I’ve had a really good experience here! The office staff and maintenance team is always so friendly and welcoming. I haven’t met a single employee that doesn’t make me feel cared for.

Midtown 905 is awesome. Office staff along with amazing maintenance men are great. I don’t have a lot of problems with my unit but when I do, everyone are very prompt. The environment is great as well. I LOVE IT. Keep up the great work Midtown 905

Love it here! Especially the renovated. The colors are pretty and I enjoy having my roommates. We pretty much agree on everything. Only thing is roaches.

So far it has been very good! Staff is very nice and I love the amenities. The parking lot is also very nice, I just wish they had more guest parking

It’s a nice and modern place and when we’ve had trouble with our dryer help came quickly after we sent in the request. It’s also located between two bus stops which is super convenient.

I like the location of Midtown, is an easy access tro and fro to my school the University of North Texas. Also I fancy the amenities but dislikes how the management responds to service requests.

We started off having roaches, and our kitchen flooded because of the washer but everything was fixed fast. Maintenance really don’t announce there presence or at least not loud enough when they come in. There has been several times I’ve came out my room to them just being in my place without my knowledge.

It’s good, I like it so far. The apartment is lovely, the kitchen, dining and living room is spacious. The room and closets are nice too. And the people here are nice .

This place is not that bad but it’s not that good either. We’ve had some problems with roaches in the past. Also, I hate this new gate that they have. I have to turn off my car to open the gate each time.

This is my first apartment from home, and ive got to say I really like it so far, the staff is nice and the apartment was pretty clean upon move in. It's exciting to have a gym and a pool here that I can visit whenever I want!

Such a welcoming, peaceful environment. I enjoy the multiple amenities and aesthetically pleasing surroundings. I would definitely recommend

It’s been pretty good! Our first two weeks we were without AC, but it got fixed fairly quick. I have never had any issue with mail or packages!

Midtown is a great place to live! Everything is updated and the people at the front are very helpful and the amenities offered are amazing!!!

Good apartments for students, for around $600 a month you get everything included. Club house is a very nice plus with a pool, pool table, coffee maker, and small gym

The staff here is great and it is a very clean, quiet place to live. My favorite part is how close it is the location. It is so close to campus and makes it easy to get to class quickly each day.

So far I’ve loved living here. The staff are nice and maintenance usually takes care of things pretty quickly. The rooms are spacious and the appliances are pretty up to date. However I’ve noticed some problems with the gate and me and my roommates have complained about something in our apartment since we moved in and it still hasn’t been fixed.

So far so good! My friend has been living here for 3 years now and I’m always over here so I’m use to the environment. Now that i finally have my own room I love it!

It’s quiet which is great, but there seems to be a bit of a bug problem as well as appliances constantly needing fixing, even from day 1 when I moved in things weren’t working properly (i.e. fridge)

It’s alright not amazing not bad either. The dog park is not maintained what’s so ever, the trash for the poop is over flowing, the gates are broken from rust. Fobs for many residents don’t work.

our entire apartment was not done when we moved in. we had to go find the cleaners because we had tacks everywhere. the painters didn’t come until 3 days after we moved in. Also our wifi wasn't working for a week and a half and our elevator is constantly broken.

Love it, it’s a safe environment to live. Can’t complain. Front office people are cool. They very understanding and they will help you the best way possible.

Great place to live and it’s so close to campus!! The room is so big and spacious! And you don’t hear your neighbors at all which is very nice!

Very clean apartments. Perhaps the staff is in need of a few more employees. Also I wish they communicated with us better on things such as the parking stickers.

It's pretty neat, the peeps are nice, apartments nice, it's nice here. Would say they could use a little more response from the guys that come fix stuff, but I think that's pretty universal

The staff have all been very sweet, and the apartment itself is nice with minimal to no issues. Some minor hiccups with the upgraded furniture, but otherwise it has been a great please to begin my Bachelors at UNT