I am happy with the quick response of the utility workers, they are always on top of things but sometimes there are people outside my apartment that make a lot of noise late at night when I am trying to sleep.

A beautiful complex full of amentities! The gym and tanning are impressive bonuses. The pool area is to die for and the movie theatre, though rarely used, is a cool idea. The staff is relatively friendly and try their best to help. Maintenance has always been quick. The actual apartments are little lackluster and definitely need attention to keep things working smoothly.

More than 1 security guard would be nice. And an area for dogs to play, since there isn' t one. I've had quite a few off leash dogs run up at me, and it is quite the scsry exoerience

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Its a good place to live in. Located within a walking distance to Walmart, Bestbuy, Sprouts, etc. Maintenance service is quick in service also.

Been living here for 7 months now and its been great. Great staff, amenities and its safe to live here. The shuttle service is good now and I hope they maintain the same frequency throughout.

This apartment complex has great amenities and even though it's far from campus it's in a great social location. I enjoy the surrounding area and I am forever grateful for the roommates I was matched with.

I really love living here at Northpointe. Between all of the amenities and the very helpful staff it is a very enjoyable place of residence. I will definitely consider living here next year.

I love this!! A must have app! That is great and offers so many great and easy deals to eat around your community. Super easy and fast to install

Love the pool and the gym. Apartments are good for a student apartment. Maintenance takes awhile to fix things that you request. The gate is really nice because a lot of apartments don't have that.

I love living here but maintenance is just a bit slow but I can live with it when I moved in I did not think it spilled like it, the couches were all hard and scratched and the mattress is very hard but I like it here

Awesome place to live. Pet friendly. Lots of amenities. Friendly office staff. The location is great. There's plenty of shopping stores within walking distance and The Mall is just 2 lights away.

Northpointe is a great place to live and the staff is so helpful ! The pool is always clean and the free coffee in the lounge is amazing!!!!

Have lived here for all of undergraduate and graduate school so far, and overall my experience has been pretty good. The internet slows down at night, which is annoying, but otherwise pretty much everything works pretty well.

Really well! Enjoy the fun activities that can be done here, prizes can be won. Fun little competition with those in the same apartment community, overall lots of fun!

Overall I've been really satisfied with my apartment. Occasionally some mishaps but NP always takes criticism seriously. Which I appreciate.

The outdoors area is very pretty. The apartment units themselves should be better maintained. The shuttle is sometimes reliable, some times not. Overall this is a good choice for a student that has a car, and doesn't mind a 10-15 minute drive between home and school

Nice Staff, Maintenence is very friendly. Some electronic sockets and things are painted over though. Some of the furnishings are old and have to be replaced!

I love living at NP because of all of the amenities! The pool is nice and the grass area is well-kept. The management will also help with anything needed!

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This is my 4th semester living in these apartments and still love living here. The staff is very friendly and helpful when I have questions. The shuttles are finally both on schedule and the work orders I've put are being done. I renewed my lease and will be living here for at least another year.

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So far everything has been good. The staff is nice, lots of things to do, and there's a lot of things included in the lease. Cable, internet, LAN, and wifi.

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I absolutely love living in this apartment complex and the people are great as well. I am so glad I renewed my lease to live here next year.

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Northpointe has a nice feeling of home and all the buildings look like a nice place to stay out without feeling like your away from home. The staff are also very kind. The rooms all come with furniture.

The staff is usually pretty friendly and I have never had a problem when I went to talk to them. The outdoor community is nice and I enjoy taking my dog outside. The only thing is that there is usually a lot of dog poop around and I really have to watch where I step, especially in the grass.

Do as well as usual, big room, basketball field, pretty cool staff , friendly officer provide real help for all residents, all my friends and I pretty enjoyed living at here

nice student apartment with kind officers. Convenient shuttle and great location make this student apartment is one of the best student apartments in Tucson. I'm glad I choose it!!!