I love my apt, and the staff is really friendly. Bills are easy to handle and the pet fees are rather reasonable. I love living in my one bedroom!

It is spacious,offers all the amenities a college student needs for a great price. Love the room, closet, and bathroom size, perfect to fit everything in without having to cram everything.

I always have issues living here. Started out every now and then and now it's almost all the time. From mail to parking to other residents. Management is rude and unhelpful the entire office staff does nothing to resolve any problems. On a slightly good note the maintenance staff are very helpful and nice. And the apartments are furnished and close to campus, but they are not at all worth the price you pay.

I would like to live here for the Spring semester because awhile back I took a tour of The Legends and so far the atmosphere is great and also love the features!

I love living here because all utilities are included in your rent which makes paying bills 10x easier! Plus is a beautiful property with really nice appliances and plenty of cabinet space.

I love living here at the legends because I have my own space and I am very comfortable here. I love it ! I also like the way the apartment is set up, to me its like a luxury living for students who don't want to stay on campus.

This place is awesome! The people here are so nice and there are not any loud parties! There are amazing spots to study around the area but none are more peaceful then the little doggy park. You can study in peace and watch puppies run around. :)

The quality is nice and the payment is convenient, as well as the location. However, the internet could be far better than it is and it would be nice if notice of a new roommate was given out.

I'm not sure about this, but I'm hoping good comes from this. I'm excited to see what this rewards program has in store. I want to earn these rewards, honestly!

The facilities are great, but the internet service sucks. I am constantly getting kicked off the server and when I call to ask for help they tell me to call suddenlink so that they can trouble shoot me. Here's the thing suddenlink can't do anything because I don't have a router in my apartment. I am very disappointed about this because it is a service that I am paying for and I would like to use.


I moved in, in August and everything has been perfect! maintenance always gets things done quickly, and whenever we have a question the staff is really friendly!

It's a very nice facility, management is decent, they host a lot of community events for residence and maintenance staff is great. They show unrealistic pictures of the grounds in their brochure that are highly misleading but most everyone that works here trys to work with you to the best of their ability

this is a great place to live! I love the bedroom sizes and the spacious living room. Also, the closet room is perfect for all of my belongings.

I really enjoy living at the Legends! I have a one bed room and it is so worth it! I love the granite counter tops and the wood floors! It makes it feel way more homey. I also loved how clean the apartment was upon move in

I love the Legends apartments and the way the premises is set up. I do wish there weren't so many dogs, because that brings about flees. Also, I think it sucks that there's barely any visitors parking and that we have to park at Annex of Bullfrogs (Just make more parking!). Other than those few little things, I love it. Whenever my friends come over, they're always saying how much they like the setup of our rooms. I live in the D room and I absolutely love how the closet and bathroom are connected. All of the staff, for the most part, are cool. The maintenance guys are so nice! I love Legends.

Very luxurious apartments. Love the location. It is so nice to live here. However the pet deposit is HIGH. Parking is limited. Visitor parking is impossible. Management is not the best. But it certainly has improved.

I love that everything was completely brand new when I moved in to here...I love the kitchen. The bathrooms are huge and I like that there is an onsite workout area. I also enjoy the lights at the pool.

The Legends are one of the coolest places to live. The staff is great and will help you out with whatever you need and will work with you if you let them know a head of time.

The maintance is very fast and will fix it no matter what. The only thing they need to fix is when you have a package in the office they do not let know.

Great amenities! I love that all of the bills are included. Having a full size washer and dryer is wonderful in the apartment! The maintenence staff are wonderful and the apartments are beautiful.

The maintenance staff is SO HELPFUL! They fix any problem we have within a few hours of requesting help. Legends is not a bad place to live at all.

The units are very nice. The furniture is great and so are the appliances. The apartments where build very fast so there are some issues with functionality like, the foundation settling wrong, the paint chipping, the doors don't shut right. Over all the community is good the pool is nice and so is the gym and other amenities.

A nice facility

Living at legends is wonder. The beds are absolutely the most comfortable beds I have ever laid down on. The modern design of the apartments are very appealing and the maintenance department is very professional. I have never had a problem with any of the management and employees. They have always been courteous and nice when I go to the office to pay bills or have questions, etc. I would recommend living in legends to anyone I know!