Living here has been great overall. I wish sometimes the maintenance requests would be more timely and some things in my unit are just old (stove, shower, etc.). The spider issue in the spring was unpleasant but they did get the pest control people out here for that.

Just like any place that you move to there will be minor issues. I gave a list of the small things for maintenance to repair and they were completed in a few days. Is everything good all of the time? No, but at least the office will communicate with you about issues. The one thing I wish they would have is a courtesy officer.

I’ve lived here for a year and a half, and it’s been my favorite place to live in my 9 years in Nashville. I feel safe, the community is constantly maintained and clean, work orders are completed promptly and the staff truly cares about my well being. Highly recommend!

So I love the people at the front, but sometimes the service tickets don’t get done in a timely manner. The one I’m referencing to was actually directly linked to my safety and it wasn’t taken too seriously. But the apartments are super nice, the people at the leasing office are kind and understanding and they are pet friendly as well!

Move in went very smooth. Any problems that we had were handled personally by the office assistants which was really nice. Respond to emails within a timely manner. Friendly!

I just love living here. It is my first apartment by myself and I’m just so proud of it. I enjoy the balcony (especially in the rain) and the kitchen is nice.

Rent is a bit high considering the apartments are so small. I had a bug infestation when I first moved into apartments, it has since been addressed.

This is my first time renting by myself and I love it here. The peace and quiet your deserve as a resident is present for sure. The amaenities are awesome as well.

I been here since March 2018, the office employees are great to talk with and get things done for you when needed. So far, every things seem to be great

This is a wonderful, well-maintained community! The staff are verynice and helpful, and there are many amenities!The apartment is very comfortable and the grounds and pools are very cleanYou get a lot of space for a good price compared to the other places around here, and the complex sits at an intersection that easily connects you with all parts of the Brentwood area.

Just signed the lease for my third year of residency here.I have always been very pleased with management. The property is clean and well maintained. I feel safe here also!

Great office staff, very friendly, amenities are cool. Maintenance could use some work. Neighbors are all friendly and the area is perfect, easy distance to both downtown and Franklin

I've been a resident of Landmark at Wynton Point for 4 and a half years now and I've had a great experience!! They've accomodated me on transferring apartments, adding a individual to my lease, and with on time maintenance request. There was one hiccup, but it was notva cause of Landmark, it was with a contractor. They helped me optain the outside contractors information to resolve any issues. I appreciate their help and how they always put their customers first! Their staff is extra friendly and always willing to help.

I’ve lived here for about 3 months now. Maintenance is very quick and considerate to any issues. The office staff are so kind & cheerful every time I go there. One downside would be the apartments could definitely use some upgrading (inside & out). Other than that, perfect location, decently priced compared to market, and nice neighbors!

Work order not completed fully, HUGE water bugs, trash on patio left by previous tenant, love the valet trash, HUGE closets, plenty of storage

I have lived here since December 2012 and have enjoyed it very much. Feel pretty safe and like the office staff a great deal. Very responsive to any issues.

Nice Community to live with family. Safe, clean and well-maintained apartments. But it's a tough place to get friends and neighbors. Recommended to have a pool party, apartment family get-togethers.

The community is beautiful and very well-kept. It is also quiet. The office staff are wonderful! Sometimes it takes a little long to get maintanance but when they get to you they work with it until it is fixed. I moved in many years ago and stay because it is still a wonderful community with friendly people. It is also very safe which is key for me!

I have lived at landmark for 3 years with my husband and we love it here. The maintenance team is always very prompt and get's things done quickly. The staff is polite and they know your name! I think it was a great idea to update the exterior of the complex as well. They have holiday contests that are so much fun! I won an ugly sweater contest a couple of years back! So far, so good!

The staff here is always super friendly and willing to help with whatever you need. I moved here from out of state and this community immediately felt like home. I love the events they put on and my neighbors. Everyone is super friendly and I truly value the way I feel safe when I come home. It's been the perfect place for my fiance and I to start our lives together.

Best place to be on this side of the world :) It's clean, quiet, near shopping,safe, and peaceful. I would recommend Wynton Pointe to any and everyone!

Nice location, with standard rates as compared to other communities. The main advantage is the school and its the Christ Church daycare which is right across the street and walk able distance

This is a really great apartment complex, the only issue I've had is bugs. I see a beetle or roach and a spider or two once a week or so but none are poisonous and I live on the first floor so I assume they just find their way in sometimes. Could use better sealing of doors to prevent this?

It's a good apartment complex for the most part. They respond promptly to questions and repair request. I would like to see some improvements to the equipment in the gym. Biggest issue I have is the gates, the back ones are a joke that anyone can step over and the front ones allow about 5 cars to come in behind the person that swipes their card. Would be nice if they could get new gates.

The area is nice. Staff is friendly except the one guy in the office. Apartments could use some interior upgrades like frige and stove. Thats it.