I love this place! All or the amenities are great. I also love the security here to keep us safe and to also keep out mom resident from trashing our place!

I love living at Mustang Ranch, Everything is GREAT! The Pool is wonderful, The people are wonderful! Totally planning to stay here till I graduate!

Great apartments!! The pool is awesome and I love the gym! For the most part the noise level isn't bad like most apartments! My dog loves it here so much room to run around.

All the workers here are so friendly! I also love all the amenities the apartment complex provides. I love Mustang Ranch because it's a very nice and fun place to live!

My time here at Mustang Ranch as been great!! The accommodations are wonderful and the staff here is very helpful when I have a question. I plan to stay here until I graduate!

I love living here it's beautiful and the staff is awesome! I lived at the grove last year but living here has been such a better experience! Thank y'all so much!

Love this upscale apartment complex. Love how staff is fast to take care of any issues. Love the amenities. Appreciate everything y'all do to take care of residents

I love the apartments and the amenities that come with living at Mustang Ranch!! Also, I enjoy how quiet and friendly the residents are here, it makes you forget your living with college students.

I love it here!! I have lived at many places here in stephenville and Mustang Ranch has been my favorite, hands down! The staff are some of the nicest people!!

The apartments are very nice and spacious. The parking is the only bad thing. There needs to be either a special designated lot for visitors or visitor tag.

Love it here! The complex is very pretty, the staff is friendly and organized, and the amenities are good (especially the clubhouse). I have very few complaints:)

It's a friendly community and I love the amenities. The office is very prompt on letting you know when you have mail. Just a great place to live.

I love the apartments already. They are nice & I'm excited for the foundation of the grass to finish because i think it's going to be gorgeous.

I absolutely love living here! It's the best student living around Stephenville. Every one of the employees are extremely helpful and super friendly.

Mustang Ranch is a great place to live!! The atmosphere here is great and I am so close to Tarleton! All of the staff are super nice and very helpful!!

Enjoy mustang ranch a lot! Great amenities, friendly residents and workers, and just very modern and nice and clean! Wish I would' em lived here all four years of school!

The wrist bands are awful. I pay way too much money to live here to have to wear a band or face getting in trouble. We're adults, this isn't freshmen dorms

Mustang Ranch is a beautiful and fun place to live. Aside from some technical difficulties, it's been a good way to start the fall semester.

The customer service is outstanding...love the welcoming environment! I am very excited for move in day and am looking forward to a great semester!

I love Mustang so far! The free food at the end of the semester was awesome! There are also always a lot of giveaways which are cool! The staff is very friendly and inviting! Can't wait to move in at the beginning of August! Already seems like a better place to live than the Grove!!

I think it's going to be beautiful, once fully finished! I'm really excited for a pool and to be with my roommate! Can't wait to finally move in August 15th!

great! i cant wait to move in and meet the rest of the community! I think that Mustang Ranch can be the most sought after college living place in Stephenville!

So far I have learned that yall are an amazing!!!!! I can't wait to move in when the day comes! Can't stop thinking about the awesome pool and how neat or room set up will be!

I am so excited to move in and spend my college career here. Mustang Ranch has so much to offer and the atmosphere is amazing. Let's move in already!

nice place with friendly staff. sits comfortably in the luxury category and bills included in rent is a major plus. priced comfortably and allows pets (with deposit and a monthly fee)