Just moved in waiting to see how things are but everyone nice so far. The pool looks amazing and so does the clubhouse. So thankful that the apartment was clean when I moved in didn't have to do any major cleaning

Everything is running down in my apartment. Have had to send in several matinance request forms. But all in all the place is perfect just wish all the other people's friends didn't task up our parking all the time

Good. The only complain I have is the extra bills that we have to pay for over amount. The month before this month I used more electricity then the month before and my bill was higher I don't understand that. I was really conservative with my lights and would just leave my windows open for light so I wouldn't have to pay more and it didn't matter.

You all are very helpful and have answered any questions I may have had. I would recommend living here to other people. The only thing I wish you would have is 6 month leases. For those that will only be here a semester and then graduate.

A bit overpriced for the quality of customer service that is very slow and it seems like they don't put the customer first. Seems to be constantly searching for ways to make residents pay any fee that they can and exaggerate the prices of room fix ups as if you totally destroyed it when it clearly was not.

I give it a 3/5 because even though the complex is gorgeous, not only is it not done being built, but we don't receive pro-rated rent for the move-in date being Aug. 15.

So far, I am loving Mustang Ranch, for the most part. There is plenty of parking, the amenities are great, all of the employees always seem to be happy and helpful. However, there are a couple of things that could be improved. First of all, the pool is only open until 8 pm. I understand and appreciate it closing early on weekdays because of school in the mornings and it helps out with noise and what not. But on the weekends, it should be open a couple hours later. I have realized that this is a very talked about issue that dozens of people wish would change. Since we pay so much a month to live here, I believe we should have some say. Second of all, in a few places around the bordering fence line, there are some spots where the fence doesn't completely reach the ground (some places being over half a foot in height) and many people in the complex have dogs that could escape underneath. The biggest one is on the other side of the drainage clearing by building 4. Other than that, living here has been a great experience so far!

The staff are welcoming and accomodating! Maintenance is super fast and also does a great job! Also the apartments have state of the art appliances.

I love how close the apartment complex is to campus! The maintence department respond very quickly when problems arise. Very nice staff. Very welcoming!

So far Mustang has been a good place to live in comparison to any other apartment complex in Stephenville. My main disappointment is the decisions made on ESA and Service animals because the rules are not back and white. But for the most part it is pretty nice.

Overall decent experience but there had been issues with the office staff. They havent keep records of pervious complaints of roommates from the past.

The staff for the most part is helpful when any questions are asked and they respond quick to any issues that may arise, maintenance comes relatively quick when there are issues.

The apartment is really nice and has a decent layout. The couch could be alot better and the my bed is bend to where I roll towards the middle, but over all the place has a nice feel to it.

Very good job! I like how you started using wrist bands because there were a lot of unwanted people walking around. I really like the Rec. I wish the printer worked more smoothly though.

My resident experience at Mustang Ranch has been awesome. I love all the opportunities that are available such as the gift cards given through community rewards. Something else I think is really cool is grocery BINGO. I went to the very first one of the semester and one the biggest and best bag full of groceries which was great because I needed to go to the grocery store that day.

Y'all have pretty fair prices and an extremely nice appearance! It is brand new with a not brand new price! Also having a place where everyone can come together meet and socialize is very smart!

Awesome complex!!! Don't that expensive. Going to nice to live here. Already looking like a really really pretty property. Can't wait to see what it looks like finished

Overall, my experience has gone well! Sometimes noise is a problem, but it isn't an everyday thing so that's ok. I love my one bedroom apartment and the amenities.

I can't wait to live there to see how everything looks ! It's going to be amazing, and the property setup is pretty great also! Looming forward to August, anticipation is killing me!

Nice place, common room was dirty and we had to clean it when we moved in. Also, Internet is a bit of a hassle. Setting up the WiFi was a pain, and not having my Ether net port working was an even bigger pain.

Apartments are in good condition, the swimming pool, fitness room and game room are great too! My only complain so far.. Outside aisles not very clean and dumpster has always broken glass around it..

Great commuirty. Helpful staff. Decent internet. Clean place to live.i love the.valie and that all bills are included. Maintenance is quick and efficient.

The apartments are so nice, & everyone staff wise has been so helpful! From helping us move out boxes in, to helping us figure out internet & doing work orders.

Mustang Ranch is great so far! Being a first time resident here, it's nice being in a safe and secure apartment complex. It's also fun having tons of residents here that are college students as well.

Mustang Ranch is a great community to live in. Since living there I have had an amazing time and a great experience. It’s a great place to live.