I love my apartment. Great staff and always willing. Could not be in a better place. The grounds always look amazing. Never know I have neighbors till I go outside. So quiet. Thank you Nashboro Village.

I like it over here but my neighbors are so loud. They play the music so loud. They leave random trash on the porch. I reported it to the office and nothing has been done. I pay to much rent for it to look like a ghetto. They have had a grill on their porch for months and nothing has been done

I love these apartments!!! It's a great experience. It is a nice community. The people that live in this environment are kind. It's a very clean place!!

Here and all is what I hoped and wished for, looking forward to the pool this. I already enjoy the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I hope ro meet people at the gym.

Great place to live . The only bad thing is that Antioch location always have traffic and I never can find a parking place near my apartment building

Its an okay place to live. Though I've never received my card to enter the fitness center, my neighbors smoke and it comes into my apartment, and no one picks up their dogs poop so it smells and there are big piles everywhere, even the sidewalk.

I absolutely love living in nashboro village one of the best apartments I've ever lived in wonderful community and great people surround me.

Love the neighborhood. Our neighbors are courteous and the staff is friendly and helpful. Close to everything we love...Starbucks, Kroger, and Jersey Mike’s Subs.

Everything is exactly as I expected and my stay has been very good so far. The neighborhood has been wonderful and there have been no problems with any other residents at all.

It’s has been great living in Nashboro Village. It’s very quiet, close to everything you may need. Such as grocery, schools, fast food, restaurants, and shopping.

So far so good... Not as upscale as I wanted but still a nice place to live... it is very nice place to start out if you are new to the area

Very nice.....friendliest, professional staff. ...prompt, courteous service from everyone...amenities that go way above and beyond necessity

My experience has been pretty good so far. Besides have some move in date problems, we were able to work it out. the office staff is very helpful and amazing. My dogs are enjoying themselves so far and on a sunny day I’ll see what the dog park is like. .... I have seen a couple creepy crawlies running around but nothing I can’t handle.

We have lived here for 4 years and just renewed. Great place to live. Sometimes trash bin areas get messy which is why I rated it 4 out of 5.

Great location in Nashville and many amenities close to Nashboro Village. Happy to live here and plan to renew lease when our first year is up.

I love it . I haven’t any problems the people here are friendly and nice . I’m loving my stay so far and I would recommend this place to any of my friends and family

I've been living in Nashboro Village for going on 3 months now and while I love the apartment it lacks the time and attention given to internal and external maintenance to be considered luxury apartments. The first night of using my shower, the handle came off in my hand... it's not fixed you this day. With something so simply, how would you feel paying well over $1000+ in rent because the cost changes monthly never going down but up and it takes months to get anything fixed or cleaned?

Nashbor has a lot of amenities to offer and is close to all that you need. Grocery, Pharmacy, Resturants, etc. You can live comfortably here.

I have really enjoyed living in the Nashboro Village community. It is quiet, close to most everything in Nashville, and if something needs fixed it gets done quickly.

Wonderful place to call home....clean quiet and peaceful....all staff is friendly and very attentive to the needs of the residents....the only thing is that there are no handicap parking nor are there any handicap ramps....parking is a nightmare....but overall I would recommend visiting Nashboro Village office for a tour....

I love this community! The staff of wonderful! This will be my 2nd time renting from you guy! The amnesties & community is everything I need!

The community is very beautiful. The staff are prompt when responding to any needs or inquiries. I love the fact that I can pay rent online and submit service requests online.

The cleanliness has significantly improved in the last month or so. I've seen a lot less wild animals walking around which makes me feel safer to walk my dog at night.

People let their pets poop where ever. Been having this problem last 3 years and property refuses to do anything. Things in apt are always breaking or clogging. They painted the outside but haven't updated inside. Real bad spider problem inside apt. Spider webs everywhere outside have to walk with mask on. Poor lighting at night. Not enough parking.

As a whole, living in Nashboro Village has been a very pleasant experience. The rent is reasonable, neighborhood is quiet, and the apartment is in wonderful condition! Working with the people in the front office has been easy from day one. The only issue we had after moving in were all the spiders and insects that were around, some being very large! This has teetered out since we are a few months in, but it was still a concern. Other than that, this is a place that I would easily recommend to others. Very happy with choosing Nashboro!