It is very annoying to live here at The Pointe at Central. Almost every week, there is a maintenance visit for something trivial. This month, the air filters were replaced twice. They don't need to be changed that frequently. These visual inspections and whatnot are useless. If there is something wrong, there is a work order we can fill out and/or call the office.

The entire mail system is terrible. You guys are complete idiots! Literally never get my stuff in time and then you guys are rude even thought you made the mistake.

The quality of the rooms are very low. I had the AC go out 4 time in a month and was never fixed properly. All the staff I contacted never had a clue what was going on and would just open a request which would just be closed a few days later. Staff also doesn't really care about concerns of their residents. I subleased a apartment in the summer and has 2 cars parked in the community while I was there. On of my cars didn't have a parking pass because I couldn't afford two parking passes. One night I was out late and all the visitor parking was full in the entire community. I parked in my car in a nonvistor spot and left a note on my car with the time I parked saying there wa no more visitor spots. I was towed that night without any warning and had to pay about $120 to get my car back. That put me in a tough spot finically for the next few weeks. Also, The place they send you to pick up your towed car is super sketchy and is really hard to find. It looks like it's in the middle of a junk yard.

The Pointe is not a great place to live. The workers are rude and leave messes when they enter apartments. The walls are thin and the neighbors are not respectful of that.

Cheap in all senses of the word, but management is also cheap and stingy. adding a cap in most places is normal. But one of the reasons why you just can't add a cap here is because the apartment is electrically inefficient. No insulation, single pane windows everywhere. For the most part, the only lighting in this place is the stuff you bring yourself.

I have had problems since I moved in and maintenance basically just keeps telling me I'm imagining that my room is 85°. I had a meeting with my RA and he never showed up and didn't even call to reschedule or let me know he wasn't coming.

Management here is rude and unhelpful. The entire turnover process for the new school year was a nightmare. The apartment was upturned and people were constantly in and out for at least 2 weeks. It made my roommates and me very uncomfortable and like we had no privacy or comfort. I understand that maintenance was needed and things had to be done for new residents but current residents did not seem to be considered at all. Additionally the amount of fees and fines we were threatened with if we were to "interfere" with the maintenance in anyway seemed passive aggressive and unprofessional. We were expected to keep personal items out of the common area and kitchen and be prepared to have anyone walk in at any given time, sometimes being kicked out of the unit while maintenance was done. Management should be less concerned with trying to draw in more residents and income and pay attention to those that already live here.

Terrible service, but there a select few who actually care. Hopefully, after a populous amount of bad reviews, they will get their act together to actually help students and not just cash their checks.

I hate living here. Everything about this place is so annoying. There are "air filter replacements" twice a month and other random apartment checks that are extremely unnecessary. Every time it rains, the electricity and/or internet goes out. It can take days for packages to be available for residents to pick up once it gets delivered. There are barely any lights in the apartment. The apartments were dirty when I moved in.

Notified everyone about not having any AC in my room and after days and days it has yet to be fixed. I keep calling and calling but they just keep assuring me it'll eventually get done...smh

No new appliances and the internet has been spotty. I used to live in a different building and it was great but once I moved to my current building nothing is good.

My roommates were not good and the noise is pretty bad. The only good thing is maintenance is really good and always timely. The amenities were nice.

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The experience was alright, but I had a problem with a roommate and they didn't seem to care about my needs at all. So I had to move out. They tried but could have tried harder

Do not enjoy the hoops to go through in order to acquire points. I have been part of this program for quite some time and in two different complexes and find it too hard.

The staff is rude and unhelpful. I have never had a pleasant experience while dealing with the office. The neighbors are loud at all times. The apartment themselves are decent once you decorate them.

Very disappointed with how the staff handles things here, they lie about coming back and fixing something and they never do anything. So unhappy with things here.

Really not very pleasant. No respect from staff and they don’t keep the place up quite like they should. I don’t plan on renewing here and hope they fix these issues soon

The maintenance takes a long period of time to fix any situation. We've had multiple things break in our apartment that shouldn't be such low quality.

I wouldn't live here again. Bad location if commuting on bike or foot. Too many rules. I liked living at Boardwalk Apartments on Alafaya though.

The pointe at central is not what I was told at all. I pay too much money, my safety was breached by neglectfulness of maintenance staff, and the apartment was not well kept upon arrival.

Would not recommend to future students. Apartment comes with outdated appliances, AC vents not clean and produce mildew and brings upon allergies. Not worth the 685$ a month I spend.

Spacious apartments for student living and a lot of privacy in 2/2 layouts. Quick maintenance response; however, it is not always effective or solves the issue at hand. The staff is friendly and helpful when needed.

Walls are too thin, you can hear every noise the person living above you and next to you makes. Bookkeeper here doesn't know about accounting and tries to screw over residents. There has been construction going on here for about a week and it's been waking me up at 7 in the morning every day. Parking is hard to find and the lines dividing the spaces aren't well painted so you have cars taking up two parking spots. Only good thing I can say about this place is rent is cheaper here compared to surrounding apartments.

Just pray for a great roomate if not you will be stuck with you roomate until you either find someone to get over your lease or mmmm actually thats the only option

Not really what I expected coming to live here. But the plus side if after a looooooong day of class no matter what time I finally get back the gym is still open!