The only reason I've stayed here for as long as I have is because I can't find anywhere else that has a unit available when I need it. I've never had so many problem with an apartment complex as I have here.

I have experienced nothing but problems since I moved in and the staff has been terrible ever since then. The only reason I'm still here is because nowhere else has a unit available when I need one.

Usually it is a quiet place to live and you do not see many neighbors about. But, when I had an issue with my furnace, it took over two weeks to get fixed. The apartment complex did not seem to be and in huge hurry to fix the issue.

There needs to be a lot of updating to the apartments. Painting over cracks is only a bandaid. Also I would love to have carpet that didn’t have almost like staples sticking out where they cut and installed. Seems to have a bug problem, bugs hide in between the baseboard molding and the carpet (it’s like a bug tunnel throughout the entire apartment) the amount of bugs I find crawling through the carpet ( the type of carpet makes it very easy for bugs to hide and not be seen) is nasty. My cats sit by the door waiting and looking for bugs(I wish I was kidding). Most of the staff is helpful, however doesn’t seen like upper management wants to spend the money or time to make these apartments safe and done right for their residents. Our steps are still a safety hazard even after they were claimed to be repaired. Since we’ve moved in 4 months ago we have mentioned multiple times our concern with the sliding glass door and master bedroom window seal, our glass pane in the master was changed, still had condensation on inside of window. The repair guy even told us that the frame of the window prob should get replaced since the prior glass pane was in there (the one he just removed) was completely the wrong size glass and was letting moisture and water in. We kindly told the office people our concern with it creating mold, and Lesley told us that if it was her house she would wipe it up every time she saw clearly mold is going to be a major issue (take a look at one of the buildings past the mail center on the right and you can just see the black mold growing like crazy)

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The location is great. The maintenance team is fast to repair. There are only a few times that it gets noisy otherwise the neighborhood is quiet. The pricing for what you get I think is to high.

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We have been moved here about a week now . So far so good . Too early to say if it was great or bad . But we had a terrible time getting an apartment . The management was horrible except for the front desk girl who really helped .

It is a nice property for the most part. Some things could be fixed., updated, repaired or painted . the car care area needs help. Maybe a fan in the laundry room.

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Beautiful area... very nice folks in the office. Love the view from our apt. The community is nice. People here from so many walks of life. Love being so close to where I need to go. Not knowing the area it helps being close. I feel safe here. I don’t worry.

Overall this apartment complex and the employees have treated me pretty well, the apartment itself could definitley be a little nicer and up to date but for the price it’s not a bad place to live. The front office employees are always very nice when it comes to getting help, alothough the maintenance team is a little hit or miss when it comes to getting things fixed the right way

Rent is a bit high considering the apartments are so small. I had a bug infestation when I first moved into apartments, it has since been addressed.

Awesome place as a first apartment near downtown and easy access to i65. Nothing fancy but enough to live comfortably. I am satisfied with my experience so far.

I have lived at landmark for 3 years with my husband and we love it here. The maintenance team is always very prompt and get's things done quickly. The staff is polite and they know your name! I think it was a great idea to update the exterior of the complex as well. They have holiday contests that are so much fun! I won an ugly sweater contest a couple of years back! So far, so good!

The aprtment its so beatyfull we love the view to the pool and the trees we love to be on the second floor and close to the pool but we dont like how they put dogs in the pool

Overall I have been pretty happy with my apartment thus far. I have lived here for about 4 months. I feel safe and haven't had very many issues. There are occasionally bugs in the apartment, but that is typical in any apartment.

This is a wonderful, well-maintained community! The staff are verynice and helpful, and there are many amenities!The apartment is very comfortable and the grounds and pools are very cleanYou get a lot of space for a good price compared to the other places around here, and the complex sits at an intersection that easily connects you with all parts of the Brentwood area.

So I love the people at the front, but sometimes the service tickets don’t get done in a timely manner. The one I’m referencing to was actually directly linked to my safety and it wasn’t taken too seriously. But the apartments are super nice, the people at the leasing office are kind and understanding and they are pet friendly as well!

Work order not completed fully, HUGE water bugs, trash on patio left by previous tenant, love the valet trash, HUGE closets, plenty of storage

Been living here for almost 4 yrs. I have enjoyed my stay for the most part. The staff and maintenance people put forth an earnest effort to insure the best possible living experience for their residents...

Great apartment complex thus far. Maintenance staff is always quick to respond, office staff are always friendly, and overall safe place. Would recommend.

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Okay, so far. Just moved in May 05th. Nice and quiet neighbors. Very peaceful environment. The maintenance people seem very helpful. The flowers and grounds look nice.

Nice Community to live with family. Safe, clean and well-maintained apartments. But it's a tough place to get friends and neighbors. Recommended to have a pool party, apartment family get-togethers.

Our home is beautiful and we love the overall place. We have some neighbors that we have complained about and nothing has really happened and our trash service isn’t reliable

So far so good! The little problems we had when we first moved in are getting taken care of sufficiently. We are excited to see what the future holds for us here.

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I’ve been here since December and have really enjoyed my stayed so far. Very quiet and peaceful neighborhood. No real maintenance issues. The people in the front office are friendly and always available. I moved here from out of state and the pictures online are slightly different than my unit, i expected updated kitchen appliances and bathroom but still no real complaints. No bug/pest issues. The gate works. I feel safe. The gym is really nice. 2 pools and I can’t wait to go swimming!

The office staff is great! The power keeps randomly going out but who knows if that's a NES thing or a complex thing. If I wasn't moving in with someone I'd be staying.