I love this place, it is so beautiful and I can't wait to live there! The amenities and plan are fabulous. Mustang Ranch is an amazing place!

I haven't moved in yet but can't wait to move in soon! The model apartment is so nice and I am very excited to be living in a new apartment with new appliances and new furniture!

Everyone is so nice and welcoming! They take care of you as if you were their best friends. The rooms are absolutely amazing. For just a low price they give you exactly what your dream college apartment is. You won't regret it.

Awesome place to live with amazing rooms and pool! Love that it looks really modern also love that each room has it's own bathroom! Also can't wait to be in the pool

I don't live there yet but i am excited to be moving in august 15! It will definitely be the coolest place in town and I will be sure to tell all my friends

i cant wait to move in because its a lot better than any of the apartments that are in stephenville. They are offered at a good price for college students.

I give it a 3/5 because even though the complex is gorgeous, not only is it not done being built, but we don't receive pro-rated rent for the move-in date being Aug. 15.

I have not lived here yet but I think it will be an awesome time. The apartments are coming together great and the room that we looked at was awesome.

Everyone here is so amazing and so friendly. I love that it is pet friemdly so that I can bring my dog. The best part is that I get to experience this with my best friend!

Mustang ranch is the best!!!! Theres no other place id rather live because everyone there is so nice and giving. Its just like home :) I wish we coukd move in now!!

I can't wait to live there to see how everything looks ! It's going to be amazing, and the property setup is pretty great also! Looming forward to August, anticipation is killing me!

I don't live there yet, but it's seriously one of the most beautiful facilities that's in stephenville, and that I've seen. It's perfect for every college students needs!

Great people, awesome apartments. Love how it's pet friendly and the pool.. It's close to walmart so I can simply walk to get groceries. The apartments are close to campus so that's a big plus!

It's all new and hip in a texas way!! And comes with all kinds of ammenities so I don't have to buy any. They work well with your roommate assignment which is also an awesome added bonus!!

I absolutely love working for Mustang Ranch. I cannot wait for our property to be complete and to be able to meet all of our amazing residents!

I love the atmosphere and how welcoming everyone was when I went to sign a lease. The rooms are spacious and fully furnished. It is going to be money well spent.

Love the staff and can't wait to meet all the new residents! August can't come any sooner. The pool and the clubhouse is where all the fun will be!

I'm just really excited to live at mustang ranch because the facility and the staff are all so nice and I'm excited to be the first person to live in my room and sleep in my bed.

The atmosphere is just amazing. The place is well kept and the staff are always there to help and answer any question I might have. also it is the cheapest nicest apartments I have lived it.

Everything seems awsome, I have all friends close. The compound is beautiful. the only problems i encountered is that it is Difficult to remove a roommate

I don't live there yet, but I cannot wait! It's so nice and the people who work there really seen to be on top. They are very organized and know their stuff.

I will live here in the fall :) But the staff is nice as far as I know. But I am excited to live there. I just cannot figure out the resident portal.

Awesome complex!!! Don't that expensive. Going to nice to live here. Already looking like a really really pretty property. Can't wait to see what it looks like finished

Havent started living here but im so ready to move in. Everyone looks very friendly and the apartments already look amazing and theyre not even finished

Great and friendly staff! (Hannah). Seems like it's going to be a nice laid back environment to live in. Can't wait to move in and be the first to use everything in my room!