I love this place. Great amenities along with friendly people! Also there are events here that are awesome and fun! I'd recommend this place to anyone who plans on living at a student apartment.

There are positives and negatives about The Pointe at Central. The main pool is spacious and attractive and having a second pool, however small, is a great bonus. Shortly after I moved in all the gym equipment was replaced. There's not much but it works well. The rent is far cheaper than any nearby student housing but if you want to live with a friend you cant get a much nicer apartment for your combined rent of $1000( ) a month. Maintenance can be really slow on important issues but quick on dumb ones. The mail service is slow. I have had several unpleasant experiences with rude leasing officers. Overall, I don't regret my experience here.

Great property for student housing. Very close to campus. Affordable and convenient location. Less than 2miles from campus or Waterford Lakes for dining and shopping.

The point is a great place to live. Or has wonderful amenities and is cost afforadable. The events held at the club house are fun and a great way to socialize.

The property is nice. the rooms are a little small but comfortable. and no cap is always nice. the only student housing i know of with a hot tub at a price lower then 600. very affordable

I took a tour of a 4/2 apartment at The Pointe at Central and it was a beautiful complex. Everything was well taken care of, the staff was very nice and really helpful.

Pretty Good place ! Always there to help you! And I love the pool, and they events they host are fun. Although its student apartments you have all the privacy there is.

This apartment complex is nice and its in the heart of everything. Its easy to get to where you need to from here. It has served me a really long time and the people who work there are coopertive.

I love living here and our outside activities. The swimming pool and hot tub, pool tables and gym, and volleyball, tennis and basketball are awesome to enjoy on a usually boring afternoon. Occasional events are nice too.

Pretty good place. The front desk people are nice and they fix whatever you need. Not every apartment has the new furniture though. The carpet was stained and is still stained when I moved in. The walls could have used some painting. Love the activities they do and wish there were more.The pool is very nice and relaxing with the music playing all the time and the hot tub.

A great place to live. Maintenance is always available. I love how you can turn on the lights to the basketball courts yourself. Friendly people

It is well taken care of and maintenance is fast. The common area in the 4 x 2 is very large and the size of the kitchen is appropriate. I wish we had a larger cabinet though

It's alright haven't had best experience. Great student staff, but needs room updates, dark, good community events. Had troubles with my lease they were not too clear. Now I'm stuck a 12 month when I needed a 6 month.

Maintenance sometimes gets to my apartment a little slower than I hoped and workers will come to my apartment without my roommates or I having any notice but everything else is great!

This is my first year here and it was memorable. I really did not have a problem on the year I spent here. The staff are sweet and friendly and the apartment are beautiful, I am looking forward to another year.

the RA's at the club house are sort of nice when they actually help us. the apartments are not the nicest but are pretty good for the price. if they remodeled more, the place would be a lot better

RA's are always there for assistance. Maintanence is good. The place is kind of dirty though..but seems like they're renovating. Getting a little pricey, but still one of the cheaper ones

I love living here! Except the air conditioning has messed up on my roommate and I a couple of times. Otherwise, everything has been going great! Thank you!

Over the past 3 years I have enjoyed living at the pointe. There is always something to do. The people who work there are amazing most of the time.

Price is the cheapest off campus student housing that I've seen, convenient, and definitely get what I pay for. Faculty is friendly too! Shuttle is a great system to get to campus so it's a good thing that this has a shuttle stop. Love the gym, clubhouse, pool, and mailing system.

I live in Phase II and I love it. It's quite, neighbors are quite. My boyfriend is able to go right outside my apartment to play basketball on the full court. Not many people go to the phase II pool and I love that it's like having my own private pool. Maintenance is quick with fixing things such as the gym equipment. Overall one of the best places I've lived in the past 2 years.

This apartment complex has solid, affordable pricing and is fairly spacious. Maintenance is usually there very quickly to fix any problems as well.

Everything is great except the carpet in my apartment. Since it's a dark brown it makes the place inside appear dark and gloomy. Also there have been a few findings of those silver fish. Pest control needs to be taken care of from the inside.

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