Living at Northpointe has been great! A few improvements that could happen is the security presence. They never seem to be around, something that would be comforting as the gates are often not closed.

It has been pretty good so far. The only bad thing that I have to say is that maintenance is NEVER on top of what they have to do. We've been waiting for them to fix our A.C, paint our walls and much more. It has been over 2 months now.

Despite moving into a messy apartment, there have been major improvements on the apartment. The office has also been easy to work with to get everything fixed.

I've had pest control problems, you have taken weeks to get around to fulfilling service requests, and even when you do you don't do a great job.

Awesome! NorthPointe is always so clean and the staff is so nice consistently. Whenever I need help with anything I can call the front office and have it taken care right away.

Pretty good, I like most people working in north pointe, they are easy communicating and always happy to help. But the work request handling needs to be improved.

Ot is a good place to be in and is also has many things that you can use for fun such as the movie theater and the fitness center. Thank you

It's pretty decent, however the management is incredibly slow. It october and I still don't even have a key to my room, nor a desk chair, nor a mail key. -_- *cough cough* fix that...

i like the apartment so far, but maintenance request can take a while. other than the amenities provided are useful and most of the time available to us.

Everything so far has worked out great. I only wish the movie theater, along with the pool, were opened later, if not 24hrs. There was an issue with their online payment system for a while but that was worked out. Maintenance responds in a timely matter.

When I come here, I felt uncomfortable, because this is my first time come Tucson, I had a little nervous, I didn't know what should I do. But the officer is very well, they helped me and made me happy. I love here!

as of now my experience at NorthPointe has been terrible. my apartment is somewhat falling apart, and its infested with roaches. whenever we have a maintenance request, they take days to fix it. even when its a high priority problem, like our sink leaking.

Started out with some issues with the apartment and my payments but they are fixed now which is what I really care about. Other than that, its been okay.

I've had a very pleasant experience at Northpointe so far. Nothing I can complain about other than being unable to exit through the back gate.

Took forever to fulfill emergency requests for repairs but other than that it's great. I love all the added benefits just for living in the complex.

Northpointe is actually a decent place to live, the rent is cheaper than your average dorm or apartment, and there's a free shuttle to get to class, which saved me their her day when my car broke down... But anyway, I'll only give it four stars because sometimes there service requests can be a bit slow lol

Good apartment, cheap rent, and very convenience position in the city. But there is too long distance from UofA, you have to spend about 1 hour for taking shuttle.

It's a decent place to live so far. It take too long to have work order completed, and some things just never work, but the apartments won't replace them.

Great space and amenities! Alittle far from campus but extremely reliable shuttle service:) Most definitely no a disappointment and so much more spacious than a dorm~

For the northpointe student apartment here the price, facilities and environment are good. But the response speed for facilities maintains is slow.

It takes way to long to get maitnence done. I had to wait almost two weeks to have something in my bathroom fixed but then they came in and fixed my blinds that did not even to be fixed. However, the office staff is very friendly

The price is unbeatable however some changes would be good such as a more reliable shuttle. And getting the fobs to actually work for the amenities. Other than that not bad

It's alright. Few maintenance issues, and I still have yet to receive my mail key. However, I like my apartment so that is something. Thanks.

Living at Northpointe Apartments has been a great experience so far. The community is very welcoming and helpful. They are always willing to help the students that live here.

they gave us an apartment at the back, and we do not have a car ! the pool closes at 12:00 even at the weekend ! really bad furniture too!..