I really like it here, I just wish one neighbor would stop being so loud at 6am, and also If the common room was open it would be awesome, i would love to play on a pool table(i hope you bring it back)

The apartments are very nice. At night it is a little loud sometimes. But staff is good and responsive. Would be great if the construction got done a little quicker.

Very nice apartments in a nice neighborhood with the convenience of stores like Walmart close by. Alan Hancock college is also close so it makes getting to school easier as well.

It's been a uphill battle living here. Break in kicked down doors in the complex with no one addressing the matters. College kids partying all night no one seems to care in the office. The gardening company this is used doesn't seem to be gardening the ENTIRE complex, sometimes they come at 7am. I understand they have a job to do but so do I and I would like to get some rest. When I first moved in I felt a sense of safety that is gone now with roudy things happening almost every other weeekend. Seems like many of my neighbors smoke weed and if reeks in my home for my two children to smell. We are almost in a sense micro manage "you can't do this, you can't do that" although it seems the office doesn't care until someone does it for weeks straight then there is action that is taken. There has been "construction" going on to "improve" the complex yet seems to have degraded it. Living here is a good option as far as safety in my town although the rent is a bit ridiculous when factoring in the nonsense that seems to compile around here.

Living at montiavo is great despite the younger crowd partying and the loud music though out the night. Makes it hard to sleep when you got to be up at 2 am for work

Looking forward to seeing the completion of the landscape remodel. Can't wait to introduce my dogs to the new pet area. When is the expected completion date?

You guys are super amazing! I'm not living here anymore but I loved the community! Everyone was friendly and so was the staff! I would love to go back !

Moving in was a breeze. Most communication was done via email. My only major complaint is parking. There just isn't enough spaces for current residents and people park in front their garages making it difficult to get in and out.

Montiavo is one of the highest end apartments in Santa Maria. I have lived there almost 3 years now and they know how to take care of their residents. I've had a few minor problems with my rent bill but nothing major or worth complaining about. Overall a great place to live!