overall, ok. I thing the largest asset is the pet friendliness of the community. The biggest detriment seems to be the gestapo attitude concerning parking. Having to resister EVERYTHING is not American, it is pure NAZI.

Very happy with my experience here. The grounds are always maintained and my apartment is great. No problems with neighbors and quick response from maintenance when you need it. Can’t believe it have three pools to choose from! :D will definetly be renewing my lease !

Love the amenities, the apartment complex is very clean and maintenence is on point. I moved in back in Novrmber of last year anf i am very pleased with the apartment.

I really enjoy living in this neighbrohood. the apartment is nice, i feel safe. i get pretty good parking no matter what time of the day. The pool is enjoyable aswell.

Palm Trace Landings Pros & Cons: Pros - super close to 595. - close to shopping plaza Cons - a lot of roaches - there is a late fee on our account that was a management error that hasn’t been removed in months. - slight mold in apartment.

I have enjoyed the last year with Palm Trace Landings. Have had no issues or problems with my apartment. When I did, they came to fix it right away!

I just moved and I am loving it! It is so beautiful, clean and with amazing pools!! There is a lot of people leaving here and they are all friendly!

Community is nice and quiet. it does take a while for things to get done such as maintenance requests and common area concerns. but an overall nice place

Love having so many dogs around but wish that they could all be on a leash when out in the common areas. Nice by the pool but music too loud at times.

We need the lights to be turned on around the complex so it is not so dark during the night time, especially around the lake. It would make some of the residents more secure as they walk at night.

Livable pools are awesome gyms are great. Plenty of grills around the property. Office staff are nice specially Dominique and Arielle.......

I will move on May 30th, but my whole experience is really positive, all staff personal warm and kind. The overall maintenance of the community is clean and well keep, access to the main expressways is right there

This is a great place to live especially for college students and professionals. The staff us friendly, knowledgeable, and care about the resident's needs.

Infested with roaches and no matter how many times the exterminator comes, the bugs don’t leave there is alsways some type of maintainer problem also.

Overall good community with great features. I enjoy the multiple pools and gyms as well as the spacious apartment. Only downfall is the time it takes for complex to respond via email or phone.

complex has sparstic events and a few here and there for kids. Maintenance takes weeks to complete tasks and often marks they have been finished when in reality never addressed. Grounds kept up but apts and building getting older. Poor communication between property and tenants.

We move in this Saturday and thus far, our experience has been great. The staff has been consistent and soothing. The community seems to be in good conditions and well-maintained. Dominique, the representative that helped us, made it easy for us to view all of our options.

Palm Trace has been my home for almost 2 years. There has been numerous changes to management, or so it seems, every time I go into the office there are new faces. I've had a few issues and it's taken an arm and a leg to resolve them. I'm hoping with this "new" management things will change.

There are so many frustrations with living here...first of all it seems like our building is a party building with music playing at all times of the night, screaming and talking loudly in the front area at night and at times puke outside my door. Maintenance at times may take forever to take care of an issue. People speed within the community. The prices are a bit high especially when at times I feel like I live in a fraternity/sorority.

Terrible management in the leasing office. Poor communication between agents and managers. People do not keep track of documents, fees, etc. And fees are tacked on randomly. Example: trash charges which were once “one time fees” become recurring monthly without notice. Ridiculous.

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Palm trace is a beautiful and friendly environment for me and my family to live in. The pools and the facilty around me is always in spectacular fashion. I have the upmost respect how the this facility had brought nothing but true happiness for me and family, thanks for being a great place to live in.

I thought it was a great place to live. The staff was friendly and responded fast. Parking was never a issue. My apartment was big and clean.

Everyone was very pleasant to work with. The front desk was extremely helpful in getting me right into my apartment. The only issue I have is when I submit a maintenance request, it first should not take over 3 weeks for someone to reach out to me. Next, the lady who did reach out to me was extremely rude when she called, I was at work and she was bothered when I asked her if I can call back in half an hour to set a date and time to come out to fix the many issues the apartment had. When i called back she picked up and places me on hold. The mananger then answered and told me she would have someone call me back. Never happened. Completely unreliable management. Then a few days later, i hear a knock on my door, it was the maintenance guy. He was awesome, he and another maintenance guy came in and fixed everything quickly. But i requested online to only make an appointment. They should not have that option if they do not foolow thru with it. My privacy is very important to me. And I felt like they did not respect that.

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The apartment complex is very expensive and it's not updated. I complained about a broken sprinkler and nothing happened. They don't answer the phones..

The community is always kept clean and barely any noise. They have 3 pools and 3 gyms. A dog park was just added recently. They also have basketball and tennis courts.