I love it here! The people, activities, the space and atmosphere. There are so many things to do and the workout gym is perfect! I feel safe and at home!

Fabulous! This apartment complex is the best place to live in Nacogdoches. The maintenance staff always responds quickly, great pool, and friendly staff!

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Great apartment complex! I love not having any issues with parking, like I did at my previous complex. Maintenance is also very quick at fixing any problem you are having.

I absolutely love it here. Service is excellent and love the style. Havent had any problems with this appartment complex yet so thats a plus!

Great place to live! The rooms are in great shape, and the amenities are fantastic. The Lofts could be the best place for students to live in Nacogdoches.

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Move in was easy, although the person that I talked to over the phone was wrong about several aspects of the building. Nice staff that were helpful and easy to talk to.

Everything has been great so far! Everyone who works here is so friendly and helpful. I have absolutely no complaints. I think I'll really love living here!

Pretty nice apartment complex. The only con I have is the internet and occasional music seeping through the walls. But staff are nice. I recommend this place to friends.

Although I am new to this apartment I am enjoying it so far and can not wait to see what will happen next. They do a great job with getting their residents involved (if they want to) with all of their activities.

Great experience and a great move in! Everything was perfect and easy! I had no line to wait in to get my key and everyone was so nice! I would definitely recommend this apartment.

I think that Lofts at Nacogdoches is one of the best apartment complexes to live in, although there were some complications with the cable box. The staff is very welcoming any time I come into the office to pick up mail and packages. The pairing of roommates is pretty much perfect. I really enjoy living at Lofts.

Y'all are quick to get work order done and I'm loving living here! I always feel safe and at home. The staff is incredible and always has answered to any questions I have!

The staff always answers questions correctly. They are doing great! I am excited to move in in the Fall and learn more about why people love living here so much.

Love the new pool wristband rule! I think it will really help keep it clean & used respectfully. It won't be as crowded anymore. I hardly ever went because it was uncomfortably packed with people.

Community rewards is great! I love how this program gives us a chance to become closer with our community the people in it, while also giving us free rewards!

I am really looking forward to move in day, but have had quite a few questions about little things along the way! Every time I call the front desk at Lofts, I receive the proper information I need, and all of my questions are answered! Even though I am not living there yet, Lofts has been more than helpful with all of my questions!

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Very well kept complex with extremely friendly and helpful workers. Maitnence does a great job fixing everything quickly and efficiently. Keep up the good work

Great staff and facilities. Love the pool, gym, and computer center- so convenient! Maintenance is really good about getting things fixed quickly.

The lifts is a very nice and welcoming place. I'm very glad to live here and I'm so excited to stay and continues to make great memories. Everyone here is nice!

So happy with my decision to live at Lofts. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. The location is great. The pool and other amenities are up to date and super nice.

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I really enjoy this app! I have heard a lot of people talk about it so I decided to join and check it out! I'm excited to earn as many points as possible!

One of the best apartment complexes in nacogdoches, new, clean, and proffesional friendly staf. Better than any apartment complex that I have been to in Nacogdoches

I haven't moved in yet but I am very excited for this new apartment. I like how the apartment is set up and love the style. Plus, the amenities are good.

Such a fun and great atmosphere to live in! The employees are so nice and always eager to help! I love laying out at the pool and the gym is really nice to have in the facility!

I love living in Lofts! It is the prettiest place in Nacogdoches, and I am happy to call it home! My friends always love coming to my room to hang out because they say their apartments aren't as cozy as mine.