It been really nice and quiet.. they just take forever to fix things. I had to put multiple requests. Apartments are always well kelp and security is always onsite.

Like this place but too many maintenance Issues. It’s sucks because it takes so long for them to fix it and I was also charged a fee in error and it took for ever for them to adjust it

Nice place to live.nice people awesome place.but the some policy is not good when pay the rent they guys take personal check some time not.but rooms is nice..nice peoples lives here

I appreciate the fast service that management and maintenance provides, and them keeping me up to date with what is going on. Everyone is not perfect, it’s the effort that counts

Maintenance takes forever and the ladies at the office are not very helpful. Very unorganized but the community isn’t too dangerous or problematic. Over all living here has been okay.

I am living here for the second has been very peaceful and less dramatic events. I have not withness any violence or distress calls. I have am really happy living here.

Good place to live great staff beautiful home nice areas around apartment great park across the the apartment spacious inside floor threw out the home great atmosphere

the neighbors are nice and the office ladies are sweet. not to much noise from upstairs and we’ve gotten our roach problems somewhat under control. nice area to live in.

I moved here in october, its been a very pleasant stay so far. Quiet neighborhood, easy access to highway 6. The rooms are very spacious and roomy. The kitchen is where all the real magic happens.

Maintenance can take a bit to fix things but eventually gets it done. Affordable but hard to get a hold of the office. Units arent that amazing but are decent enough

It's been cool living here. I have a few complaints but they do not out way my experience here. The property is clean for the most part. I have put. A few request for maintenance that were never fulfilled or fixed.

So far so good hope everything goes in my favor. First month was free so I guess we are good on that. Will be looking forward to making it a home for now.

Cheap rent. Decided to live here because of the location and price. Nice friendly staff. However there is poor maintainence response most of the time

Lovely, friendly and peaceful community. the staff engage with the residents which tends to allow room to spot inadequacies and issues on time! I like the fact that each section has its own entrance

The process of getting approved and moving in was awesome and smooth. I gave it 3 1/2 stars because my unit had a few dead roaches in the kitchen and I had to kill 2 of them in my bedroom

I like living here what I love about is that we have a dryer and a washer the prices are way more affordable here than any where near by and the place its sims nice.

It’s okay besides loud neighbors above me but everything been good it’s a nice place managers are good and quick love the staff just pay on time .

Love every minute living here. when needing help with any type of help as far as getting stuff for the apartment or something fixed they are there!

My experience has been decent to say the most. There have been some management changes who have been working good trying to change things around. I can say that maintenance request are a whole lot better than before.

I can’t wait until my lease up.The front office never answer the phone! You have to call cooperate to get anything done! They take forever to fix anything!

Grateful for being in a good living environment! Love the people and the reefa holla if ya feel me. Never stop grinding ya herd meh - Big Mike.

I have lived here for 7 months and it has been a wonderful experience. Everything is awesome. My lease is up in July and I’m probably going to get renew my lease and stay at this apartment complex.

Living in Peppermill place it’s so nice and quiet. They will literally come fix whatever that need to be fixed the same day or next day they are the best.

Work with the people affected by the government shutdown and people who get paid every two weeks. It will help if you were lenient on that so no one gets evicted

Um how can i put this I have been here since 2014 and within that time i have been through a lot. As a community itself i love it over. Just a lot of thing that needs to be fixed or done differently. Experienced some hurtful thing but was able to get through it all. Now that we have loving people in the office a lot of things are coming alone.