I really like living here. Maintenance is quick but sometimes the you need to be on top of management in order to have your affairs straight. All my friends are envious and think my place is really nice

Best experience I've had living in Bloomington! The Park on Morton's apartments are very nice. I live in a 3 bedroom and each room has it's own bathroom, which is awesome. The kitchen appliances are all very new and modern, there are granite countertops, and I love having a porch. Overall, I would definitely recommend living here!

Work orders are useless. There's a huge hole in my roommate's wall that was opened up without his permission last week and it's been left that way ever since.

I really enjoy living at park on Morton. It's very clean and accessible I do wish there was a little more security. However, overall I've had a really great experience here.

Park on Morton and their staff have been pretty pleasant so far. The facilities are nice and maintained well. Work order requests could be addressed a little quicker though.

The community and resources like the gym and common areas are very nice, but the quality of the building materials put into the residents is not very good. Everything is loud, paint chips off walls easily, and the outdoor temperature greatly affects the indoor temperature.

It's very mismanaged. The staff can't offer solutions when needed. Deceived about parking when I signed a lease. There aren't proper speed bumps which resulted in an accident in the garage.

My experience here was decent. The front office and maintenance crew are always on top of things, but the only downfall was the electricity bill. When you first look at the apartments the leasing agents tell you the bill should be no more than $50 per person but we, and our neighbors, payed $70-$90 per person. The construction of the building is poor. And the cable definition sucks, it's always blurry. The last problem I had was with the parking situation. If someone is in your spot they won't tow it, they just recommend you find a different spot which is completely unfair because I pay for a certain spot every month.

The apartments are great with great amenities! The staff is also great. I appreciate how they do things for the residents and care about them.

Been doing so much better and way more organized than the beginning of the year. The parking and parking prices are still not okay because sometimes a person just needs their car for a little, but 50 dollars for the week is ridiculous. You're losing money by not allowing it

I have been living at Park on Morton for about 5 months and it has been a really good experience. The place is nice and amenities are awesome.

We need a printer. Your roommate match is not accurate at all I'm allergic to smoke and my roommate loves doing it! We need to recycle !! And a better trash system

everytime I have had an issue, whether its a leaky ceiling or printing issues while rushing to class, every person at the Park is just so friendly and helpful and the problem always gets fixed.

The staff really kick it up the second half of the semester, however I am still greatly scorned from the lack of effort shown at the beginning of the school year. (I went without a dryer in my $800/month townhouse for almost 2 MONTHS!) I also couldn't use the door handle to get in my front door for almost 2 weeks.

Doing very well and provide great services but still haven't updated gym like promised. Also maintenance has been slow at some points but has continually improved throughout the year. Overall a great experience and place to live though!

I enjoy living at the park but it takes a while for maintenance requests to e fulfilled and the hallways are always dirty. I think that there are some minor improvements that could be made.

A little slow on the maintenance requests at times, but that has gotten better. I also wish I got emails for packages. Handled the roommate moving out situation very well.

Living at the Park on Morton has been great! There were maintenance issues at the beginning of the year that took weeks to fix, but other than that there haven't been any major complaints.

The homes are nice, but I have not heard good reviews of the management. I think being more responsive and sympathetic would go a long way with residents

I love the Park On Morton. It has been nice to live in a place where I know things will get fixed and security will keep things safe. Guest parking is the only thing that would make this place even better, but overall it has been a great experience.

I love living at the Park on Morton! The staff is very friendly. I love when they host pizza nights and provide their residents with food and fun.

POM has great living conditions and the apartment is very nice. The provided furniture is a great plus. However, they could definitely improve on customer service and maintenance efficiency.

There have been several maintenance issues within our unit, beginning on our move-in date. Management was semi-cooporative, and essentially turned hostile and cold though issues were still unresolved. Parking is ridiculously overpriced, and I would not recommend signing at the expensive rate, given the location and distance from campus.

The PoM is a great facility! The office staff is always friendly and helpful! While it clearly has its benefits, The Park is a bit pricey for its off campus location.

Pretty satisfied as a first-year resident. Balcony views by the pool are awesome. My fridge works. My bed works. I just got a big screen TV so i'm ballin now too.