Apartments are in good condition, the swimming pool, fitness room and game room are great too! My only complain so far.. Outside aisles not very clean and dumpster has always broken glass around it..

Mustang Ranch is a great community to live in. Since living there I have had an amazing time and a great experience. It’s a great place to live.

The apartments are so nice, & everyone staff wise has been so helpful! From helping us move out boxes in, to helping us figure out internet & doing work orders.

I moved into mustang ranch in the fall of 2015. So far I have liked living here because it's close to school and the apartments are pretty inside & out. I have had to get maintence to come out and fix a few things but they have done it in a timely manner so I am pleased with them. I only have a few complaints such as at the beginning of the semester there was never any parking at night and that only a few months into my year lease I was bugged to sign another year lease for fall 16.

Great job. I have had a couple of maintenance requests that they responded to very quickly. Love having a 24 hr study room and gym. My only complaint is that my clicker never works!

I haven't had many problems here at mustang ranch with the employees, they are all very nice and helpful. I do think there needs to be more trash cans set up near the buildings due to trash all over the place and cigarette butts also people smoking right by the stairs is not very fun to walk through, maybe designated smoking areas would help.

I enjoy the cleanliness of the apartment complex. You will not find another complex in Stephenville like Mustang Ranch. You get more for the money.

Love living at mustang ranch it has a great staff and great amenities. The pool, weight room, computer lab, and club house are all super nice and very convenient.

Y'all have pretty fair prices and an extremely nice appearance! It is brand new with a not brand new price! Also having a place where everyone can come together meet and socialize is very smart!

I can't wait to live there to see how everything looks ! It's going to be amazing, and the property setup is pretty great also! Looming forward to August, anticipation is killing me!

Awesome complex!!! Don't that expensive. Going to nice to live here. Already looking like a really really pretty property. Can't wait to see what it looks like finished

Very good job! I like how you started using wrist bands because there were a lot of unwanted people walking around. I really like the Rec. I wish the printer worked more smoothly though.

Everything seems awsome, I have all friends close. The compound is beautiful. the only problems i encountered is that it is Difficult to remove a roommate

I had a great day at the pool tanning yesturday! I also really like my big bathroom. My friends are suppose to move in my apartment with me in August and I am so excited!

Mostly really impressed with Stephenvilles Mustang Ranch. Only complaint would be appliances falling apart and always going over on bills but not being told where we're going over.

Good environment to spend your college years while attending TSU, Maintenance is normally quick at responding to issues, and the staff is always nice

The apartments are very nice and spacious. The parking is the only bad thing. There needs to be either a special designated lot for visitors or visitor tag.

It's going pretty good at mustange ranch so far. I like the pool and volleyball area, as well as the clubhouse and weight room area. The only thing is some of these dogs are aggressive when it comes to other pets.

Mustang Ranch is great so far! Being a first time resident here, it's nice being in a safe and secure apartment complex. It's also fun having tons of residents here that are college students as well.

I really like living here at mustang. The only bad thing is the stairs situation in building four, how the water has been turned off a lot, there aren't trash cans, and electricity. This has been one of the nicest place I have lived in stephenville though.

My time here at Mustang Ranch as been great!! The accommodations are wonderful and the staff here is very helpful when I have a question. I plan to stay here until I graduate!

It's a very nice place but it's very dirty. There's also not a lot of events for residents which is disappointing. But overall, I enjoy it. I do think it is overpriced though.

It’s a very nice apartment. It’s not like others it feels safe because it’s gated. Pet friendly and it’s funny that it’s my style because it looks country and rustic inside with the decor and furniture

Mustang Ranch really has everything to offer. You definitely get your money’s worth! The amenities are wonderful and the staff is always on top of everything! Would definitely recommend living here!

mustang ranch is awesome! I really appreciate the great customer service! it is affordable and really luxurious. my roommates really like it too!