Thus far mustang ranch has been nothing but welcoming and has really made me feel at home! They did a great job at setting me up with amazing roommates and I can't wait for a great year!

This is new to me. However, this seems like a neat deal! I get to move in tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. This complex has been more organized than some in the past.

Mustang ranch has a wonderful community that has helped make my experience run smooth and easy so far. It is also friendly to pets and guests.

Doing great and keeps me posted on all info. They do a great job of helping me with questions I have to have answered and when I'm struggling on something they help me.

Mustang ranch is awesome. I can't wait to move in and live there. I'm glad I chose them. I'm looking forward to all the new experiences I will have with them.

Apartments are in good condition, the swimming pool, fitness room and game room are great too! My only complain so far.. Outside aisles not very clean and dumpster has always broken glass around it..

I've had a wonderful experience so far at Mustang Ranch. The staff are so friendly and helpful! Any issues that have arisen have been immediately addressed and taken care of.

I love how clean it is! My roommates are great. My room was clean. I really like the fitness center too as well. The staff at mustang is also very friendly.

I think this is a great way to treat your leesers to a treat. Gives you a one up on most apartments in the Stephenville area. Thank you so much

I have not moved into my apartment yet but the staff at Mustang Ranch has been very helpful in assisting all of my questions. The apartments there are very affordable and in great condition. I'm really looking forward to my year living there.

I love it! Everyone is so friendly and the apartments are so nice. I love getting to use the gym whenever i want. The outdoor grills are great too.

They are very helpful and inviting. Being new to the area it is great to know that I have a clean and safe place to stay! The faculty are all so helpful

I love living here. The staff is friendly, and the pool is extremely convienent on hot days. I just wish it was open at night for those who would like to use it but work nights.

i love living at mustang ranch its an experiance like any other! the rooms are so nice and i love that it comes fully furnished! it makes my college experiance more comfortable

I've enjoyed my experience here at mustang ranch! Every time I walk into the office I'm greeted with a smiling face! The maintenance people are awesome also! They are so friendly and very quick to fix anything.

Really enjoyed my time living at Mustang Ranch. To me it has been comparable to living in a vacation spot, only miles from campus. The management is very strict, but for good reasons.

Pretty convenient. Great internet, much better than the rest of stephenville. The furniture provided is quite comfortable too! The kitchen is big enough. The full sized washer/dryer is awesome too.

So far the apartment seems nice. The staff there has answered all my questions. I cant wait to move in next semester. The rooms seem big enough and I love the storage space.

Mustang Ranch is a great place to live! I have lived here for almost two years and have never had any problems! I would live here again for sure if it was cheaper for a 6 month lease!

I love living at mustang! The apartments are really nice inside and the entire complex is kept looking great! I would definable recommend this place to anyone looking for a place to live.

It is a really nice place to live. I would recommend it to anyone who is going to Tarleton or who lives in Stephenville. The apartments are really nice.

Stylish apartments, clean complexes, and great community. Mustang ranch has a lot to offer and I highly suggest trying to take advantage of every benefit.

The atmosphere here at Mustang Ranch is absolutely amazing. All the amenities that they have to offer make living here an absolute fun filled blast.

I have only lived here for a few months, but the staff have been so very helpful with all my needs and concerns! Would recommend to anyone looking for a place to live!

I really like living at mustang ranch. I love the private bathrooms and walk in closets. I just met my roommates and am getting to know them through the community activities provided, and I often workout in the rec center.