I've had issues, but Pam, the assistant manager took care of it. I typed a review (in frustration and anger) and posted it on Facebook and instagram.

I like living here but sometimes the management can be a bit flakey. They have messed up my paper work MANY times. I have gotten two 3-day eviction notices because they did not have their paper work right for me and they didn't even seem remorseful about it after I had to take time from school to get it fixed. Other than that I like living here.

I love living here. It very safe and the apartment star coporated very well and the work that we put in is done very quickly. They have fun events going on almost all the time.

It's a really nice place. Plus they give free waffles on Wednesdays which is awesome. My only complaint so far has been no personal roommate matching system and that the people who live above me got the bass on super loud a lot but that's only sometimes. Overall it's a nice place to live

Overall a pretty functional and solid living experience. Not too bad at all. I would refer other students here if they needed a decent place to live

The Pointe is a great place to live. All of the staff that I've come across have been very friendly and helpful. The apartments have a very cozy feel and I already feel at home!

Not really what I expected coming to live here. But the plus side if after a looooooong day of class no matter what time I finally get back the gym is still open!

The Pointe has been so beneficial! Ever since I moved in, I have felt less stressed. The staff members are amazing, and are willing to go above and beyond for their residents. They are always looking to better our experience as college students and I really appreciate that. I have lived here for only a couple months which has got me really excited for what to come in this next year.

It's a nice place to live and there's a lot of amenities and cool events. The apartments aren't in that great of condition when you move in though.

I really enjoy living here! The rooms are a good size and the living are is huge!!! The staff has been helpful to me when I needed it and the amenities are cool here.

The staff is so incredibly friendly and helpful. There is a huge sense of community and ample opportunity to make friends. They host a lot of really great events to bring everyone together. The pool and property is beautiful and the apartments are spacious, regardless of unit type.

Well I only just moved in but it's way better than I thought it'd be after reading the other reviews. Was coming anyway for the low monthly rent but I'm pleasantly surprised. Everything feels safe, friendly and the apartment is pretty spacious too compared to on campus living which I was in prior to this.

A great place with very friendly people at the front office. It feels like home when you see much love and care given to you by the people around you.

First week in. It's pretty good so far, the rooms are a little worn down and the exterior of the building isn't kept up perfectly but it's cheap and livable

Living at pointe at central so far has been a great experience. The staff members are great and helpful. The apartment is comfy and a great living environment. I'm glad I chose Pointe at Central.

I just moved into the pointe at central a week ago and so far I like it. The place was dirty when I moved in but it looks great now. The shuttle is also convenient

I have no complaints about living here. The cost is extremely affordable and the staff is always helpful. The only thing I would change is that maintenance is always entering your apartment even if you do not say come in. They assume you are not home but you may be sleeping or in the shower and it's frightening to walk out of your room to a strange man.

Living here has been a great experience the short time I have been here so far. All of the staff has been extremely helpful and my room has been nice to live in.

The Pointe at Central was a great place to live after transitioning from living on campus to off campus. The shuttles are really helpful, and I enjoy all the amenities offered.

The Pointe is a bittersweet experience. I have lived here for 3 years and have mixed feelings. Affordable housing. Great maintenance team. However, they can be very petty about certain things and they love to bill you for miscellaneous fees. And, they are not flexible (AT ALL) about updating/changing your housing arrangements.

Everyone has been so welcoming. There have been some communication problems but the staff was willing to be patient with us and help sort them out.

Absolutely love it. Has everything a college student needs, with friendly on-site RAs who are always willing to assist you when they can. Convenient, low in price, and overall just a great place to live for those going to school around the area.

I'm so excited to move in the pointe looks like a great place to live! I love that it's full furnished and includes all the important amenities!

Fairly good, the RAs are non-existent though. The maintenance staff is very fast and responds pretty quickly to work orders. And if something still isn't right they usially fix it the same day.

Love the fact that there's uncapped utilities and the pool and hot tub for me are one of the best things along with the gym. The people that work in the office but the apartment furniture needs a little bit of remodeling