For the northpointe student apartment here the price, facilities and environment are good. But the response speed for facilities maintains is slow.

It takes way to long to get maitnence done. I had to wait almost two weeks to have something in my bathroom fixed but then they came in and fixed my blinds that did not even to be fixed. However, the office staff is very friendly

The price is unbeatable however some changes would be good such as a more reliable shuttle. And getting the fobs to actually work for the amenities. Other than that not bad

Living at Northpointe Apartments has been a great experience so far. The community is very welcoming and helpful. They are always willing to help the students that live here.

Moving in wasn't all that pleasant but, with the help of management and staffs, everything turned around for my roommates and I! Glad all of our problems were being handled.

The living situation is adequate, but I don't feel community here. There are not enough resident mixer events, and maintenance is very slow to respond.

I love northpointe's apartments, but I think management could improve things such as the non functioning gate. Also, I think having the shuttle run every half hour on the hour would be more convenient. For example, if one has a class at 9:30am then he/she would have to leave at 8:45am (which is earlier) and would arrive 15 minutes before class. However, if they left at 9:00am then we would get to campus at around 9:15am with plenty of time to talk to class.

Based on the demand I would say everybody is doing pretty good. There's a few things that could improve on procedures and communication between departments, and things will run more smoothly once that bridge is made

Pretty decent place to live while going to school. The price for rent is one of the better prices for its quality and location to the University of Arizona. Maintenance needs some work, as their crew takes a long time to fix any problems. Overall it's a nice place.

Front desk does not always answer when calling in maintenance requests. Maintenance issues take a long time to fix. People are generally really friendly, specially the front desk.

My ceiling fan hasn't worked since move in 3 months ago, the outside stairwell to my third floor apartment has lights, but northpoint has turned them on maybe twice ever. It's a huge safety hazard.

WiFi is awful, sometimes it cuts out completely, or is slow even if I plug into the wall. But the staff is always helpful, and work orders get done eventually.

Doing good so far, maybe a little faster on maintenance but it's understandable. Very helpful and willing to fix whatever is in need of fixing.

Service has been good and everything has been really nice. The mantiance took a bit of time but I'm sure the demand was also high since it was the begininh of the year

The amenities and are a great value for what you pay, my one suggestion would to have a more consistent maintenance request completion time. Sometimes they are super fast while other times I am not sure about the status of my request.

it has the nice environment, and good basketball pool. staying there is cool, but I still hope the price can be a little cheap, considering the location, especially for the old residents.

- i wasn't satisfied with NP service when i first moved in, there were many mistakes NP made. Like poor conditions when i moved in, lost a few of my packages, the swimming pool wasn't ready and the gates were broken - but NP had changed their staffs at the office. and i am hoping better mgmt would be coming up.

Good facilities and environment. Good management overal. One problem makes me reduce a star, which is if current residents want to change to a new room for the next year, there will be a one-month gap where they have to find another place to stay. Very bad rule that residents will have a hard time finding a place where they can stay for only one month at low costs.

Nice apartment complex! I'm happy that they gave us a new resident life center! Only 10 minutes from campus and very close to the mall and restaurants!

You guys are doing really good and I'm happy to have lived at north pointe. I like the gym and the basketball courts although it took half my stay at north pointe to get those things

Not too bad! But also not the best. The pool is the coolest part of the whole place . Maintenance isnt fast nor do they get back to you in rim

After living here for 3 years it has overall been a good experience management wise. The renovations around the complex have made it even better, and management is responding even faster to residents inquiries.

I really enjoy living at NP. There is nothing I would complain about as of now. I have been staying here for about 5 months now and I will be renewing my lease.

Very quiet and peaceful. All the residents are friendly and also the employees and management of Northpointe. The only problems are the maintenance crew have a lot to do and may not get to some of the problems until later. Also the transportation vehicle (like the Wild Cat) need almost constant repair. I think both Big Blue and Wild Cat need to be replaced with newer used transportation vehicles. Otherwise nice apartment community.

I wrote this on "Think of how much you could be saving by not living in the dorms sharing a room with another person! My recommendation is to live in the Student apartment housing complexes. It is safer to live in a community. Please note: the cheaper of the student housing complexes will require a car. Some offer free shuttles, but you have to plan around them. Student Housing Complexes also offer amenities such as free water/wifi/cable, pool, fitness center and/or movie theater. Some come furnished."