We enjoy living at Parc Woodlands. The grounds are well maintained. The pool and surrounding area are beautiful and always kept clean and orderly.


Everyone keeps to themeselves , I haven’t had any problems living here ... safe and quiet ... enjoying it so far ... I live in the 4th floor, so I’ve never had problems w neighbors noise 🙂

I have had a great experience here at Parc woodland. At first there was some miscommunication with the staff when i first moved in but since then, everything has been awesome. I actually just renewed my lease for another year. The only thing I would change is communication on apartment availability when renewing. I asked to upgrade to a bigger apartment in my building. I was told that there would not be any available. My new lease term just started and now there are 3 of those units available in my building. Unfortunately because I already signed the lease, transfer fees along with other fees will be applied if I transfer to the available unit.

Overall it has been okay. When renewing our lease, it was a bit overwhelming due to the fact that we wanted more space. Nothing was available around the time our lease was up but ever since our lease was up, we have had at least 3 vacancies in our building. It sucks because now we would have to pay a transfer fee and application fee but oh well now. Other than that, we enjoy the quiet area.

Not bad. Pros and cons. There is never enough parking for residents. Yet all the paid parking areas are half empty. Motorcycles take up full spots just on their own.

It's unbelievable that it will almost be a year since we 1st moved here n became part of this community (actually looking for our 2nd yr here) love how maintenance and office staff are with us, how the care team always organizing activities and events to make us all come closer and make friends with our neighbors and we feel the security n comfortable level is great within the complex and all the residents...

I love where I live, The Parc Woidlands. I've had no issues so far, and I trust that it will stay that way. They also have an incredible pool and a good gym.

Any minor issues I might have are fixed fast. Low rating due to the water/trash billing (makes it look like they are double billing) and valet trash pick up is a joke.

I love living at Parc Woodland apartments. The staff is very friendly and professional. The Apartments are always clean. No noise and they do a lot of fun stuff in the club house for residents every week!!!!

For the most things are good. Parking can be difficult after 9 pm and the neighbors across from me where broken jnto. I have also had strangers on a couple of occassions knock on my door. I do like having the after hour officer onsite and the amenities are great. The apartment is very nice for the price.

Great place! Would recommend to a lot of people and this new app is great but you need a 140 character minimum to receive the points. It’s not spam.

have been a resident for 5 years and it has been a great experience. Love the pool and the green space..Only drawback is parking for friends and family when they visit.

The apartments in general are nice. My rent goes up and down and is a surprise each month which is unpleasant and sucks. My flat rent is $800 but I end up paying over $900 almost every time. Don't know if I will be renewing.

Really nice apartments, great location. Easy payment method(online). only con is parking, would be better if one parking spot was reserved per unit.

Its a nice apartment with pretty grounds surrounding the area. The staff is new to me so I cant say much about them. There are areas on the buildings that need a little attention, some of the curbs that are tore up and needs repainting, some of the service doors on side of the buildings replaced and or painted. The residents with pets to pleas pick up there waste and be considerate of others as well as the cigarette smokers in the complexes.

When I first moved in, I had issues but they have been resolved. The only other issue I have is that there are always dog poop out in the grass surrounding the apartments.

Very nice people in office although there is never parking so i have to park on the other side of the complex and constant xtra charges on my account they can’t really explain or say it’s because i didn’t get charged for a few months ago but they never contact me about it until it’s time to pay then i have questions but still have to pay it

Great community, very safe , my family and I love enjoy live here!!! We very recommend!! Our favoritte point to live here are the common area, very nice pool also.

Been here for 3 years. Quiet and secure. Work orders are completed in a timely fashion. The elevators are working and clean. I have no complaints or any issues.

Parc Woodland apartment homes are cozy and nice. The only downfall is their maintenance emergency team is impossible to contact after hours.

I'm Carla I've been in the community for about 2 years and love just signed my 4th lease. The only problem I say I would have is turn over in office. We don't have a steady office personal.

We love it here. Very quite, most of the residents are respectful. They look more like townhouses, then apartments. Staff has been great to deal with.

The apartment is nice, the noise from other apartments is very loud. The maintenance is slow and don’t knock before coming in. The pool and workout room are very nice

Have lived her for the last 3 years. Lots of great amenities and nice place to live. In a good location. Rent is not too expensive. Has a nice gym, pool, bbqs by the pool etc.