Legends at Kingsville is the nicest place to live at in Kingsville hands down. It’s so nice aesthetically and they always fix my problems when I have one. I love that it is fully furnished, our amenities are great and the staff is so nice! I just wish the pool rules were more strict so people that don’t live there can’t go in unless they’re a guest.

I've been here for two years and haven't had any major problems. Maintenance works fast, mail delivery is very organized (you get a text and email when a package arrives). There is always parking and the yards are kept very clean. The pool is easily accessible. If I had to point out issues, it would be that the printer in the study doesn't have ink about half of the time, but it usually has paper! Also the stairways in the buildings should be cleaned more often as they can get dirty/smelly.

Legends is a great place to live. Their staff of very helpful, and they hold a lot of activities for the people that live there. I've loved living here at Legends.

Legends is an awesome place to live. I love all the amenities they have to offer. It's also great that I can live in a place where most of my friends live.

Every time I walk through the clubhouse I am warmly greeted and treated very nice. Legends at Kingsville is a fun and interactive envoirnment to grow and share memories.

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A great place to live. nice view and great people. the apartments are well set up and has a lot of room. Definitely going to recommend legends to others.

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I am not moved in yet but when I go to the office and ask questions about my lease or other questions they staff is very inviting and welcoming so I can’t wait to move in.

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The service is amazing and I did not have any problem while signing my lease. I can’t wait to be part of this community and enjoy all the benefits!

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This is the best apartment I've ever signed a lease with ! Staff is so friendly and residents are so nice ! The rooms and surrounding amenities are so worth the price! Best decision ever !

I haven’t lived at the apartment yet but signing my lease was an enjoyable experience. The staff was friendly and made it very easy for my friends and I to sign.

I honestly love it!! Legends is the best. I wouldn't pick any where else to live at i swear. The rooms amazing and scenery perfect!! Conscience to the school!

The apartments are great. Everyone is so nice there including the staff. They are very helpful and respectful. I won't want to live anywhere else

Staff was very nice and setting up the online account was easy and convenient. The buildings are beautiful and amenities look great. I can’t wait to move in!

This is the first time I’ll be living there but so far everything has been smooth and it was easy for me to sign my lease online. I like how they have these little rewards you can try and get

Legends at kingsville will continue to be my home away from home through out my semesters at college. I am comfterble and happy so far with my experience.

Great environment. Quiet neighbors. Good anemeties. Staffs great. Pool is a lovely addition. Parking is reasonable. Room is neatly furnished.

Best place to live when looking for something close to campus! Love the amenities and then having my own restroom! The best place to live in Kingsville!

Living at Legends has been awesome. It is very close to the University so it is very convenient to be able to walk to class. I also love the dog park.

Very nice people who work at Legends. Great atmosphere that they provide to their residents. I would recommend legends to people who wants a great living space with a great price range.

Everything is great here! If any issues are encountered, those in the front office are quick and efficient. The only issues I encountered are other residents not cleaning up after their pets. Seriously, I don't need to step on something unwanted on my front door of the second floor!

I've been a resident here for a little over a year now. The staff is very helpful and knows what they're doing. Maintenance keeps up with regular upkeep of the apartment buildings. It would be nicer if parking spaces were a little wider.

In comparison to all the other apartments in Kingsville, Legends offers not only a very near-by location to the campus, but also a very nice living environment. I lived at Legends for 3 years and I have been very satisfied. Before Legends, I was at Newman, and the place honestly felt like a Hotel. I didn't feel like I was at home. The moment I moved into Legends, I knew this was the place I wanted to stay for the next 3 years. No apartment is perfect, but I enjoyed my stay at legends.

Very friendly, professional and helpful staff. Apartments are clean and well maintained. Having internet and cable ready to go when I moved in was perfect.

It’s in a very convenient location. The staff is friendly, and maintenance does a great job when it comes to fixes and repairs around the apartment. Overall, I’m very satisfied.

It's been a great experience so far! Very nice to be so close to campus. Really nice people, just wish the walls were a little thinner! Definitely renewing my Lease.