This is my third year living in Peninsula Apartment and I've expereienced that I am living best quality of apartment, amenities and office service. I am appreciate for all your work officers and workers!

The peninsula apartments are great. They are perfect for UMass students, but in pen 2 there are more families and things stay quiet. Maintenance is quick with anything and security is on staff every night.

it is a nice community. very very helpful and nice people in the office. Very safe community. there is security person in the lobby during night. reporting maintenance is quite easy too.

The people are lovely. Apartment has amazing vibe and good price! It’s easy to get everything there’s vending machine and it’s 5 min walk to UMASS.

The people are very nice and friendly. Very clean and well kept. The only problem is the noise. There are variety of people here so experience is very nice

Beautiful apartment and the staff are amazing. Jessica answers all of my calls and request immediately. I’m very happy with my decision to move myself and my daughter here.

The amenities are great, and the closeness to the city is a plus. The apartment is very warm and spacious. The gym and lounge are great as well.

Things have been excellent! I have really enjoyed living at the peninsula apartments, they have been clean and well kept. I would recommend living here to a friend.

Decent place. Bit expensive, gets very loud over the weekend. Needs better overnight security. Gym and pool is very nice along with the community room in the lobby

Everything in the building is really nice bit what we don't like is the noises and every weekend we can’t go to bed early because of the noise and we hope you can find a solution for it.

Peninsula is perfect for UMass Boston students. The buildings are kept up and are very clean. It's great to have an onsite pool and fitness center as well. I feel like the rent is a bit high but since I want to be close to school, I can accept that.

Having great home days is awesomeness. Thank u for wonderful experience and safety and promptness with all my questions and needs. The cleaness and friends with my neighbors are worth my stay. Thank you again.

he Peninsula is a great apartment and particularly perfect if you attend UMass Boston as it is just a short walk away and just a 15 minute walk to the JFK train stop. The apartments themselves are beautiful and spacious. The management is friendly and helpful and there is security at night which makes me feel extra safe. I have lived here for three years and would recommend living here to anyone. Good luck on your apartment hunting journey!

absolutely love living here. beautiful apartment with up to date utilities. in a fantastic spot, plenty of stuff to do in the area as well. the lobby is always clean and smells great, elevators are always cleaned, and halls as well.

Many aspects of living here is good, but get too loud at night (regular days and weekends). Also at times grill area, and area around the coffee machine are not cleaned well. For example at times there are small insects around the coffee area at the common room.

I have had no issues living here so far it’s been awesome!! Everyone here is really nice and the rooms are even nicer! The best part about some of the rooms is the view of the city!

I love living in Peninsula apartments! The staff is always so friendly! The atmosphere created is extremely homey! Since I am a college student, the location is perfect in order to get encamps quickly!

Although I love the amenities, view, and space in my apartment, neighbors are extremely loud and uncaring, and the wooden cabinets and refrigerator have a lingering smell that I just can not get rid of.

The Peninsula Apartment has a good residence experience because of its quiet and good community. They give good management to the building and the office manages any problems adequetly.

I like the inner design of 375 building, especially the kitchen and floor. Every unit has washer and dryer, which make convenient to my daily life.

Beautiful building, walking distance from my school, the pool is really a great touch , and the gym is literally downstairs. What more can you ask for ?

Easy move in, great staff, clean, good amenities. Close to UMB! Love it here so far! Jessica Hilemen was so helpful during the application process. I love how everything is automated and online.

Just moved it but So far seems great. Move in process went smoothly and staff helpful. Close to school and easy transportation. So far so good

Love it s far. Clean and helpful staff! Easy move in process. All documents are online. Great amenities like pool, lounge, gym and laundry. Great views too!

I am pleased with my experience here, but some tenants blast music 24/7, even in the middle of the night. I know that is not your fault, so I wouldn't let that affect this review drastically. The staff is amazing and understanding, as my roommates and I have spoken about this issue. I do feel as though it is pricey, even being "luxury," but I appreciate some of the benefits you offer, like this rewards website. Also, moving-in was difficult with the lack of parking spaces available to new tenants moving stuff in. But, I really do appreciate the awesome staff!