I moved into mustang ranch in the fall of 2015. So far I have liked living here because it's close to school and the apartments are pretty inside & out. I have had to get maintence to come out and fix a few things but they have done it in a timely manner so I am pleased with them. I only have a few complaints such as at the beginning of the semester there was never any parking at night and that only a few months into my year lease I was bugged to sign another year lease for fall 16.

Here at mustang ranch there is a very helpful staff. I had some problems with my electricity bill and they set aside almost 45 min to help me!

A bit overpriced for the quality of customer service that is very slow and it seems like they don't put the customer first. Seems to be constantly searching for ways to make residents pay any fee that they can and exaggerate the prices of room fix ups as if you totally destroyed it when it clearly was not.

I love the complex the only complaint I have is about the printer that we can print for free from is almost always broken. I love the workout facility, the grills, the swings, the clubhouse, and the pool (when it isn't closed due to glass).

very friendly, and the staff gets things done and make sure you are very happy with your apartment. They always make sure your expectations are met!

Awesome. Beautiful apartment, helpful staff and great complex. I can not wait to live here again next year (in a one-bedroom apartment). I love that cable/internet/electricity is mostly included into the rent every month.

I think facilities are kept nice and clean. And the staff are always nice and helpful. But they do seem to keep coming up with computer issues

Every step of the way has been a breeze for me. The staff is friendly and helpful with all the questions I have had about the moving process.

The office staff has always been kind and respectful whenever I call. This is my daughter's second year at Mustang Ranch, when she needs anything there is a quick response.

Communication with residents is always prompt! Emails are a great way for parents like me to stay connected. Every time I call the employees are very helpful and respectful.

Love it here! Everyone in the office is very friendly, the maintenance crew gets here quickly, and the study room is great! I'd definitely recommend this to my friends! My only thing is that I wish that they had elevators for the handicap!

Love it here. My apartment is nice and furnished and I love all the amenities. I love my roommate and we get along great! I wish they had a dog park or something though. And kind of expensive.

I enjoy living here at mustang however I would enjoy more dog friendly grass area. Other than the people who don't pick up after their dogs I would suggest mustang ranch to any of my friends.

Overall decent experience but there had been issues with the office staff. They havent keep records of pervious complaints of roommates from the past.

Everyone in the office is so friendly. The apartments are very nice. I love how the allow pets and I love the clubhouse as well as the gym!!!

Mustang Ranch does an amazing Job at what they do. Y'all care greatly about the residents needs and are quick to act on them. Anytime something has messed up in my apartment and we make a service request they are there to fix it within 48 hours of the request which is very helpful.

My wife and I enjoy our apartment. It's the perfect size and has everything that we need right now. My oñly complaint so far would be that there seems to be no noise ordinance or anything similar.

It's been an overall great experience to live here. The parking was an issue at the beginning but it's a lot better now. Woild recommend to a friend.

Mustang Ranch is a wonderful apartment complex for college students. I am overall very impressed with how clean the whole complex is, and how quiet my neighbors are.

I've lived here for one semester and love it so far. When I moved in there were a couple issues in my room that were fixed immediately. Every time I request maintainance it is fixed promptly. The office staff is always super friendly and they always let you know what is going on.

I have enjoyed my stay at mustang ranch apartments. The maintenance is always quick to fix my problems and I am happy about paying the regular rate even with my cat because of my discount when I signed up.

I will live at mustang ranch in the fall and I am so excited! The facilities are amazing and all new. They did a very good job capturing what college students want.

Mustang Ranch is a fantastic place to live while in college! They have fantastic facilities that allow a broke college student to have fun while not having to spend extra money!

Great place to live. I haven't had any issues. The maintenance crew was quick getting my work order taken care of. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends.

I totally love living here! The rent is reasonable for how much you get in an apartment! I would totally refer this apartment to someone else!