The apartment is great, any time I have a maintenance request they are always so quick to respond. Wish the pool would be a little more clean during the summer but it's still nice

My husband and I have lived here for almost 6 years and love it. We always get issues resolved fairly quickly. It's quiet as we have only one neighbor near us. Place is always clean and well maintained.

Everything has been great so far! The only complaint I can think of is when we first moved in, the apartment clearly hadn’t been cleaned. We spent a full day scrubbing it to make it clean, including inside the fridge and cabinets.

I have enjoyed living at Landmark at Wynton Pointe! The location is great, staff is friendly, and the amenities are wonderful. All for a great price!

I love my apartment! We have some bugs and leaks, but your team tens to the problems! I’m very happy here! I’ll just have to wait and see how the walk and steps are in icy weather since we’re so far down, but I’m sure you will tend to it when it happens.

The apartments are a bit dated and a little careworn, every apartment is gonna have it's quirks. However, the staff is great and a pretty good place to live.

I have only been here 2 months but so far I love it! Everyone at Landmark at Wynton Pointe is wonderful, super helpful, and welcoming. It is a great place and space for the price!

We have always had great service and love living here. The staff make an effort to work with us in difficult times. The area is safe and great for walking.

This is a great complex to live in. The front office is always attentive and helpful. The amenities are always clean and the front office always puts on fun holiday-themed competitions. I have been here for 3 years and this by far the best complex I have ever been in.

The staff here is so amazing. When I submit a maintenance request, it’s taken care of before I get home from work. The property itself almost looks like a park.

Overall I really do like this Apartment Complex. I moved here because I got a promotion with my company. There are lots of food places, grocery stores and other shopping whether you turn right or left out of the complex.

Overall I have been pretty happy with my apartment thus far. I have lived here for about 4 months. I feel safe and haven't had very many issues. There are occasionally bugs in the apartment, but that is typical in any apartment.

Great location, with very nice looking grounds. Maintenance is quick and courteous. Apartments are slowly being renovated, and the management staff are all very friendly.

The apartment is nice. The staff cleaned up the apartment before we moved in and fixed any thing that needed to be fixed before we moved in.

I absolutely positively love it here! ! ! Landmark at Wynton Pointe is a great location in Nashville, the neighbors are the best and the maintenance team really take care of the residents!

Had a water leak in the apartment above me and water was flooding into my bathroom. When I reported the issue the staff was quick to respond and the issue was resolved very quickly. Accidents happen and I was happy that they cared and were quick to respond.

The area is nice. Staff is friendly except the one guy in the office. Apartments could use some interior upgrades like frige and stove. Thats it.

It's a good apartment complex for the most part. They respond promptly to questions and repair request. I would like to see some improvements to the equipment in the gym. Biggest issue I have is the gates, the back ones are a joke that anyone can step over and the front ones allow about 5 cars to come in behind the person that swipes their card. Would be nice if they could get new gates.

This is a really great apartment complex, the only issue I've had is bugs. I see a beetle or roach and a spider or two once a week or so but none are poisonous and I live on the first floor so I assume they just find their way in sometimes. Could use better sealing of doors to prevent this?

Nice location, with standard rates as compared to other communities. The main advantage is the school and its the Christ Church daycare which is right across the street and walk able distance

Best place to be on this side of the world :) It's clean, quiet, near shopping,safe, and peaceful. I would recommend Wynton Pointe to any and everyone!

The staff here is always super friendly and willing to help with whatever you need. I moved here from out of state and this community immediately felt like home. I love the events they put on and my neighbors. Everyone is super friendly and I truly value the way I feel safe when I come home. It's been the perfect place for my fiance and I to start our lives together.

I have lived at landmark for 3 years with my husband and we love it here. The maintenance team is always very prompt and get's things done quickly. The staff is polite and they know your name! I think it was a great idea to update the exterior of the complex as well. They have holiday contests that are so much fun! I won an ugly sweater contest a couple of years back! So far, so good!

Nice Community to live with family. Safe, clean and well-maintained apartments. But it's a tough place to get friends and neighbors. Recommended to have a pool party, apartment family get-togethers.

I have lived here since December 2012 and have enjoyed it very much. Feel pretty safe and like the office staff a great deal. Very responsive to any issues.