I can’t wait until my lease up.The front office never answer the phone! You have to call cooperate to get anything done! They take forever to fix anything!

I have a two bedroom two bath we pay over 1000 for base rent and we have had a leak for over 4 months. You neglect to fix or adjust our rent. Dissatisfied.

Living here is ok but could be much better. The maintenance guys take months to fix things. You would be putting in several request to get it done.The appliance are outdated an upgrade is very much needed. For the price of the rent you would think they would update the appliances. The leasing office staff is very rude and dont know what they're doing. They over charge you for things and act clueless when you bring in your receipt. They will keep pushing your move in date so you wouldn't be able to move on the 1st. They be holding empty apartments for certain people they want to move in. Trash all around the outside of the dumpsters. Not enough parking spaces in front of your own home. Residents have trash and other items other than patio furniture on their patios. Dog residue in the grass and sometimes sidewalks. Loud music blasting from people cars. Security gates be broken for days. Rent goes up extra high when you renew your lease. It's a nice location and great surrounding neighborhoods. Peppermill Place needs to work harder on these things and do better.

Since the ownership changed about 2 years ago the service has declined miserably. The office staff constantly changes and they don't seem to be interested in doing their jobs or providing even minimal respect to renters - everything is a chore and beyond their interest in following through, as it requires effort on their part.

Roaches, rude staff, emergency maintenance that takes forever to be completed, and incorrect fees applied to late payments. I wish they would be more understanding and attentive, its ghetto and messy to deal with the office staff.

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Never follow through with fixing stuff in my apartment. I call multiple times and it take months for one simple thing to be fixed. I hope this will change soon.

THEy never stay on top of anything but what you owe them.. and I have to keep proof of payments or they would say you late and quick to put a notice on your door and once you show proof they say just disregard

Pretty upsetting really. Too much I really would care to express. Any from slow maintenance, to lack of emergency response when a hot water pipe burst under my bathroom sink and flood my apartment. Took maintenance over hours to respond and shut it off and fix th he pipe. It took over a week for to restore my apartment to half health. Not mention charge me renters insurance fee every month for not having it. Problem was though... I've always had renters insurance. This place has issues and I only express the tip of the iceberg. I'm just ready to be out of here.

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Maintenance never come fix things their supposed to fix blinds should’ve been replaced for months still haven’t gotten a explanation for why they haven’t

I moved into a roach infestation so bad it took me 2 weeks to move my furniture in for fear of having the roaches move into my furniture.. I was shown a totally remodeled unit equipped with garden tub patio off of the bedroom wall to wall laminate flooring and all new appliances only to move into a unit that has wall-to-wall carpeting in which the carpet was clean but the padding was not change so all of the stains have started to resurface and appliances that looks like they came from the 90s no fire place no laminate floors and no response to emails until I walked into the office and spoke to the Assistant Manager who hadn’t even been made aware of the issues by Nique who promptly stopped responding to emails once my lease was signed and money was given. To say the least I’m disappointed and wishing I could break my lease

The apartment was switched on day of move in which was an incovience to have to switch everything at last minute. There were a lot of problems with the apartment.

I have mold In my room over my bed I called like a month ago nobody cause to fix it . I been living here for 3 months it’s a quiet neighborhood it just the maintenance is horrible

If you want to move here don’t make it more then a year it’s in a nice area and school district but sometimes the staff can be lazy and won’t come fix something for days

It’s not so bad. You have loud neighbors, the occasional unwanted roach and outside rats and sometimes ya won’t have hot water or any water to take a shower in the morning but ya pay for what ya get!

Like location but hate the mold Plus takes forever for things to get fixed. I also don’t enjoy the fact that from day one I have roaches in my apartment but pay for pest control.

I have been here 4 years I like the end of the property for its peaceful surrounds. My closest neighbors are supportive and respectful of our community.

The gates are always broken. Which means it’s not a super safe place to live. But it’s cheap. So you get what you pay for. And lots of litter

I don't want to give this place too low of a rating because if it wasn't for the assistant manager than i think i would give a really bad low rate. She has been wonderful of helping me with my issues that have been occurring. Very sweet and caring, really take the time to help and understand the problem you are having living at the place. Maintenance has become some what better at coming and taking a look at the issue. Pest control does not fix the problem, have made many calls for them to come out and have a fix a rodent problem and still no fix.

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I guess I'll say it's just OK. There's certain things that don't seem to change and/or will never change. Ex: the dirt and mud in certain areas of the sidewalks, that get reaaaaally messy when it rains, the intermitent faulty blinking lights that illuminate the parking lot and dark areas at night. The customer service at the office is now showing a slight improvement lately. It used to be a little rude sometimes, making residents feel harassed at times. It's slowly becoming more professional. Please keep it up. Also, it worries me that the gates are always open, which could lead to outsiders accessing our parking lot at any given time of the day or night.

I’ve lived here for over five years now. At first, we had some problems with roaches and unfinished painting/restoring, etc. The hot water or water in general to take a shower, etc. seemingly turns off inexplicably half of the time. The other half of the time, you’re maybe warned in advanced but it still happens way too often than it ever should. We’ve grown used to the negatives quite honestly and know what to expect. It’s not that bad but if I had it to do over again, I probably wouldn’t have chose to live here. You can do better elsewhere in the area but you’ll have to pay a little more.

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I have been waiting on my bathroom to be fix for the last 3mos. I've been in the office over and over.. one day the whole knob fell off and I have to call the emergency apartment number because the water won't stop run.

I’ve lived here for a few years and have seen different managers come and go. I think the current management is trying to do the right thing and better our community...but, there are still a few unsavory loud residents that are making a lot of noise at night & disturbing my sleep. Where is security at night? I do not see them anymore.

Living here is good. I do not complain much, but it is okay for the mean time though. No one really bothers you, and everyone keeps to themselves.

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The new maintenance crew is great only issue I have is unsupervised kids running littering & being loud throughout the complex & dogs barking & pooping in walkways

It’s A Decent Neighborhood. I Just Think the Washer And Dryer Areas Need To Be Upgraded To Where You Need A Kev Card To Eneter And Dryers Never Dry Clothes. Vending Machine Is Broken. Maintenance Repairs Take A Long Time To Get Seen.