ON50 is good to an extent, the clubhouse is nice as well as the pool, most of the get togetherness are nice there, but not enough parties are thrown.

Roommate-matching could use some improvement. Also my apartment wasn't in the greatest condition when i moved on, and overall it wasn't what i expected.

Overall ON50 has been a pretty good place to live. It is a little pricey for what you get. The staff was very helpful and nice, they did try and stay on top of things. I think the problem is more the people who stay there are really nasty, they like throw up in the elevators and it stays until a maintenance person sees it. This is why i did not renew my lease.

It was a huge hassle working with everyone through the construction process, I was moved to a different apartment with absolutely no help and it took longer than I was told before I could move back in. Since then it's been pretty nice, management is good at responding to issues that come up.

I really liked living here, nice and quiet, but the place is getting a little old, and request need to go through quicker. Othwr than that I would recommend this place.

Great apartment complex for new transplants from out of the USF or Tampa area. On50 is a great value for those looking for a furnished apartment at a great price. On50 just renovated their property and it really is a lot cleaner and prettier than it was. If only the oak trees and swamp would vanish!

The apartments need to be better maintained for what we pay. I reported a lot of maintence issues that were not taken care off. The outside of the buildings look nice in the front buildings and not the back. Our cars get too dirty from all the trees we need parking spaces with tops.

Pretty well. Only wish is that you guys maybe blew the leaves off of the different floors because they always end up taking over our entry way.

This is a very long thread you want me to write, I don't have time to think about so much about On50 as it is a good place to live but I was given the one of the older apartments with a lot of stupid placement of socket board near the windows and old and poor sofa set which had bugs in it and had to be replaced and then the replaced sofa was also old and is designed so uniquely that if something goes in between the seats it gets stuck in the sofa and we had to literally turn the sofa to get our stuff back. Other than that it is okay, but I hate that it has no tub in the bathroom and the pressure in the shower is so low it doesn't feel like showering. I'm giving 3 stars because I know not all apartments are that bad but mine is.

Love the friendly office staff! Staff is always ready to help you, no matter how silly the question. Maintenance is always fast to help with problems. Living here has been a breeze!

The living standards are much nicer than freshman housing, and has prices similar to that of freshman housing as well. The only problem that I would really have with these apartments are that we have a slight water leak in one of the shower pipes (from the one upstairs) and it has affected the ceiling of our bottom floor, but a work order was sent in, and it should be fixed soon.

I have been living here for three years now. In the beginning, I would have given these apartments 1 star. However, since the new management, the services and quality have greatly improved.

The front office is cordial and effective. I have always been treated with respect and my work orders completed in a timely manner. I appreciate the customer service

I've lived here for 3 years. Friendly staff and great roommates helped make this my home. With the new Renovations my apartment feels and looks up to date and more clean.

Terrible experience living here. Apartment was in terrible condition and unclean when moving in. We have a constant bug problem even though we keep everything in our apartment clean. Parking is also terrible as it ruins your car. I would not recommend this place to anybody. I already signed a lease elsewhere. Thanks for such a horrible experience...

The place is very close to campus, and a very nice price for the value. Plan on releasing for the next year so I can continue enjoying the closeness and affordability.

Not what I hoped for when moving into my fist apartment. Felt a bit taken advantage of with how our apartment was supposed to be compared to what they showed us but management has attempted to help.

love this place management and maintenance are quick and efficent. Pool is sometimes dirty and dosent look apealing to the eye but the hot tub definitely makes up for it

Not bad. Projects being completed can be prefaced with a little warning though. Occasionally things get loud with construction. I'd also like to know why they're being completed.

Maintenance is fast as the staff on site are very friendly so it's never a problem to talk to people. The renovations tend to be pretty inconvenient though and I was surprised they weren't planned when classes aren't in session.

We were not given what we were promised in all aspects of apartment. It is dirty and management is rude. Rent is extremely overpriced for what you are given.

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Very friendly staff, completes work request in timely manner, and good apartments. I have enjoyed my stay here and am sad that I am not staying here again.

its ight. Honestly, not the best place, but roommates and the view I have is incredible. Too many bugs and ants, but it is possible to deal with it.

There are many repairs that still need to be done to the apartments. The space is very small for the proce, and I have had quite a few issues with the Wi-Fi that is available in my apartment.

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Maintaince responds and is in and out addressing problems efficiently. Slight problem with flys but once the pest control came the issue was resolved for the most part.

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