The service is a hit or miss type of thing. Some days it's great other days the staff is rude & don't want to help. & something goes wrong in the apartment at least once a month.

I really enjoy the quiet community with all the amenities such as the fitness center, printing station, and pool. I have not had a problem living here and hope to stay during my stay in Orlando.

I enjoy living here. My apartment is really clean and hasn't had any bugs. I think as long as there are no bugs I'll be happy living here. The kitchen and shared area look outdated though.

Besides minor roommates issues, I love the complex. Quiet, and great environment for me to study. I have decided to renew my lease here, and I have definitely suggested to others I know to live here.

Maintenance is fast and the volleyball net is back! =D like the new activities at the club house. The page on the website showing pictures isnt real though. more stuff in gym and fix the broken machines

I like the size of the rooms at the village at Alafaya club I wish they would fix some of the broken things in the units and I wish they would fix the raccoon problem because that is a major issue in the complex; some of them are dangerous.

Great place to live at. They do events every once in a while which make you feel really at home. Awesome atmosphere and environment at the pool, gym, and front office. Staff is usually very helpful and aware of its residents.

Maintenence is okay, but I still hold a grudge about the condition of the apartment when I moved in. I don't think these carpets have ever been steam cleaned.

With the new management, my experience has been a little better and my work order requests have actually mostly got done. :) There are still some things that could be worked on though!

The rooms are great for the price. The closets are even better. Just wish there was more lighting in the parking lots, more parking spaces, and not as many racoons.

I have to say this is the worst place I have lived! We have complain about our dining chairs and the nails that cut us to maintenance and they just laughed. The Internet and TV service here is a joke and I can barely connect most of the time! I will not be renewing.

When I first moved in, there were a few problems with the air conditioning, but after that was fixed, the rest of the year went by with no problems. The people here are cool, the maintenance are great, and so are the staff. I enjoy all the activities the complex has as well.

Pretty good pricing for the size of the apartment compared to most places around the area. Hope for new upgrades with new management. Student staff is nice, I guess the only think I have to complain about is the $200 transfer fee.

While living here I have come closer with my best friend and closer to wild animals like raccoon. There have only been minor issues with management, but they were quicky resolved. I really did not appreciate the indefinite attachment of cables boxes to the walls. It took away the flexibility of reorganzing the room furniture in which ever way was pleased, in fear that there would be an ugly box in view.

The Village at Alafaya apartments have been home for two years. I have met great people here and have enjoyed the many amenities. I enjoy my apartment.

Pretty good overall. Nothing to complain about. Had a lot of problems when I moved in but now it's fine. Nice location and close to campus and other stuff

When I did the walk through I was super excited but when I moved in it was absolutely my worst nightmare. It's not as bad now but they never fixed a bunch of stuff and we still have a hole in our kitchen floor.

Living here is okay. I just wish we could do something about the trash and the raccoons because it makes our building super dirty. But otherwise no complaints.

I would not recommend anyone to live here. It is unsafe and run down. The place is under new management and I will admit there has been improvement. But overall, the place is terrible. The gym is small, every apartment has different furniture and there is only wifi in the leasing office.

The people that live here are noisy and inconsiderate. The grounds are always filthy. Don't come here unless you know you're roommates. The price is reasonable.

There have been some underwhelming services. Maintenance hasn't been very responsive unless hassled. Peer mediation by the office is ineffectual

I love the way the aprtment is setup but the apartment itself is super old and filled with mold. Roomate match does not even exist. Parking is good.

It's been the greatest experience living here. I have great rates for the rooms and closets and the space I live in. The association is a kind, welcoming, helpful, and quick witted team of individuals. I enjoy all the amenities they have to offer and are quick to support at any issue, should it arise.

Good so far I did have some issues in the very beginning I didn't receive mail till a month later because my name wasn't updated in the mailbox

I thought living at Alafaya Club was going to be a lot better than it really was. The apartment did not look like the one online and the staff was terrible at accomdating you.