Great quiet community. Everything has been great so far. Kashanti is always friendly and helpful. Love the close proximity to the park and grocery store.

The place is very good and calm nothing really happens here the apartment is close to a nice park which is good and the staff are very helpful

The apartment is very quite. No drama thats what i like the most. Everyone just mind their own business. The neighborhood is clean, the maintenance works very good, they show up the next day you requested.Highly recommended

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I would say my resident experience has been good so far. The apartment is nice and so are the neighbors. The apartment is close to a lot of stores I go to. I would definitely recommend people to live here.

Well my story is a bit long. I have been through a lot and experienced tons of losses while over here but still felt as if the i could give it another chance. Since we have had Mrs. Sandra and her team in the office a lot has changed. Before they came i went from losing all four tires off my car and nothing was done. They just moved me to the back. Got back there experienced a man almost killing his mate and left me being the witness and saving her life. Moved to where i am now with anything being done in the apartment due to the police department requesting them to love me ASAP... went through a lot her with things needing to me done but Ms Sandra and her team worked on getting most of it done. This summer i experienced a break in which tore me apart but nothing was done. Had to put my on cams up with i felt like i shouldn’t have had to do that but i needed my kids and i to feel safe. It’s been rough but giving it another chance was something that kept me here.

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Great staff, really friendly! And fast workers. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Moved in within a week after submitting application!!!!!!

This place is by far an awesome quite friendly place. The office staff is helpful. Love the kid friendly environment for my 5 year old. Good quality apartments for the price

So far so good. I just moved in here going on two days ago and I like it. It’s mostly quiet so I guess I’ll have to stay a bit longer to really get a good feel.

Great community and comfortable living enviroment. Also nice and friendly neighbors. Attractions near by which makes it easy to have fun even taking a walk.

The apartment staff do a wonderful job trying to stay on top of everything! I love the determination to keep it safe and pretty! And they all are soo friendly!

It was amazing staying here very quiet when I first live here for about I months and the last 4 month it was was a lil rough not that bad big closet wide open kitchen it's nice

I love the Peppermill Apartments it's close to many stores and the theater and gym. I love the location because it's close to my job everything is just right around the corner I absolutely love this apartment complex.