I love this place. Rent is affordable with great facilities. They have a nice friendly staff and good security. I wish they allow pets and become pet friendly.

The apartments are nice and very roomy. I have never had a problem with any sort of maintenance and the employees at the front office are always pleasant. I would recommend living here to anyone.

I love the 24 hour gym, the two pools, the hot tub, and the 24 hour common space. I'm glad that I moved here from my old place, I get my own bedroom and own bathroom and best of all...Maintenance is speedy and diligent about getting things done and making sure that your work requests are completed :)

I will be moving to the Pointe in the fall and am really excited to finally be moving off campus. The Pointe seems like a great place to be living on my own in for the first time.

I moved in mid-June and it's been a great experience. The staff are really helpful and the buses come often! I've had no troubles since I've moved in and I plan to stay for the Fall and Spring.

Everything was just as advertised. I love living here! The pool is devine and the free printing is a life savor. The people I met truely care.

Living here is pretty average, just like all of the other student housing facilities. There are RA's and lots of pool parties, and games most of the time.

Living at the Pointe was probably the best decision I've made about going off to school. Not only is the rent super affordable but the people here are great, there are always cool activities and events, and maintenance is always ready to help when you need them!

Pretty good. Not amazing, but not bad. Nothing to complain about. Pretty average if you ask me. I mean, I haven't had any encounters with poor quality at this place.

Not bad somethings are more than what you get in reality but overall its still pretty great and you save a ton of money. I like it overall !

I love living here. It is close to campus, and the amenities are wonderful. The floor squeaks a lot though! Especially if you're underneath someone, you can hear it all night/day.

you guys are awesome! Its so cool to have a website that gives me credit for just living at a student living apartment complex! I can't wait to see what else is in store

The Pointe at Central is a great place to stay for a reasonable price. The amenities here are sick, the small problem I see is the overall look of the place. If you can get past tacky couches, definitely worth it.

Maintenance practically lives in your apartment from all of the inspections, other than that very good. Waffle Wednesday is great, as well as all of the events that are hosted by the Pointe. Security Guards are pretty good too.

The Pointe is great in terms of price and no cap on utilities. However, with maintence randomly entering my apartment all the time I would assume that my appliances would actually work and that is not necessarily the case. Furniture and appliances are generally outdated. Plus, the wifi is exceptionally finicky. Taking tests over the wifi is always risky business. The location of the Pointe means that it could take 30minutes to an hour to get to campus on the route 4 shuttle.

The reason why I enjoy living at the Pointe at Central is because of the clean environment, the staff and residents, amenities, lovely spacious rooms and all for a great price as well.

I enjoy the amenities. The location is perfect. The shuttles are very convenient. My roommate are very clean. The staff are always helpful. Rent is not to bad.

Always have to fix things myself and they aren't actually interested in helping residents that already live here. It's not a bad place t o live if you luck out and get one of the nicer apartments.

The RAs are nice and attentive, and the apartments are affordable and spacious. There are a lot of events and prizes, and a lot of interaction between the RAs and residents.

I love living here because all the amenities are included. There are no caps, and there are always new people to meet at events. I also love the shuttle service, and the printing labs, and gym.

I like living here because the staff is very friendly and maintenance gets on whatever issue you may be having right away. Also, the amenities that come with pointe are also great.

I love living here because I don't have to pay for utilities. Also, the security guards are friendly and make me feel safer. However, the pointe could work on better handling noise complaints.

I love not having utility caps and the maintenance is quick to respond to requests. Security guards make me feel safer as well. The Pointe could be stricter when it comes to noise complaints though

I like the Pointe because I have my own room and a bathroom connected to it. I only have one roommate instead of 3 and the rent is reasonable. My room overlooks a field and I have a great view. Maintenance has been timely and never took a long time. It's close to both campus and Waterford Towncenter. I like the security of having a guard at the gate. The downsides are that I can hear people playing basketball since my apartment is close to the court and I wish the gym was bigger. The appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer are loud when they run. But overall, I enjoy living here.

I love how huge the living room is and the amenities are great, especially the hot tub. Also Waffle Wednesday is probably the main reason why I wake up on Wednesday morning.