I have stayed here for 2 years and it is so so nice. I love the way that the apartments are set up and every one is so nice there. Everything is taken care of.

Mustang Ranch is such a nice place to live! I love how close it is to campus. The apartments are really nice and feel like home! The water pressure isn't that great and the walls are pretty thin.

Am in my second year here. I've had a great experience so far with no major problems. Staff has been very helpful and is always willing to help with issues.

Everyone here has treated me so nice and all the maintenance workers have made sure everything is working like it's suppose to. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else

Everyone here is so polite and helps with whatever I need. All of the amenities here all well kept and look nice all the time. I would most definitely recommend mustang ranch to my friends!

It's been pretty good so far! Love how private and spacious the room and closet is. I also love having my own bathroom. The kitchen amenities and washer and dryer are a great plus too! Pretty great deal for the price!😊

It is a very nice community with a nice staff, and everything is always very clean. I would highly recommend living here. My only complaint is the weight restrictions for the dogs.

So far, I love it here &I I am even considering resigning because it's great. I've heard bad reviews but they haven't been true just yet! Excited for the rest of the year! I did really dislike how we all paid august's rent and only stayed for 10 days of the month. Would really appreciate if we got our money's worth. Other than that, it's great here!

Finally all settled, the pool is perfect for tanning, the gym is perfect, I absolutely love the theater, and the study room is nice and quiet! There is no need to worry about parking, there are always close spots open. The kitchen is a little tight, but there is plenty of counter and storage space.

Y’all are doing amazing. I love this app. It’s my favorite. Easy way to get points for my favorite things. Like amazon and Nike. Keep up the good work.

Mostly good except for people that don't know how to pick up after their pets. That's annoying. Service is good, very close to Tarleton, everything works, which is nice.

I think Mustang Ranch is wonderful. The pool and club house area is awesome and I love hanging out there. The staff is incredibly friendly. And it is a great location to the school.

I honestly love living at Mustang Ranch. The complex is really nice and clean with great amenities. The staff are all really friendly and willing to help anytime you need them. Overall, it's just a really great community to live in!

Awesome! I enjoy living here. Environment is very friendly and quiet! I haven't had any problems and reply don't expect too. Everything seems to run smoothly around here.

It's so great to live here, I love it! Perfect place to spend college life. My favorite assets are the pool and this rewards program. I wouldn't change a thing!

I love it here. It is so modern, yet "homey" I really enjoy all of the extra things to that are here such as the volleyball area, the pool and the gym

The apartment is great! There were a few minor issues with paint being on a lot of things, but besides that, everything else was good! Also the staff in the office were very nice and friendly.

So far I've had great luck! Maintenance has been great. maintenance comes in pretty quick to fix whatever may be wrong. Management has also been great!

Awesome place to live, nice pool, great people, good price, and fun. Living at mustang is a hugh improvement over living in the campus dorms.

Seems legit, nice place, the front desk is really helpful if you have questions regarding mail or your address or anything it seems. 10/10 would recommend.

Overall satisfied with my new apartment. It is in a good part of town and Walmart is right down the road which makes the location very convenient.

I love it here. It definitely feels like home! The kitchen is so nice and the bathrooms are so spacious. I would absolutely recommend living here.

so far everything has been great! On move in day my parents were extremely impressed with yall and the help yall provided. the guys helping with bringing stuff up to the apartment were greatly appreciated!

The Mustang Apartments have been amazing so far since I've moved in. The staff is so friendly and helpful and the residents are awesome as well. I love the pool area and my room!

friendly people, clean and active environment, and well trained staff. Mustang Ranch is a great place to live and keep our studies going as students.