I’ve honestly enjoyed my stay here. My roommates are the sweetest and are super clean so I’ve had no big issues. My only issue is the gates and looks like that’s being fixed so I’m content lol

I think after construction it will be a amazing community to be in. They have facilities for the basic stuff you need and its close enough to UNT to walk.

It was a fine place to stay, however, the A/C never seemed to work and I was always charged extra each month for random things. Also it did not help build my credit at all. Not worth the extra $10/month. Lastly, they started renovations while I still lived there. I was asleep in bed as 6 grown men let themselves into my apartment/bedroom. Super uncomfortable for me as a young woman. Staff in the office were always super nice.

It’s been nice living as a resident in the third building at midtown 905 in Denton, Texas. I love how fast maintenance responds and how easy it is to get packages.

The changes made to the complex were all necessary and came out looking great. Most of the time the staff were all very friendly and understanding. My only complaint would be the lack of security due to the gates not working. There were homeless people in the complex all of the time.

Apart from not being able to keep up with the pest control as well as missing some announcements via communication (email/text) at times, Midtown has been doing a good job on keeping tenants satisfied with their prompt and quick service. Love that they're working on renovate the facility to maintain its good shape.

It’s good enough but they can be annoying and sometimes the people in office do not know exactly what they are saying but they are really cool

It’s way too expensive for what it is. I was advertised a 24hr clubhouse which I didn’t get and the guest parking sucks. It’s fine though. .

So far the service has been great. Maintenance is quick to fix/check out any issue that is requested. The staff is friendly and always welcoming when entering the office building!

it’s alright. def not my favorite but not completely awful. the roommate matching sucked, so hopefully that will be better in the future. it’s also very expensive for what they offer.

It is great at midtown. I love the amenities and the workers! They are good at keeping up with the residents and making sure that their urgencies are met.

I really enjoy living at midtown overall. It’s quiet, everyone in the front office is cool and my room is huge. When I first moved in though, I noticed imperfections in my deluxe unit

Location is amazing when going to UNT. Maintenance people come swiftly. Office is not ran the best, always surprise charges that they have a hard time explaining. Never any concise clear answers to anything. Ridiculous move in fee for no reason. Gym & office close too early

Moving to midtown 905 in denton was a great experience. The staff held several events to welcome new guests and it was well clean and maintained , management is great.

I’ve liked my experience here at Midtown! The only thing I’d ask is for management to respond to our apartment requests sooner but besides that everything has been good!

The gym needs to be 24 hours. And none of the workers know what is going on. The workers can be rude and short. And if you ask them a question and they don’t know they will ignore you.

The club house amenities not being available 24 hours is a bummer. Otherwise the community is great love the monthly calendars. Maintenance answers immediately

Great apartment with a great location! I wish that monthly cost was a bit lower and that elevator was a bit faster. This was a great place to spend my senior year!

It has been a beautiful rendition of lack of amenities and slow maintenance capacity. I waited all year to have access to the gym after hours and i still dont have access to it after office hours

I enjoy the amenities and neighborhood very much. My only complaints are not having a 24 hour gym and the pool parties that always go on during the weekends.

Love it here. The maintenance and staff here are really chill and they know what they are doing. I just wish they would fo back to unfurnished apartments for some of us who want that. Adapt to what people are asking for

wish we had security and the gates were fixed. all the gates are closed which makes no sense consider we pay for a secure apartment complex that is the thing i’m most upset about

It has been good so far. I like the renovations and the pool is nice and the office people are all friendly. I think the only thing is the dog poop is still annoying but it’s gotten better

I absolutely love living here. My apartment was just renovated and it’s beautiful. It feels like I live in Dallas 😭💕 I def recommend living here. It’s now the best student apartment complex in Denton. The staff are also so accommodating and kind.

The apartments and residents are nice. It is hard to get ahold of staff and none were present during the fire emergency on Saturday. There was no outreach following it or clear effort on behalf of staff to clean the residue from the fire extinguishers.