Good facilities and environment. Good management overal. One problem makes me reduce a star, which is if current residents want to change to a new room for the next year, there will be a one-month gap where they have to find another place to stay. Very bad rule that residents will have a hard time finding a place where they can stay for only one month at low costs.

Nice apartment complex! I'm happy that they gave us a new resident life center! Only 10 minutes from campus and very close to the mall and restaurants!

You guys are doing really good and I'm happy to have lived at north pointe. I like the gym and the basketball courts although it took half my stay at north pointe to get those things

Not too bad! But also not the best. The pool is the coolest part of the whole place . Maintenance isnt fast nor do they get back to you in rim

After living here for 3 years it has overall been a good experience management wise. The renovations around the complex have made it even better, and management is responding even faster to residents inquiries.

I really enjoy living at NP. There is nothing I would complain about as of now. I have been staying here for about 5 months now and I will be renewing my lease.

Very quiet and peaceful. All the residents are friendly and also the employees and management of Northpointe. The only problems are the maintenance crew have a lot to do and may not get to some of the problems until later. Also the transportation vehicle (like the Wild Cat) need almost constant repair. I think both Big Blue and Wild Cat need to be replaced with newer used transportation vehicles. Otherwise nice apartment community.

I wrote this on "Think of how much you could be saving by not living in the dorms sharing a room with another person! My recommendation is to live in the Student apartment housing complexes. It is safer to live in a community. Please note: the cheaper of the student housing complexes will require a car. Some offer free shuttles, but you have to plan around them. Student Housing Complexes also offer amenities such as free water/wifi/cable, pool, fitness center and/or movie theater. Some come furnished."

Doing pretty well. Need to fix package scanning if not already. Got a notification for a packaged that arrived in New York. And wasn't at the office.

I really love how convenient living in NorthPointe is. The staff does everything possible to make sure the residents are happy. The maintenance crew are the nicest people you will ever meet.

Northpointe has had its ups and downs but a new leasing year means a new start. I'm looking forward to what the future brings as the kinks are smoothed out.

I've been here for two years and I really like it. I just wish that I get early notification of the events because I usually have no idea that there is something going.

It is a good place to choice for student. It is near the Walmart, Frys and Tucson mall. You can take shuttle to school every hour. You can also get free food sometimes in the office. You can cook here, and the kichen is big and bright. Besides, everyone could have your own bathroom, which is a good thing if you have many roommates. Do not forget to choose a good roommate before you live in

I really enjoy my time here at NorthPointe. All of the stores are within walking distance, and I especially love the staff. They're awesome!

I personally think that Northpointe is great; but I also think I got lucky with a good apartment and good roommates. I have friends that live in the complex that have not had such a great experience. Perhaps work on making your residents happy with attentiveness rather than bribing them with food.

I enjoy the scenery and the pool. The complex is kept up well and the new amenities are amazing. There are a couple things that could improve like keeping the front gates and doors in working order. Also, the maintenance seems to be a bit slow when I have requested it. That may be due to low staff. The front office is always so nice when you go up there and the various events Northpointe holds are quite enjoyable. Overall its a good place to live, and I know I'm living here next year.

North pointe is the right place for me. I really like the amenities, events and people that live here. An easy way to live comfortable and great to meet new people through roomie budding. I will be here next year thank you North Pointe.

Mostly no issues since I've moved in 2 years ago. The only thing I get annoyed by is the front office not checking ID's for packages, and the parking lots are not well lit (some of the lights are broken and haven't been fixed). I hope they install cameras in the complex as well as make sure both gates close so non-residents won't be roaming around.

Noethpointe needs a little work. Luckily I have great roommates otherwise my experience here would have been much worse. Maintenance needs to answer more requests, for some reason maintenance requests simply disappear in the computer.

The atmosphere is nice, but there are some management issues. The renovations were very nice. There are times that it takes much longer than I would like for maintenance to get done, but once the maintenance is here, they fix the problem well.

I have to say northpointe is a good place for someone to start out living in student apartments. They have a free shuttle that takes you to campus!

Nice apartments, well furnished, and nice gym. The only thing that becomes difficult for me is the lack of consistency when it comes to the shuttles.

Friendly and great place to live. Awesome, newly updated amenities, and happy atmosphere. Pet friendly and other great residents to meet and hang out with.

I really like how the apartment complex community is kept cleaned. The people working and cleaning are really friendly and say good morning to me every day. I think the new workers should have know more before starting to work.

Management has gotten a lot better over time. When you put work order in, they still tend to take a large amount of time to get things fixed. Also late in the year, me and my roommates got a new roommate without permission and with one day notification.