THEy never stay on top of anything but what you owe them.. and I have to keep proof of payments or they would say you late and quick to put a notice on your door and once you show proof they say just disregard

The apartment staff do a wonderful job trying to stay on top of everything! I love the determination to keep it safe and pretty! And they all are soo friendly!

It’s nice , quiet and really affordable. The office staff is really nice and go over and beyond to help you out Ms. Mary is the best ! Maintenance is a little slow about getting work orders due though .

It was amazing staying here very quiet when I first live here for about I months and the last 4 month it was was a lil rough not that bad big closet wide open kitchen it's nice

I love the Peppermill Apartments it's close to many stores and the theater and gym. I love the location because it's close to my job everything is just right around the corner I absolutely love this apartment complex.

it would be an okay place to live if they can weed out the people that keep breaking into the mail boxes and get people to pick up after their dogs

The rent is a good price but the apartment always have some kind of bug in the apartment. We clean like crazy but they still keep coming....

Well it’s a warm and friendly place to live . If you are on a budget this is a prefect place to live. The office staff is great. Just been here 1 day and so far so good !!!!

Peppermill place is a good quite community to live in. I’ve been living here for a year now and just renewed my lease. It’s a nice and affordable place

At first I was iffy about living here but things turned out great! There is good communication with the the ofice staff and I. Maintenance takes a little while but get the job done after a few calls.

i was kinda iffy about living here and I still have some minor concerns on some issues like that maintenance team don’t follow work or lactation it but the manager is really nice.

Everything has been good the last couple of months I can’t complain. The only issue is the maintenance it could be better they take forever for the request it’s been over a month since I put a request and they haven’t gotten to it. But the office people are always nice and always willing to help

I Iove the sound of rain however this is a first for me. When it rains almost 75% of the time the power will go out which is really concerning to me because that affects my power bill and the quality of comfort in my home.

Really like the area. Everything is close by. Place is always quiet. Love that it is gated. Staff are really nice. They’re always there to assist.

The community is great...very quiet, peaceful. It's a great place to live...even raise a family. It's a safe place to live. Management is awesome

It’s A Decent Neighborhood. I Just Think the Washer And Dryer Areas Need To Be Upgraded To Where You Need A Kev Card To Eneter And Dryers Never Dry Clothes. Vending Machine Is Broken. Maintenance Repairs Take A Long Time To Get Seen.

It has been great so far and we have wonderful staffs too. They have been given excellent service. There is always room for improvement but so far so good. It has been great

Since the ownership changed about 2 years ago the service has declined miserably. The office staff constantly changes and they don't seem to be interested in doing their jobs or providing even minimal respect to renters - everything is a chore and beyond their interest in following through, as it requires effort on their part.

The gates are always broken. Which means it’s not a super safe place to live. But it’s cheap. So you get what you pay for. And lots of litter

Maintenance never come fix things their supposed to fix blinds should’ve been replaced for months still haven’t gotten a explanation for why they haven’t

Very nice place to live. Office and maintainence Staff very friendly. Older property, but has good upgrades such as fitness center and sparkling pools. Easy access to Hwy 6, FM 529 and North Fwy 290. Overall good place to live.

Living here is ok but could be much better. The maintenance guys take months to fix things. You would be putting in several request to get it done.The appliance are outdated an upgrade is very much needed. For the price of the rent you would think they would update the appliances. The leasing office staff is very rude and dont know what they're doing. They over charge you for things and act clueless when you bring in your receipt. They will keep pushing your move in date so you wouldn't be able to move on the 1st. They be holding empty apartments for certain people they want to move in. Trash all around the outside of the dumpsters. Not enough parking spaces in front of your own home. Residents have trash and other items other than patio furniture on their patios. Dog residue in the grass and sometimes sidewalks. Loud music blasting from people cars. Security gates be broken for days. Rent goes up extra high when you renew your lease. It's a nice location and great surrounding neighborhoods. Peppermill Place needs to work harder on these things and do better.

I have been waiting on my bathroom to be fix for the last 3mos. I've been in the office over and over.. one day the whole knob fell off and I have to call the emergency apartment number because the water won't stop run.

My experience with the apartments have been pretty good overall. Staff has been good in communicating with me when needed. But, I do wish that my mailbox was fixed.

The maintenance people are pretty quick when it comes to fixing things. The main office is a comfortable environment. The pool is always clean. I also like the area because it’s also pretty quiet and the property keeps us informed via email, paper, and word of mouth.