Beautiful place to live, maintenance was always quick to respond, and everyone in the office is super helpful. I also love the free printing!

I love living at lofts it has been a great 1st apartment. Maintenance is always on top of things and the staff is nice. The only thing that prevents its from a 5 is that people don’t clean up their dog poo.

It’s been a good ride, great amenities, and good service. I have been living in this apartment for a semester and it’s been a good choice. My parent are happy as well.

I am so excited to live at Lofts! I have heard very good reviews about this apartment complex and I cannot wait to movement in! I am sure it will be a great experience.

It has been an easy process so far moving into lofts. The facilities are great the staff is super friendly and I can’t imagine myself living anywhere else

The Lofts is ideally situated for SFA students and young professionals in the Nac area. The amenities and staff are great. The complex is well maintained and secure. I have really enjoyed my time at The Lofts.

I’m am truly going to miss living here! The staff is so friendly and always on top of things. I always feel safe and like I’m at home! I wish that I would have lived at the Lofts much sooner!

I haven’t moved in yet, but from my tour the place looks great and offers the residents a lot. The staff seems very friendly. Even when I call with questions they’re helpful.

It’s a great community. I cannot wait to move here in the fall and live here with my amazing roommates. It is going to be an amazing year with them!

I cannot wait to live here. I am always hanging out here with my friends. The pool is very nice and relaxing to hangout around. Next year is gonna be great.

I lived at lofts for 3 years! I love it here! The rooms are great sized and I especially love my large patio plan. I appreciate how fast maintenance is for repairs as well.

I have loved living in Lofts. They are so accommodating and always there for you. There is no where else I would want to live while I am in college.

I haven’t moved in yet and I already feel so welcome in this apartment community and I can’t wait till August when I get to move in. The process to sign a lease is so easy and they make you feel so welcome during the entire process!

I just signed my lease about two weeks ago. The process to sign the lease was super easy to do with the help of the Lofts staff. Lofts is a beautiful living community that I have heard such great things about! I am so very excited to live here next fall!

I can't wait to live at Lofts! The tour of the complex was amazing and all the amities were in great condition. The area is super modern and very clean!

Lofts has been a great place to live, everyone is so friendly! I love the amenities they offer and the fun events like grocery bingo and casino night.

Really like that we have a trash service, also everyone is always really helpful. I also like that they offer a lot of events and things to do.

I have enjoyed my time living at Lofts at Nacogdoches. It has made my SFA and Nacogdoches experience all the better. I am glad that I chose this complex.

I love how friendly the staff is and how the complex is always clean. I also love how they make it known that they are doing everything they can to make us feel safe.

Lofts is an amazing apartment complex with helpful staff and great amenities. The fees are not high at all and are very affordable for college students.

The grounds are always kept up and clean. Desk workers are always so polite and there to help you with anything you need. Work orders are always completed in a very timely manner, I never have to wait long for something to be fixed and never have to put in multiple requests to get something done.

Lofts has been great! Sad that I’ll be graduating this semester and moving out. Love the amenities they offer and fun events like grocery bingo!

The lofts has been a great place to live so far. I haven’t had any issues with anything here and the staff is very friendly! They are very prompt to address anything that you may need!

Such a great place to be living, they always make sure you are completely comfortable and do everything possible to accommodate to your living

The Lofts are the best place for students to live in Nacogdoches! The rooms are really nice and well worth the price. I love living here and I don’t plan on leaving!