My experience with the apartments have been pretty good overall. Staff has been good in communicating with me when needed. But, I do wish that my mailbox was fixed.

The maintenance people are pretty quick when it comes to fixing things. The main office is a comfortable environment. The pool is always clean. I also like the area because it’s also pretty quiet and the property keeps us informed via email, paper, and word of mouth.

If you want to move here don’t make it more then a year it’s in a nice area and school district but sometimes the staff can be lazy and won’t come fix something for days

Iv been enjoying my stay here it's a nice area very calm and not so loud it's a very good place to be it also has a great little gym and a place to wash and dry

First year was good, second year I have had AC issues almost every month and all they do is turn it off so it’s unfreezes, been having to leave it on fan so it doesn’t freeze

Good starter apartment office has open communication with residents keeps you up to date with all policies and events happening in the community

This place is good for the price. I love my apartment anf its amenities. There was a rovky start when i first moved in with management but now everytgubg is fantastic!

Just moved here on July and so far my experience has been great. Although maintenance has not shown up to fix a few requests. We are not really complaining. They are minor fixes which I know will get done soon.

I like this area, it’s properly protected and my neighbors are nice. I think the rent is nice even tho it did go up from 750 to 800. It is what it is

Never follow through with fixing stuff in my apartment. I call multiple times and it take months for one simple thing to be fixed. I hope this will change soon.

Hmmm, where do I begin? Roaches. Rats. Unfinished paint jobs at move-in. Mixed up paperwork/contracts. Multiple calls and entered orders for the same maintenance jobs taking weeks and sometimes even months at a time. Loud noise (music) each weekend and sometimes on the weekdays from downstairs neighbors. The rare but occasional gunshot in the middle of the night. The also rare but occasional murder. The half cut grass mowing jobs. The overflowing trash dumpsters with flies and Lord knows what all around them. The locked gates only working about 15% of the time because of the hoodlums that run into them and break them leaving the Apartment management to get it fixed a half a year later sometimes. The weight rooms which are often closed and not being used (probably because you have to pay for a key to get in)

They are a quiet community for the most part. The apartments are decent looking. They take too long for maintenance requests at times, but that is the only negative I have experienced.

When i first got here it was great, nice and quiet and great. I do not like though how the issues just keep coming in. No hot water at times, how the crime has increased. Maintenance not coming out on time. Phones not answering it just does not seem that great as it was at first. I do love the staff and how much they help me especially maria, she is great and always helps me so i do recommend her a lot. It is not bad area and everything just certain issues that go on.

I have been here 4 years I like the end of the property for its peaceful surrounds. My closest neighbors are supportive and respectful of our community.