I really like Susan, the new Manager. When She is made aware of problems,She handles them.I think we will see fines issued.We can feel safer.

Only one dedicated parking space for tenants. Tenant car towed without any courtesy notification. Bar business. Gated community yet car broken into. Gate access works intermittently. I will not be renewing my lease.

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The staff is super friendly and helpful. They are ready to make your experience the best and fix any problems. I would give a 5-star but when I moved into my apartment it was not clean... It had just been renovated and they did not finish cleaning it up. I did not say anything... I just cleaned it up myself but otherwise this is an excellent community.

I think this is the best place to live. I'm enjoying everything here. I like the swimming pool, the gym, the space, we have a good parking place and more

Overall, it's been a good experience. The walls/ceilings are pretty thin, so we can hear pretty much everything that goes on above us, but I also understand that this is an apartment and I can't expect complete privacy. Maintenance staff is very friendly and helpful. My only other complaint is the mail system. My wife and I have both had packages delivered here and it seems like every time we do, we have to pick it up at a different place. Either it's at our front door (preferred), left at the front office or at the post office. The package that was allegedly left at the front office was lost or stolen and there was nothing we could do about it. Once the mail situation gets figured out and it's a consistent process, then my experience will be much better.

Very clean apartment. The best apartments in the city. Very well maintained. Newly remodeled. Security is great and the community is gated.

Decent so far. The unit is newly renovated with all new appliances which is nice, but the security gate never seems to work, and it's hard to get a hold of management.

People were good but registering was a constant do this or that over and over. Maybe they were learning what and how to do all that needed to be done.

It's a very peaceful complex. My sanctuary. The two pools are lit. And it's great get away from the busy life with working and all. Maintenance always answer right away to problems

Yeah to tell you really I love the apartment they pretty nice and the staff is real nice people stay in the apartment the one that I stay in and pee building they seem to be pretty good and all the places always clean when you coming inside the apartment and it's smell pretty good parking is never no problem trash is never no problem I like it very much I would recommended

I have no negative reviews about this place. It's quite and I like the layout of my apartment. Everything I need something the leading office is kind to help me.

Personally, I love the way they updated their buildings. I recently moved in and I feel like I’m living in a home. Management could be better.. but overall living is great!

Maintanace hasn’t been great but I love the staff. Very nice people. I also love all the activities that build community and the kids love the activities for children

Great place to live very quiet and safe. I would recommend to anyone. I have been living here for 7 years. I haven’t really had many issues at all.

It's ok could be alot better here but comfy. Danielle has been great getting info to the higher ups. 1973 look is out time for a newer face lift!!

I have only been in my apartment a couple of weeks. It has been great so far. I have met my neighbors across the hall. Love my apartment. Will update in a couple of months. I must say for the price it seems to be well worth it. Stainless Steel kitchen with built in microwave which is huge, love the thickness of the carpet. This is a very spacious 1 bed room apartment!!!!

So far the community seems quiet and friendly, though some residents need to pick up after their dogs. The office and groundskeepers are fantastic, though!

Nob Hill was better than I expected. Most of the ladies in the office are really nice. Maintenance is speedy on getting things done and my apartment looks great. The fitness center is a little crammed and there’s nothing but machines in there but I’ll adapt I suppose. All in all a great place to live.

So far my experience here has been great. The rooms are very nice and the only problem I have had is the water heater needed to be turned up but that was fixed in a very timely manner.

It's nice, we have a place to take our dogs so they can play. Good size for just starting out. I do wish that some stuff was set up a little different, but that's nothing

It’s a great community, great place to live a very quiet neighborhood. The office staff is okay. They maintain the buildings very clean, there is always parking space and security overnight.

The community is not very trustwhorty, no contact with each other, everybody live their own life so i do not think is a community at all. It may need more activities to interact with other tenants.

I've been at Nob Hill for 7+ years and I've seen a lot of improvements and a lot of things that need improved. I really love the location since it's right by the interstate that's the main reason I stay here. I don't like it that my rent jumps up every year but my apartment hasn't gotten any updates. My appliances are old my carpet is old as well as other things.

I love living here, the office is helpful, maintenance is prompt and efficient. I love the apartment layout, I love the kitchen. I never have any bugs. My first apartment here flooded three times and I was allowed to move into a new unit with no problems. Living here is great.

Needs better customer care! Stop being rude to customers who PAY RENT! When something is wrong in a home it should be FIRST priority to fix issue!

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