This place is a joke. Terrible customer service as well as service in general. My cable blacks out every 10 seconds and my ethernet cable plug does not work still to this day. When I explain my issue to management I am told to call the cable and internet company myself (which I have on several occasions). I signed a contract through mustang ranch, not the provider. The internet is open to the community but I have to pay for it? Doesn't make sense. My apartment building flooded within the first month as well. I would not reccomend my worst enemy to live here.

As a resident I was really excited to move into Mustang Ranch. When I moved into my 2 bedroom apartment it was not at all what we were told that we were going to get. The arrangement was totally different. The rooms were dirty and not cleaned at all. There was water damage on my bathtub and the walls were dirty. Also, the kitchen sink was broken but sealed up half assed. Overall I was disappointed with the maintenance and cleanliness of it, but my roommate and I are trying our best to make it work.

I thought living here would be great based off of how it was presented to me, however, that is not the case. It has been one big disappointment after another. My room was not anything like the display room. I have a very tiny closet that was suppose to be walk-in. I brought my dog and although there is a pet leash rule no one follows it and my dog is not friendly with other dogs.

Too much noise. Maintenance doesn’t fix anything. Much of the office staff is rude (not all). The dog park is constantly messy with either trash or poop, and dogs keep digging holes there that the staff refuses to fill - a danger to both the residents and their dogs. Overall a bad experience

Rooms are small, pet deposit is very high, couldn’t take off covered parking, maintancence took DAYS to fix a broken AC, maintanence often let themselves in without saying anything (received phone calls with an estimated time) or knocking.

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The wifi has been terrible this year and kicks me off 3 or 4 times a day. There is always pee in the stairwells so they smell terrible, and there dog poop everywhere.

It does not feel like a place you can call home. It feels like you are still in the college dorms. I feel like you pay for more than you actually get here.

I've lived here for awhile now. At first I really liked living here other than the few run ins with the managers. Now, I hate living here... I have put in multiple maintenance requests and they always seem to get over looked and they tell me "humans make mistakes" but it is literally every single request! I have came to management over multiple situations and all they do is seem to take sides but then say they don't lol. I would never recommend a friend to live here

Mustang Ranch is a very nice complex with great amenities and nice people working there. It is a college town and this apartment fits right in, with a great atmosphere and great residents.

There are many things that I do like about this place. But the things I don’t make this place not fun for me. I do like living here because it is nice.

Not sure if it's a problem with management or something, but no issues have ever seemed to get resolved. We have complained NUMEROUS times about our neighbors being extremely loud with music and parties, sometimes until 4 in the morning. Nothing has ever been done about it by y'all, so we all have to call the police every time now, which is very frustrating and shouldn't have to go to that extent.

Love the property and everything on it. It's beautiful. However, the roommate matching skills are not good. I'm in a four bedroom and can't stand 2 of my roommates, the only one I like is moving and they say they can't do anything about it. I shouldn't be paying this much money to be unhappy in the place in suppose to call home

My experience at Mustangs Ranch has been decent for the most part. The rooms are very nice and most of the staff is nice! The only downside is sometimes the complaints are not taken as seriously as I would like, most things are helpful though!

The apartments are great and it is easy to pay rent. I fell the visitor parking could be improved. I can barely have friends come over because they can not find a place to park and are worried their car will get towed

My experience here so far has not been bad at all! I really enjoy how you have a private bathroom and washers and dryers in the rooms! I also love the clubhouse and the pool!

My stay here has been pretty nice. There has not been any problems so far. You all gave me a chair with the time frame that you told me so I was happy.

Mustang is a nice apartment complex and my experience has been good. However, sometimes maintenance staff can be rude &&a pool rules are a little too lax for my liking (with alcohol and glass bottles)

For the most part the experience has been good; however, there have been a few interactions with staff that I was less than pleased with. Also, insensitives that we’re promised were never followed through with and when asking the staff about the issue they were extremely rude as if me asking for information was an inconvenience.

I was/am definitely disappointed in MR, it was hyped up to be a lot better than it is, so I try and spend as little time here as possible. The rooms are pretty tiny and it was dirty when we moved in.

if we are speaking of apartments in Stephenville, well look wise, these are one of the top. The grass is kept maintained very frequent......

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The apartments are nice they keep up with everything. The rooms are small, they tow which is crazy, the clickers suck, and the head manager needs to work on his communication skills. Wouldn't resign lease.

Nice pool, if it's open. The other entrance is closed so now we have to make a unnecessary u-turn. Very uncomfortable for nature. The grass is covered is dog poop.

While the staff is nice, and the quality of the apartment I am in is above my expectations. I am constantly in shock of how my building is neglected. There is poop everywhere by building four, dead grass, a algae pool growing, my neighbors all don’t use leashes for their dogs, and trash in the hallways. I am patient and I am courteous to the staff but this is just gross.

Nice living space, I've had some issues with management and my room. Cable seems not to be working. Really wish customer service was a priority here. Dealing with spots all over my room with a simple fix of paint yet doesn't seem important enough.