So far I feel comfortable at this community. The rent is not to high. And the community amenity are great. I love the Easton commons park that is close by. Everything is close to a walking distance

The neighborhood and area us decent, I just dont like the pest problem. Management is friendly, maintenance comes within a timely to fix any problems. Neighbors are loud sometimes, but overall is decent

Awesome quiet place to live. The complex is always clean and the staff is super nice! The fitness center is huge with plenty of space. And I love the security cameras you can never be to safe these days!

This apartment complex is reasonably priced. If value is what your looking for this is the place. Before moving in make sure you completely check the apartment.

It’s okay place to live I love the location. And it’s pretty quiet place. My kids can sit on the porch and I have no worries. I love that fact I’m close 290

I had a rough start personally , nothing to do with the staff! I lost my job right after I got the apartment and was transferring to a new one. There was a mistake with my charges one month and they contacted me and were very understanding and willing to work with me. I have had family issues, my mom being in and out of the hospital and again they were understanding with me.

Upon arrival apartment seems real nice as I looked around my bedroom has no light but we have been doing just fine using a lamp. The toilet is extremely small and I have asked at the office if the toilet can be changed for a bigger one but was told they were not sure and would call back and I am yet to receive a confirmation on that it also leaks from the main pipe a bit after you flush, the garbage disposer is not working already reset it and requested a check up but haven't had any this might be due to understaffed maintenance other than this the place is great after all its just my first month here. Recommended (will be updating after the year)

The location and everything is good and mainly why we moved here. It’s very nice except we’ve been waiting since move in, about a month ago, for maintenance to arrive to help us with the things that aren’t working. Other than that it’s pretty good.

Neighbors keep to themselves and the maintenance does also come to fix the problems at your home as long as it’s in the work order. Apartment is also good.

My apartment looks so good! The bad part is that they forgot to install my washer and dryer so I had to ask the office and a few plumbing issues

Very calm and open community. Only con is dogs going where ever they please and owners not cleaning up after them. Other than that our time here has been great.

Best apartment complex I've ever lived in. They don't beat around the bush and always have great deals for young adults like myself. Plus the staff is super nice and caring

This is my 2nd apartment ever, and the difference is night and day. The staff is friendly,the maintenance staff completes requests in a timely and professional manner, the complex is well lit, there are events and amazing amenities, and it's close to my new job. I honestly could not ask for more.

It's alright and our community is very nice. Some of our wiring isn't working but it's not a huge deal. It's the best complex I've lived at.

The management team has gotten a lot better, there is however room for improvement! Maintenance is always there when needed. Overall it good experience! My only problem is they offer a gym but I’ve been here two years and the gym is never been open, and we are in the middle of June and the pool is still closed!!!

I love sitting outside on the porch talking with my neighbors, barbecuing and sharing with my neighbors. I love that I have plants that I am growing and able to have them on a large porch. It is very helpful to have the washer and dryer outside that adds more room on the inside.

I have lived in this appointment for two years and it has been very peaceful and the meantanace of the apperment has been great. I would surely recommend this to any my friends.

Love it! Love that everyone minds their own business. The staff is always so kind. My unit is homey and comfortable. I love all the upgrades.

Management is a lot better it use to be horrible and I disliked the staff now it’s events and a beautiful part across the street that I adore

Very nice place to live at. Nice people that stay here. They have two pools for this hot summer.i gym with good equipment in it. Very nice place to make ur home.

I have mold In my room over my bed I called like a month ago nobody cause to fix it . I been living here for 3 months it’s a quiet neighborhood it just the maintenance is horrible

Moved in at the end of May 2019. Neighbors have been very friendly. It is nice and quiet at night. Plenty of parking available. It has a nice, small playground in the property. Their is also a big beautiful park with a long trail, splash pad, work out area, and two playgrounds right across this property. The pool has been closed since we moved in, though. 😥

I've only been here a few days so far, and like a lot of other units there are minor issues that need to be fixed. Everything else is wonderful.

Appartment are leased at good values. Good neighbourhood as well. As a new resident, I observed the appartment and most of the inner and outer structures are in good condition. It's good to make sure one knows all the addes fees and expenses before moving in or applying.

I love living here! Very peaceful!! Competent staff. So far I have had no issues while leading in this property. I am glad o found this place. Thank you Peppermill