Haven't lived here very long but I have no problems so far. Management seems nice, the apartment itself is roomy and quite habitable. Five stars.

Clean and chill environment. The staff takes care of any issues or problems you have quickly and efficiently. Nice place to live right next to campus.

For my first apartment, it’s everything I was hoping for with some extra benefits. The apartment is perfectly located by the UCF campus and the other residents, most being students, are pretty cool. The staff at Northgate are especially helpful and super fun. For the rate I was given (including utilities), this is a very good option for apartment living.

It's pretty cool. They have cool events and maintenance is pretty decent. They're always upgrading apliences and woodwork and painting. This structure of the buildings are nice, cinderblocks, wood, plaster. Overpriced though.

Friendly and helpful staff. Enjoy that they try to encourage involvement by hosting events every month. They are also very considerate with your needs and take action in a timely manner.

The staff here is very helpful with any problems that you might have and anything that would break is fixed very fast. Living here is great.

This place is great. The staff is really helpful and willing to do anything to accommodate you. New improvements are continuously being added making this place even better to live at.

Everything has been awesome so far! My roommates that I randomly got assigned are nice and we all connect really well. The only thing wrong in my room when I got here was the dresser had 2 draws that were kinda broken and were hard to pull out. I love how nice the people at the front office are and the cute cyber cafe. I just wish the front office was open a little longer.

very nice apartments to live in, lots of additional areas that are very useful for studying. people are very nice here and roommates are quiet and respectful.

I love living here so far the CA’s are super helpful and the events are so much fun as well as a great opportunity to meet people!! It’s super close to campus too!

Good move in but lights didn’t work in bathroom when moving in. Otherwise it’s been a good community with some nice amenities and very friendly staff there

Love it here. When I first moved here I was scared it would be hard to get into a new routine however it wasn’t at all. Move in day was so organized and super informative! We had special events to help me meet my new neighbors and I absolutely love the amenities

I hate how much I'm paying and these units suck. I will make sure none of my friends live here. I am paying $900 a month for 5 months but only living here for 4. That means I am paying more than a new york apartment for a 4 by 2. I'm only living here cause it is my last semester and has to deal with it.

My experience here has been very good, the maintenance comes very fast, usually a day or 2 after you submit a work order. I wish that there was a basketball court in the complex somewhere, that's the only thing I would add.

Great immunity and very great staff! There are monthly events that are great for socializing and making new friends! The only downside is the maintenance team

Still love living at Northgate. Great staff! Great community! Year after year they've been providing me with everything I need while I'm here in school

The experience at Northgate has been great. It was a great first place to live.Everyone in the community is always very nice and welcoming. Everyone working at Northgate is always very helpful

Pretty good overall. Good neighbors, close to campus, occasional events. There’s always just a few minor issues when moving to a new place, in my case, for the first 6 weeks I had no internet. It was rough but it’s been fine ever since. My main issue though is with electric overages. It’s near impossible to avoid them. I’ve lived here 7 months now and had to pay extra 5 out of the 7 months. Overages range from $5-25.

Fantastic minus the thin walls. But then again what place doesn’t have that so. Location is great and that’s all I care about. I brought everything else including furniture so I enjoy my stay even more.

I loved the community events and being able to live with my cat. It was very convenient living so close to the UCF campus it made the commute easy.

My experience has been okay. The walls in my apartment are incredibly thin so I can hear my roommate on the phone from across the hall, people talking in the kitchen, roommate playing light music, etc. which makes it difficult to study or sleep. The apartments also need a serious upgrade. When I moved in, we had to have the maintenance fix our dishwasher twice. There is also black mold in my bathroom that won't go away no matter how often I clean and when I called maintenance about it, they basically told me to "clean more". I've lived in several other apartments/houses and have never had this happen in a bathroom. I'm pretty sure black mold is toxic. The desk chairs that are provided are also ridiculous - they are chairs with bungee cords in place of the seat. I don't think the monthly rent is worth what is provided in this complex.

Great place. Updated amenities. Leasing staff is usually helpful and can answer your questions. Price is decently fair for what they have to offer. Can’t beat the location

Overall my experience at Northgate has been extremely positive. It's very close to UCF campus, and the shuttle makes it even easier for days I don't want to walk. There are always events going on in the Northgate community, and with the Pool, game room, and gym in the complex it really has everything you could need

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the events are fun and it is a nice safe community. Maintence is quick. I do not like that the printer did not work for most of the time I have lived here. I think the utility overage of 40 dollars is way too low. For four people it is like you only get 10 dollars of electric per month per person. I wish we had unlimited utilities for the price of the rent.

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Living at Northgate Lakes has been a great experience. Getting to know everyone from my roommates to the workers in the office has been grate!

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