Everyone is nice including the staff. The landscape is beautiful and the pool area is amazing. The shuttle busses are convenient. I really enjoy living here.

I absolutely love living in Northpointe! I love going to the office and chatting with all whom are in the office and the parties and things the complex holds is amazing!!! <3 love you guys!!!!

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Maintenance work is a little slow to get to and office workers lacked communication with each other earlier in the year but has gotten much better

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It was such a beatiful experinece to live here at the Morthpointe Student Apartments, the only thing that I hate here is the size of the rooms. I think its less than the average comparing with other Apartments.

North points is a good students apartment which has cheap rent, convenient to buy food and other stuffs, free shuttles to go to university. Although sometimes a little noisy.

The office staff is great! However, I do feel that the rent is a little steep for the square footage and quality of the apartments. I still enjoy living here though because of the gym, pool, and theatre access.

North pointe is a great place to live! Always a lot of fun stuff happening and the front desk people are super friendly and helpful with everything

Northpointe is a great start to living on your own. It is not without flaws but it is a good place to start off. Some of the staff are very helpful.

I haven't had a big issue yet. So far i have been satisfied with my living services. i am pleased to say that when they need to fix something they do it in a time.

Nice, cool!

Really appreciate the shuttle service, especially during holidays when you still need to go to campus. Rent is reasonable and the complex is well maintained

this apartment provide the comfortable service and really help me, when I first time got to Tucson, and there also provide the roommates match form to help me to get a really good roommate

Excellent place to live at, never have had a problem and staff is very helpful, especially maintenance! Place is very clean on the outside and well kept. I also like the amenities here. Love it here!

So staff is cool. Jessie is cool. The Asian guy with the nice hair is cool. Caitlyn is cool. The girl with the black hair and the girl with the brunette hair are cool as well.

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Staff is super friendly and always willing to help :) (even the shuttle drivers are very nice!). There are lots of cute events that go on sometimes.

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I have had a lot of maintenance issues at Northpointe but overall it's an okay place to live. It's not the worst but it's not the worst. But I do like most members of the staff.

Overall pretty good place to live. Lots of activities and events. Just wish that the maintenance people would respond quicker to request forms.

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This is awesome! I love northpointe. Is the best place to live as a college student. Everything is near and they reward us with points and gifts.

North pointe could do a lot better on the timeliness of responding to maintenance requests, once I called three times about getting a temporary air unit out of our apartment before it finally got taken out after 2 weeks but other than that I have no complaints.

it would be better if the gates are closed when it gets dark, parking lot lights fixed/turned on (at night), great recreational facilities-never too crowded

I really enjoy living here, the rooms are a nice size for a college student and I really like that it comes with a desk to do homework at. I enjoy the shuttle too because it is hard to find parking at school.

Lately, the new staff has really stepped up in being helpful and caring and getting sh*t down. They have also organized a lot of cool stuff for the residents. I've lived here for two years and they have been getting way better. The stupid gate is always glitching - my biggest complaint.

You guys overall I believe are doing really well! I've only had personal problems where you guys have charged me incorrectly, and have had problems with my key. It still does not work for the gym, pool, or to get into the gates but no one has still done anything about it.

Living at Northpointe has been great! A few improvements that could happen is the security presence. They never seem to be around, something that would be comforting as the gates are often not closed.

It has been pretty good so far. The only bad thing that I have to say is that maintenance is NEVER on top of what they have to do. We've been waiting for them to fix our A.C, paint our walls and much more. It has been over 2 months now.