Living my apartment and location. It was clean and smell good. Besides the young kids on bikes is been a perfect experience so far. I plan on staying for some years and i really feel safe in my home.

I am grateful and pleased that the buildings have been painted and fixed up externally this fall. It is a breath of fresh air for what it cost to live here it now looks at least presentable. They are getting it together slowly but surely. The trash receptacles need to be addressed. As their is not enough containers for the amount of residents

The Community Is Very Quiet && Peacrful. The Staff Is Very Helpful && Friendly. The Apartment Is Big && Nice On The Inside. No Problems At All. Everything Is Great Here.

So Far everythin g is good. Good Nieghbors, Complex is always clean, Friendly Staff at the Office. When something is reported the Staff makes Sure that it is taken care of.

The tour was nice the young lady by the name of Kia who gave me tour was awesome .....she was very knowledgeable about the complex and made me feel very welcome and comfortable

Awesome staff. You guys rock. We had a problem with our washer and dryer hookups, and it was fixed with one visit. The neighborhood is perfect for a family.

Been here going on 3 years. Haven't had a bad experience yet. Hoping all pools will he open this summer. Neighborhood is about 95% quiet. Parking fills up at night. Get home early.

Maintenance is on it. Our apartment has a lot of defaults but is always up kept within a day or two of our maintenance request. Shabby upkeep with our village however

Nashboro Village is a great community to live in. It's close to everything and the tennis courts are great. The staff is also very friendly.

Office staff is nice. Neighbors are nice and polite. 4 pools, rec center and tennis courts are a great bonus. It takes a lol bit of time to get repairsdone.

Everything and everybody is GREAT. Love the community. Very spacious. Nice neighborhood. Everyone is professional. Staff shows concern. I'm very satisfied with my stay at nashboro village

I have lived in this community for several years. I think having a security service would do the neighborhood wonders. The maintenance staff is very kind

The initial move was awful, but now that we are settled, I really enjoy the area. Our neighbors are fantastic and the property is beautiful. We have had issues with the staff but Kash (I think that's it) has always been amazing.

I love living here so peaceful and quiet I would recommend nashboro village to everyone that's looking for a great place to live so if your searching for that perfect place call nashboro village

Need hardwood, or the option for hardwood. Parking is a cluster, makes me aggravated every morning, cars not parking where they are not supposed to. Other than that, great!

I love my apartment. Great staff and always willing. Could not be in a better place. The grounds always look amazing. Never know I have neighbors till I go outside. So quiet. Thank you Nashboro Village.

I like it over here but my neighbors are so loud. They play the music so loud. They leave random trash on the porch. I reported it to the office and nothing has been done. I pay to much rent for it to look like a ghetto. They have had a grill on their porch for months and nothing has been done

I love these apartments!!! It's a great experience. It is a nice community. The people that live in this environment are kind. It's a very clean place!!

Here and all is what I hoped and wished for, looking forward to the pool this. I already enjoy the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I hope ro meet people at the gym.

Great place to live . The only bad thing is that Antioch location always have traffic and I never can find a parking place near my apartment building

Its an okay place to live. Though I've never received my card to enter the fitness center, my neighbors smoke and it comes into my apartment, and no one picks up their dogs poop so it smells and there are big piles everywhere, even the sidewalk.

I absolutely love living in nashboro village one of the best apartments I've ever lived in wonderful community and great people surround me.

Love the neighborhood. Our neighbors are courteous and the staff is friendly and helpful. Close to everything we love...Starbucks, Kroger, and Jersey Mike’s Subs.

Everything is exactly as I expected and my stay has been very good so far. The neighborhood has been wonderful and there have been no problems with any other residents at all.

It’s has been great living in Nashboro Village. It’s very quiet, close to everything you may need. Such as grocery, schools, fast food, restaurants, and shopping.