Most of my experiences here have been great and positive. The neighbors are friendly, the staff is helpful, and the area is peaceful for the most part.

My experience has been pretty good here! There IS a lot of turnover but it hasnt been too disruptive . It's pretty calm and quiet. Some of the apartments are a little dated but are still in good shape. Maintenance has been quick & responsive

Living here has been good. No issues or problems. Its still quiet, I'm still waiting to see our buildings look better. I did see them power washing other buildings but haven't gotten to mine yet.

When i first moved here 8 years ago this community was so great...after a couple of years things started to go downhill. I can say within the last year or so things have been getting better.

The apartment is good, but the crime rate in Nashboro Village is some of the worst I've ever experienced. In addition, there is zero support from the staff to do anything about it or even attempt to protect its residents. It is really sad because this place has so much potential.

Very new resident. Apartment was not up to par upon move in but swift arrangements by staff made things better in a matter of days. The office is very busy but they make sure to provide attention to your needs.

Just moved in but so far the staff has been very friendly and very accommodating. We look forward to spending the next year at Nashboro Village Apartments.

Just recently transferred to doubletree... loving the new place because there is sooo much room... no complaints so far but will keep everyone updates

I had a great experience singing the lease at Nashboro Village Apartments. The office staff were very accommodating. The process was very simple.

I love it here really enjoying my apartment with washer and dryer i have a nice view outside and I'm loving having a private patio where no one is walking back and forth in front of your door Nashboro Village rock

The leasing process took 2hours which we weren’t expecting compared to previous leases which have only taken under an hour and our agent was 30 min late to the appointment. My husband luckily got it of work otherwise we would have had to reschedule, it was Friday and we had no where else to go. That’s just a small and forgiving aspect of the complex itself though. Other than the office being a hot mess that day, the apartment itself and community has been great and they seem to keep up with the necessary maintenance... so far.

GREAT, I LOVE IT HERE!!! I have not had any problems since living here. Anytime I have had issues it had been fixed as soon as possible. I will be renewing my lease when the time comes

I have only lived at Nashboro village for three days as of right now. It’s nothing special but it’s also not the worst place I have lived. It is quite during the day, night time it gets a little rowdy by the pool.

Good lord we need 140 characters? It's fine I'm just gonna fill space. There is a leak in my roof though but it's cool. Word word camel ferritin and there's 140

So far so good! Just had to do a maintenance request for my garbage disposal. With this being such a huge community I expected this to take a few days for maintenance to get around to, it took 3 days actually. I came home from work and my garbage disposal is fixed with a work order on my kitchen sink. I am pleased with this experience thus far.

I have no issues office people are friendly maintenance comes when I need then too it's quiet where I stay going on my 3rd year here Other than the people above me sounding like the body slamming elephants I'm happy

Its been good have had a few things that have been addressed just would like the pool where i live to be open. We live in deerfield and the pool seems to be never open after being told it will be open soon.

Honestly, it hasn't been great. I didn't pay attention to actually how bad the parking lot is before I moved in. It looks like a heavily used patchwork quilt, with holes everywhere. There is absolutely no sound insulation between the apartments. I can hear full conversations and everything that is dropped. The air runs all the time and the rooms are never consistently cool, because the windows are from the 70's. They have little to no insulation in the windows, and are drafty, letting all heat and air escape/enter. There are still oil stains on the patio, after being told it will be cleaned once it is warm outside. The pool situation has been absolutely ridiculous. It's been locked up for most of June. I see no progress of the gym being done, and the management team has no answers to when. My bathroom has a leak that still hasn't been fixed, because they say it is from when I shower, though I know for a fact it's not. It seems like someone is moving out every week, because there are always furniture in the already overflowing dumpsters. The apartment across from mine has a couch on the patio, trash everywhere, and every single blind is destroyed. Everytime you go into the office you have to wait forever, because there isn't enough employees to handle the amount of people coming in. I have lowered my rating twice while typing this because I keep getting more upset. Do better!

The apartment and community are decent so far. I like the carvports and the painted cabinets and new laminate floor. I wish my carpet had been replaced before I moved in however.

I am enjoying my stay here! I am hoping to be able to renew my lease on the new year! Happy that there are two pools so it’s not over crowded! I’m looking forward to the rest of the year!

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I love the place so far it’s been nice moving here and the place has. I hope and plan to stay here longer while working here. Nashville has been good to me!

Our apartment has mold and water is coming from the walls. We called the apartment office and the blew us off for 4 days on to tell us we have to move because it’s a foundation issue. They aren’t willing to Compensate us for the short notice and inconvenience. They tried to move us to a smaller apartment that doesn’t work for my family. This is awful. Not to mention the bugs and the back door and wood panel is completely decayed they put us off time and time again.

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The move in process was quite simple. The staff was very supportive and helped me take care of everything. They had no problem answering all of my questions and showing me anything I asked about.

Peyton that works in the office is nice. I don’t like that no one answers the phone when you call the office. I also don’t like that if you leave a message, no one returns your call. The pool on my neighborhood is always dirty. My neighbor plays music loudly early in the morning (6 am).

All the pools aren’t open. Lack of cleaning the grounds. Gutters near my place have trees growing in them. Very poor care . Doesn’t seem to be well maintained every where u look there is trash, branches or something broken.