet place and very close to my kids school and i like that we could walk to the park and to the gas station. All shopping center is near by the location.

Apartment its self has problems, A/C cover hood fell off and hit me in the head. The office staff decided to screw it back on and now it is rusted and molded. The parking lot has deep holes that cause drivers to avoid parking in certain areas and the solution so far is to fill them with gravel which is washed away and is flung at cars passing. Walls are thin and the neighbors on top of us are smokers and drug users and i find cigarette buds in my patio. Police have come due to noise complaints but they are still here. All this and rent is over a thousand dollars for a single bed room apartment.

my car has been broken into. I have had to get all brand new tires because of the nails that were everywhere in the parking lot. their are huge pot holes that no one correctly fills. we have made several complaints on how loud are neighbors are an nothing has been done. the cops have been called on them several time because of their fighting. the apartments look decent but it's way to over priced for how many things are wrong!

West side sucks hot. Valet trash sucks. I could use that 25 dollars for something else. Also the dumpster that is a dump. I could be dumping legit trash instead of

I’ve lived in several different apartments in Austin since 2012. This place has the nicest management. Everything is taken care of quickly. It’s been great!

Dog friendly and quiet. Close to all major freeways and shopping. Limited food options but anything can be delivered. Nice little park in walking distance

I have lived here for almost 5 years now. Whenever I have had a maintenance problem they have responded fairly quickly and either fixed it or had a timetable as to when it would be repaired. I choose to live here mainly based upon location and cost. It’s close to work so am able to save money and time by being able to run back home when I need.

Landmark at Prescott Woods has been a great place for me to live of the past 3 years. They are always friendly and always responsive. It is a nice community.

Would recommend this place to a friend. Lots of parking all over the complex. The neighborhood is pretty quiet. Close to a nice little park with a jogging track.

Love this apartment leasing office team! They are ALL super great at accomidating residents. I have never had any issues with them not able to assist me with ANYTHING. Dan, Steph & Joe are by far the best leasing office associates ove ever had the pleasure of dealing with. They are always welcoming and very helpful.

I have lived in apartments for less than 5 years and my stay here has been very comfortable and reasonable. The staff are the friendliest and most helpful I've ever met.The grounds make this complex feel like a cozy neighborhood. My only complaint would be wishing the appliances and plumbing were more up to date on the other hand it's relative to the rates. I'm so happy I found my home!

It's a quiet community, no drama. parking is free and there is plenty of it. Not near another apartment complex so that is great. Lacks security, but is in a relatively safe area.

Nice place to live. Nice neighbors and staff. I love the trees and places to walk. The location is nice too, with all my favorite stores and restaurants nearby.

I've lived here going on my second years. I like it here cause the services is excellent. Isaiah and Hunter the maintenance crew always fix the problems on time and fix it right. Joe, Dan, Stephanie and Mercy always happy and courteous and always listen and fixed the problems around the complex. They are a great teams. I'm glad I moved here from South Carolina.

everyone in management has been so awesome, the pool area has always been so clean. The gym is one if the reasons i actually chose this apartment complex.

Couple of weeks ago the complex really cleaned up. Lights were on at night. It helps when you have a dog. The only thing is the trash. People keep dumping trash/junk and it's an inconvenience for the residents whl actually live there. Great job overall!

These apartments are great for first timers. It’s cozy and simple. The amenities are amazing and people also get to connect with the community.

The staff and management are awesome, just the trash can that’s right outside our apartment always stinks. Also there is a little nat problem I guess from the people before, but we almost got it under control now! Other then that everything is good, good price for that area!

So far I have been having a great experience living in this apartment so far. Management and staff really nice. Also they also fix my maintenance issue.

So far so good, they have been responsive to request. Poop is at a minimum around the grounds and plenty of space for parking. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a bit cheaper and south.

So far it has been a reasonably good experience, the service calls are fast and the front office staff are always kind and curtious. The grounds are always kept cut and nice looking, it’s hard to find an apartment in the south west Austin location for a great price. Landmark has a good price for the location, we appreciate all you do.

Living here has been okay. The rent is affordable and the area is nice and safe. It’s quiet and neighbors are respectful for the most part. The response of maintenance is poor at times. I still have wet moldy carpet in my room and I’ve been trying to get someone to come out for months to do something about it. Also the trash area outside gets pretty horrendous. Wish they would take care of it more often.

It’s a nice area with nice people at fairly good prices. The staff makes an effort to listen to the community and get things that we may need. Recently they put up lights that keep the whole complex lit up at night and it feels 1000x safer. They are reasonable people and not to invasive.

My apartment is gre as t. I love the area. The only complaint I have is when I request maintenance it is not the best. There were a couple instances I needed maintenance and the jobs didn't get done but they marked it off as completed.