My experience has been decent to say the most. There have been some management changes who have been working good trying to change things around. I can say that maintenance request are a whole lot better than before.

Grounds need to be kept cleaner. Ac ventilation needs to better, my apartment is usually always warm. The prices are fair but the insides need to upgrade to modern appliances.

Like this place but too many maintenance Issues. It’s sucks because it takes so long for them to fix it and I was also charged a fee in error and it took for ever for them to adjust it

This apartment complex is reasonably priced. If value is what your looking for this is the place. Before moving in make sure you completely check the apartment.

Work with the people affected by the government shutdown and people who get paid every two weeks. It will help if you were lenient on that so no one gets evicted

It’s A Decent Neighborhood. I Just Think the Washer And Dryer Areas Need To Be Upgraded To Where You Need A Kev Card To Eneter And Dryers Never Dry Clothes. Vending Machine Is Broken. Maintenance Repairs Take A Long Time To Get Seen.

My residential experience has been great and horrible. I don't complain about anything,however, I do have some complaints. My overall experience here is okay.

The location and everything is good and mainly why we moved here. It’s very nice except we’ve been waiting since move in, about a month ago, for maintenance to arrive to help us with the things that aren’t working. Other than that it’s pretty good.

They are a quiet community for the most part. The apartments are decent looking. They take too long for maintenance requests at times, but that is the only negative I have experienced.

Needs better washer and dryers also needs a fitness center upgrade. Both areas should be locked so only residents can use them. And so they won’t get broken so quickly

Maintenance takes forever and the ladies at the office are not very helpful. Very unorganized but the community isn’t too dangerous or problematic. Over all living here has been okay.

It's been cool living here. I have a few complaints but they do not out way my experience here. The property is clean for the most part. I have put. A few request for maintenance that were never fulfilled or fixed.

Decent pricing, but you get what you pay for. There is a lot of crime, but they are doing something about it. I have been here for 5 years and its had its ups and downs

I Iove the sound of rain however this is a first for me. When it rains almost 75% of the time the power will go out which is really concerning to me because that affects my power bill and the quality of comfort in my home.

My experience with the apartments have been pretty good overall. Staff has been good in communicating with me when needed. But, I do wish that my mailbox was fixed.

Everything has been good the last couple of months I can’t complain. The only issue is the maintenance it could be better they take forever for the request it’s been over a month since I put a request and they haven’t gotten to it. But the office people are always nice and always willing to help

First year was good, second year I have had AC issues almost every month and all they do is turn it off so it’s unfreezes, been having to leave it on fan so it doesn’t freeze

The neighborhood and area us decent, I just dont like the pest problem. Management is friendly, maintenance comes within a timely to fix any problems. Neighbors are loud sometimes, but overall is decent

It’s okay place to live I love the location. And it’s pretty quiet place. My kids can sit on the porch and I have no worries. I love that fact I’m close 290

The apt is spacious just prefer no pests and that the bathroom and dishwasher had been cleaned before I moved in. Other than that I think it’s a great place so far.

i was kinda iffy about living here and I still have some minor concerns on some issues like that maintenance team don’t follow work or lactation it but the manager is really nice.

Upon arrival apartment seems real nice as I looked around my bedroom has no light but we have been doing just fine using a lamp. The toilet is extremely small and I have asked at the office if the toilet can be changed for a bigger one but was told they were not sure and would call back and I am yet to receive a confirmation on that it also leaks from the main pipe a bit after you flush, the garbage disposer is not working already reset it and requested a check up but haven't had any this might be due to understaffed maintenance other than this the place is great after all its just my first month here. Recommended (will be updating after the year)

My apartment looks so good! The bad part is that they forgot to install my washer and dryer so I had to ask the office and a few plumbing issues

I've only been here a few days so far, and like a lot of other units there are minor issues that need to be fixed. Everything else is wonderful.

I like living here what I love about is that we have a dryer and a washer the prices are way more affordable here than any where near by and the place its sims nice.