It’s been alright. Good events and the facility is nice. That being said, we only just got working WiFi, when you call if your neighbors are rowdy no one seems to do anything. It’s been alright.

The walls are a little thin and the appliances are a little old, but all-in-all this place is great. The location is very convenient and the WiFi is fast, but it is difficult to connect Chromecast-like products.

Decent housing, but don't expect much in the way of maintenance. Furthermore, they have no clause in the rent agreement allowing them to come into your house unannounced, which is a little sketchy and not necessary.

No trouble with neighbors. Staff is always friendly. Only problem I have is with the electric bill overages. Despite my roommates and I cutting down on power usage, I was still charged an overage fee.

I have loved living at Northgate. It has so much to offer. There is so much to do at Northgate and it's close to campus. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for housing off campus.

I like the apartment but the walls could be thicker and the kitchens and bathrooms could be updated but other than that it’s great. The staff is really helpful.

Northgate Lakes is a great community to be a part of! Everyone is super friendly and the apartments are very nice! I also love the events that go on at the pool every week!

It has been great! All the staff is super nice and friendly! They always keep us updated with events going on each month and they make all residents feel invited!

I absolutely love everything about this apartment complex! I’m so glad that I lived here for 2 years because everyone is so friendly and there are so many amazing activities throughout the month!

The community is a great place in a good location. Right by UCF and around different shopping places. It's away from the main road so it's a quiet as well. They have cool events within the community as well.

The apartment is nice and the amenities are great. The neighbors here are loud especially if you live on the first or second floor. I like that there is a place to study and that there are multiple events and opportunities

Northgate Lakes has been a great place to live. It is very much so a community, not just an apartment complex. They have frequent events and the staff there is great and very helpful in performing the office tasks offered to residents. My roommate and I are able to walk to the gym, either on campus or at the complex, from this location. Parking is never an issue and noise is usually kept at a minimum (minus the annoying icecream truck).

They have been very communitive and helpful as I’ve moved in half way through the semester. I feel very welcomed and they beeen able to help me answer all my questions

Northgate has been a great addition to my college experience. Their location is unbeatable and I prefer that they are a smaller community compared to the other neighboring communities.

So happy at Northgate! It’s my home away from home. Everything is clean and we are always well taken care of here. I love hanging by the pools with friends.

Excellent communication with the office, friendly staff. Amenities are nice too. The location is very convenient and there's a shuttle from UCF that goes to the shuttle stops on campus. Rates for the apartments can get expensive, reason being it's close to campus.

Northgate Lakes apartment complex has Very nice people and even better service. When I have a question, the front office always knows the answer.

i’ve had an amazing experience being part of the community at northgate lakes- great transition into my college years! the staff is very helpful in gettinf you settled in and the apartments are lovely

I really love my roommates and we all get along well. I also love my community! I've met a lot of great friends here. Also, others love this community so much that they are moving here too!

My resident experience has been good so far there are alot of things that could use some improving such as maintenance and just the amenities of the apartment, it looks like cheap appliances, flooring, and etc.

It has been great! Everyone who works there is super helpful and nice. The activities they have planned and put on are always so fun and great to do with friends!

The community is great. The staff are always putting on great events which are fun to attend. They are also very helpful whenever you have a problem.

Things keep breaking apart inside the unit and around the amenities. The activities are fun though. The staff are pleasant and really friendly.

Northgate lakes has been a great place to live. The staff are extremely helpful and genuinely kind. I feel that I chose a great place to live while I attend college!

The neighborhood is very safe. The staff is very helpful. And all the apartments are well kept. I really enjoy going to the fitness center and using all the equipment.