on50 is a great place to live because it is so close to campus i can walk and now i am trying to fill up the 140 minimum character word count

I really enjoy my apartment. However, some of my neighbors sometimes throw their trash in our disposal container, and that is not so good. Aside from that, I wish the hallways were cleaner.

Overall, the community is great! The maintenance comes within a couple of days when a work order is submitted, the staff is nice, and it is in close proximity to campus!

I love On50 apartments and all the residents I've met! I really appreciate how the Management makes an effort to throw events for the residents :)

Great location, welcoming and friendly management and staff, great price ,it has many fun events for college students. Also, quiet area compared to other apartments around the area

I really enjoy living here. It feels like a safe place to live in and I am allowed to have my cat here as an emotional support animal. I appreciate it.

Events are nice for what they are, especially being free and all. The apartment quality is okay, the staff are nice. Biggest complaint is the slow internet that frequently crashes.

Does not clean the apartments. Does not look at roommate preferences. Ignores complaints from residents. Takes forever to fix anything at the complex.

On50 is great. It is a quiet community, close to school, as well as a good monthly rate. I feel to improve the property should be made nicer. There is trash on the grounds. Besides that it is great.

Overall this experience is not one I would like to repeat. The amenities are minimal; there are few (if any) events; the office staff is useless; and my apartment is barely livable. The only good part of this apartment complex is the maintenance staff; they go out of their way to try to help you fix the problem (even if it is out of their specialty area).

Overall decent. Any problems being handled well in the end makes up for issues, even if they do get resolved somewhat slowly. Updates to fixing these problems would have been more appreciated. However usually these issues I ever have tend to be resolved in best case scenarios in the end. Perhaps it's full hands more than anything else.

I enjoy living here and I have enjoyed living here for about a year and a half now. The one bedrooms have a good floorplan, I love the wood linoleum and how homey the apartments can feel with just a few wall decorations and a carpet. With the prior management, things were pretty terrible and poorly managed, but there has been a HUGE improvement since Dylan took over last summer. Dylan is very easy to talk to and personable, genuinely wanting to help you and not rude like Lori was. A lot of obvious issues were fixed and the grounds are a lot nicer, the staff are always friendly, and maintenance is usually pretty speedy. The location is perfect for me and I can be anywhere on campus on my bike in 15 minutes. The pool and hot tub are well kept too, and the grounds are maintained regularly and I love the plant life. There are still some issues though, which is why I haven't given it 5 stars. The gate has never worked over a consistent period of time. Every time they fix it, it breaks a day later. The hallways and stairwells are consistently filthy and they need to hire people to clean those areas with regularity. A lot of people that don't live at our apartment complex use the basketball court and the pool, I can see them drive into our complex from my porch and park in guest parking and use the services that I pay for and make a lot of noise. I just think there needs to be heightened security in general, as our apartment complex has been broken into TWICE since we have moved in here (as far as we know). I have also had two bikes stolen (reported to the police, but I never got my bikes back). If they removed guest parking and just gave residents passes to give their guests, this would prevent a lot of the people abusing our amenities and if our gate worked it may prevent break ins. I understand that it's not necessarily the apartment complex's fault that these things happen because of the area, but greater preventative measures can and should be taken.

Great job! The only problem would be that the outside hall ways are always filthy. If there was a way that you guys could hire someone that would be great!

Good. I really like the community and apartments. The gate is always open and I donot like that. There's always one problem wrong with it. But that's the only thing I donot like.

You guys are doing great on keeping the community clean and reaching out to the residents. But the new system on payment and garbage isn't too convenient for us to follow.

On50 is a nice place, but it does have some flaws. Personally I think it is too expensive for the apartment you get, but the location is also prime

The maintenance crew are friendly and consistently provide repairs within 24 to 48 hours. The pool area is consistently clean and provides a great way to relax.

This apartment community deserves a very poor rating. Although the location is great, the standard of living here is absolute terrible. The apartment have never been cleaned before and they do not mind moving you into an unfinished apartment and will never fufill your maintenance requests.

It is a nice cozy little place to live. Not much noise. Wish there were more community activities so people could get to know their neighbors.

I really like living at On50. There are minor things that need to be addressed (like the breaker issue that has slowed down my internet for months now). However, I can honestly say there have been consistent improvements.

not bad and convenient location, bang for your buck on 50th street. The staff is fairly helpful, it is only unfortunate that the lease prices changed due to new management

Still love it as much as I did when I moved in! Would recommend to everyone looking for a great place to live. 10 out of 10 across the board.

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On50 is Avery nice apartment. Maintenance crew is fast. Rooms are fairly clean. Very close to school and the gym. One of the cheapest apartments around.

on50 is a good apartment for the price. The apartment is somewhat up to date with it's look, though it could use some improvements. The maintenance is always quick to respond. The staff in the office is friendly although they do make mistakes. on50 attempts to make a community feeling but it's been unsuccessful so far.