You get what you pay for. It may not be the prettiest but it is a economic option for a students who are involved and are just looking for somewhere to sleep and cook their food.

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Living here at the pointe has been great. Sad to say i'm leaving but i truly enjoyed the environment here and everyone including the maintenance staff have been nothing but the best to my experience here!

I really like living at the Pointe but wish the roommate matching system was better. I wanted to room with my girlfriend but I could not because they could not allow co ed rooming.

Been here for nearly a year now, haven't had any problems. Maintenance is quick and gets the job done, and amenities are great as usual. Will be renewing.

I overall like living at the Pointe but I wish that there were options for leases that weren't individual. I also wish that co-ed roommate matching was allowed. My only real complaint is that the gym removed the exercise bike.

Have not moved in yet, but office staff can be very unhelpful at times. Do not answer questions in a timely and clear manner, and harassed me to sign a lease when I was waiting for someone else to pay to re lease theirs to me

Walls are thin, so you hear everything inside and outside your apartment. Maintenance is usually very quick to respond which is a plus, but there's been some security issues recently prompting a security company change.

living at pointe has been a great experience. It has all of the amenities I need. I use the gym, basketball, tennis and volley ball courts very frequently also

Nice place to live. Nice rooms, nice location being sooo close to campus. I like that it is UCF affiliated because we do have the shuttles and UCF police. My only complaint is the new sercurity at the gate. Its a new company but I dont think they really care and I dont think it should take 2 or 3 men for a used to be one man job.

It’s affordable. Maintenance is pretty reliable. Can be noisy and it is a little outdated. New security is a plus! Visitor parking is always packed.

Great dorm and community. The maintenance crew will always be my favorite part of the pointe; really nice people who are always willing to help you.

Very great place for the price. Amenities are plentiful and maintenance and staff are both very good. Clean and well furnished apartments. A good place to dorm while being in college.

Living at the pointe has been fine. There are many pros like having no cap on utilities and having everything included for one set price. Only thing bad is the noise.

It’s been great so far, what I especially like is how quick maintenance is with requests. I love going to the pool and visiting the gym whenever I get the chance

I enjoy the spacious living room and bedroom sizes. The staff is great and noise level is at a minimum. Although, I wish there were more activites available.

The WiFi is pretty poor but I’ve had an overall pleasant experience . The staff is nice, maintenance is on top of things, and I appreciate the security patrols

not super great but it's getting better. the addition of having better security is a plus. i would prefer is the rent didn't increase the several years I lived here, but i guess it's fair.

Living at the Pointe has been great so far. The amenities are very well kept and always available, the place is very worth it for the money.

Very great place for the price. Amenities are plentiful and maintenance and staff are both very good. Clean and well furnished apartments. Only complaint is that guest parking can become a hassle at the gate at times

A good place to dorm while being in college. Nice facilities, nice staff. Work orders could and should be completed completely and faster. Besides that, nice community.

So far I really have no complaints about living here at The Pointe. The location is literally perfect and near everything you could ever ask for and I still feel a part of the UCF Community while being able to have my own home.

Great! Very awesome honestly there’s no other housing I’d rather be to be honest. I really love it here and it is a fantastic learning environment thanks.

It’s a beautiful and safe community , I love the amenities and the tranquility of the area. The amenities at the clubhouse are great, such as coffee, the gym, and movies.

The apartment and its amenities have been fantastic but the surrounding area is not very developed and sometimes the security is not always checking who is coming in or out.