Extremely friendly staff! Love all of the complimentary drinks! The computer lab and work out room are awesome and they are open 24 hours!!!

The clubhouse and pool are awesome but my movenin date was pushed back a month so im currently sharing a bedroom with someone and a bathroom with 3 others. Not exactly what I paid for.

I am very pleased with my experience with Legends staff thus far. They have done a great job and have answered all questions thoroughly and correctly

Legends at Kingsville does a great job at letting people know what is going on, and they pass out information all the time to make it easier for everyone.

Clubhouse has been opened for a Good time already! Although, I have not yet gone they post snapchats of a lot of students having a great time!! I wish I could be there already!!!

Awesome! Yall are great with communicating to us through email, snapchat, and text messages! Also when I visited everyone was very nice and answered all my questions

Awesome!! I love that there is a pool, a club house, I love how involved yall are in getting to know all of your residents, I love what y'all are doing to make things Great at Legends!

I haven't moved in yet, but when I came for my visit I viewed the model they had set up and it was beautiful! I loved the size and just everything that came with it! I'm really excited to move in because legends is my first apartment and I know it would bring me great experiences living here!

They are great people working in the office and they always keep you updated on social media. They are so welcoming and there to ask as many questions as you have.

I think you guys are doing really great, but I will like to receive more updates about the construction. I'm so excited to live here at Legends! :D

I cannot wait to move in to my apartment at Legends! It's definitely the best apartment complex in Kingsville and the staff is so awesome as well!!

I think you are doing a great job at keeping us informed and answering are calls. I also think how awesome how fast the buildings are going up is incredible and so ready to move in.

Awesome! Workers put a lot of extra work in their job. They do the best they can to gather people for their activities and do the best they can so that people can get to know Legends.

I absolutely love the customer service! Every time I call the staff members are always so positive and ready to help. I can't wait to move in!

It's a great experience, I'm just happy to say I will be living there. I am extremely excited to see how living in the legends will be this fall

The staff is great! Everyone has been so helpful and I can't wait for move in! The staffs enthusiasm gets me excited and I love how the fun the atmosphere is every time I go into the office.

Awesome! Can't wait to jump in that salt water pool! Lay on the twmperpedic bed after a long day! Play a game of pool! Cook in the kitchen! Thanks!

Very clean and excellent service! Everyone was very welcoming and helpful when setting up my roommate and very understanding about my preference.

Everytime I walk in, everyone is super friendly and helpful! All the CA's know what they are talking about whenever I have a question or concern. I'm so excited to live here!

Love the fact that the apartments come fully furnished and that the community will be gated. The renderings look amazing and I can't wait to move in this fall.

Love they way you guys advertise at every event the school may host!! The fact that you guys are pet friendly make the legends and AWESOME apartment complex since not many places accept pets.

The legends have been very nice throughout the while process of getting my apartment. The Legends are very nice and by far the best apartment in Kingsville.

So far the Legends has been a great experience. I can't wait to move in this fall semester. I know that the activities leading up to move in day are just the beginning and I can't wait to see what y'all have planned for the rest of the year.

It is nice to actually have decent off campus housing in Kingsville. Plus you have to love its proximity to campus. The staff over there has also been nothing but helpful.

they are very friendly and outgoing and very helpful, and the facilities are amazing! whenever I have any issues they are quick to respond and help me out.