I am really enjoying my experience here so far. I feel safe, my dog is enjoying the Bark Park, and things are generally clean. Leasing office and maintenance have been helpful so far!

Overall the staff and people are all great! There are som noisy neighbors but that cannot be avoided. They are continuously making upgrades to the neighborhood and ensuring that everything is running smoothly and up to date! And I get a beautiful apartment all for a reasonable price!

Fantastic customer service attitude and experience! And Leslie is really fantastic!! I just love her!! This is really a great place to live!

The apartments are nice, but maintenance is a little slow to get back to you, and the windows and doors aren't sealed the best so it's a bit chilly at night

This is a nice community with a lot of amenities. The apartments are a bit outdated and the office staff takes a bit to get the ball rolling on work requests, but understandable with how old every apartment is. Would be beneficial to the community if the updated the apartments. All in all not a bad place to live.

A good community to live in. The staff is always super friendly and welcoming whenever I call them or go in for a package. Leslie is so helpful!

Great place to live. I've been there for over 16 years and have no complaints. Nice facilities and a friendly staff that always goes above and beyond to provide the best service to the residents. Two thumbs up!

Except for the water issues, nothing to complain about . Paying for the trash pickup is a little stupid, but i can deal wit it . The only other issue is all the random bills each month

I am very happy to belong to this preatigious community, since they are responsible, very comfortable, safe, renovated apartments, in addition to having a personalized attention by their workers and that they have an excellent location. I thank you for receiving me as your tenant.

A good and a calm community to live in. All the requests are addressed on time and the office staff are always responsive. Lot of fun living here

So far it is a fairly good place. I can tell the apartment has good bones, but the electrical is very old and needs updating and there is a very strong above smell when the neighbor smokes.

Excellent place to live with all modern amenities. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is looking to live in a nice location that isn't expensive.

I have been here for going on 3 years now the pools in summer time are great our gym could use a little more love.. to be honest but the staff are always great to work with and very professional

Very smooth transition from my old appartment. Very nice staff ready to help and go out of their way to assist you. The complex is kept clean

We love Landmark at Wynton Pointe! It is quiet and maintenance is super on top of everything. We are really happy with this apartment complex.

The rent price is great, the apartments are okay but not super well kept. Lots of bug problems on the first floor so not happy about that. Staff is friendly and helpful.

It’s in a great location & maintence responds to issues within time which is good. There are LOTS of bugs. I can deal with the spiders, but there are roaches! When pest control sprays, they multiply. It’s so disgusting & creeps me out. They crawl from the base of the floor/wall base. If it wasn’t for that, I would actually like staying here, I can’t wait to move ASAP

I love living at Landmark at Wynton Pointe. It is quiet and peaceful with a beautiful mix of nature all around, yet having groceries and shopping within a mile. The staff is the best and everything is kept very clean.

Had a rocky start but love my apartment and Community. The water was way to hot to take a shower had to sponge bath for a few days. No ice machine for 2 weeks. Big bugs. A few other things too. Maintenance takes along time to get to you but they so get too you. They will get it fixed. Send an email you won't get a response. You have to go in the office or hope the answer your call but very friendly. Like it here and just have to realize how things are done here.

Pretty good for what you get from an old community. Nice office staff. Generally clean. Speed Bumps are terrible. The amenities are meh. Better than many places I’ve looked at.

For the most part I enjoy my time here so far. There are some minor things cosmetically like broken stairs, lack of outdoor lighting, the security gate and the bugs that make it unpleasant sometimes. Overall neither good nor bad.

So far, only 2 days, there are 2 aggressive breed dogs that live next door to me. One of the dogs lunged at the guys helping me move in and neighbors won’t get out of their car when the one dog is outside. Also, the people upstairs are INCREDIBLY inexcusably noisy. When the walls shake when they walk it is inconsiderate to say the least.

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No major complaints! We have a good apartment in an area of town that allows us to get to lots places easily and not worry about safety or ridiculous rent price. All the concerns we've had have been taken care of pretty quickly.

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Me gusta mucho, es tranquilo y las personas son muy amables, les recomiendo estas residencia. Tiene 2 piscinas, gym y áreas para pasear las mascotas

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Great office staff at Wynton Pointe. Friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. Both are always readily available by phone or email and promptly answer request.

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