Great!! Always nice and ready to help. They accommodated my every need and makes me feel like I picked the right place to live in next semester

I love the fact that y'all are already trying to establish relationships with all of the residents. I can't wait to move to the Legends at Kingsville.

Legends at kingsville is the nicest place to live and has the nicest people working. They have always answered my questions when I could in. Is August here yet so I can move in!!

I love the events organized at legends. The social and connecting with the community is very smart idea. I can't wait to move in into my new apt.

Keeping everyone involved is doing good! All the updates and events yall have is making me love the place even more and I can't wait to live there.

Excited to start living at the best place in Kingsville! I can't wait to enjoy a nice sunny day at the pool and finish the day at my memory foam mattress!

Legends has been doing good they keep all of the future residents updated and they are doing a great job at getting all of the future residents involved and I'm excited to see what they will be doing next year when they're open

I love legends!!!!! I can't wait to live there next year!! I just wish that the pet rate wasn't so expensive... But that's the only negative!! Such a friendly staff!

The staff is very respectful, professional, and is doing great as a team. I honesty cannot wait to move to the legends. I know that my stay there, will be amazing!

Wonderful. Love how we get updates of how our future apartment is doing. Cant wait till construction is done and we get to move in. I also love the fact that it is pet centered. I know my furry babys will have so much fun there.

I am always hearing great things about legend and that's cause the apartments aren't even ready yet! I can only imagine how great it will be when I actually get to live there!

the buildings are coming along great. the updates are very nice so i can see how much progress they are making. the display had: nice floors, nice appliances, spacious bedrooms, and they are close to the university.

The legends apartment seems very amazing for it's price. I feel like it will be the best place in Kingsville to stay at if you are a college student.

You all have been absolutely amazing! I love everything about legends especially customer service. I have a feeling that living at legends will be really fun.

Thank you for the Starbucks Social and dog treats. Absolutely love the pet friendly atmosphere, it's one of a kind. Looking forward to August at The Legends!

overall the support and the group get together have made me 10x more exciteded than I already am to to live at legends! I'm excited to meet new people and learn new things in my road in becoming and adult and a successful college student!

The buildings are looking very nice, I can't wait to move into my apartment as well as try out the saltwater pool and the 24/7 fitness center.

Awesome community. Always having fun, awesome activities with great prizes. I cannot wait to move in this coming fall of 2015. I really hope that I get to experience more awesome things

You guys are doing great! I really hope you get done with construction soon! Can't wait to move in and relax by the pool! Let's not forget about that clubhouse and gym! It is going to be so much fun!

So far pretty good, I love the social gatherings that are held and the fact that other besides future residents can attended. Not only has your staff been very welcoming they are very knowledgeable about the complex itself.

The staff at the legends are so warm hearted and welcoming ! I am looking foward to moving to the legends in the fall. They do such a wonderful job making students feel they are at home.

The people are very nice and make it seem like a very wonderful place to live. I really can't wait to he there in the fall! Plus the fact that it's pet friendly is a plus

Legends is always getting everyone excited and ready to move in! The little events are getting everyone who will be moving in involved in meeting other future residents!

The legends at Kingsville is going to be very exciting. I can't wait to live there. They have shown so much enthusiasm with opening day and different prizes they have been giving out.

Great job on the build! Hope it is done by August. Can't wait to move in, first apartment I have ever gotten. I know legendsatkingsville is a good idea!