I have loved living at the Crown for the most part. I think it is a great community and the people who live here are very neighborly. I definitely recommend living at the Crown!

It’s been amazing. The rent is set at a fair price and the amenities are outstanding. One of the things I enjoy the most about living here is the location. We are set in the middle of about every store or restaurant you’d want.

My stay here has been a real pleasure and I have been really satisfied and I would recommend these to anyone looking for a place to stay....

Overall nice apartments. There is occasional noise issues, but that's to be expected with near-campus housing. Also, the maintenance was pretty good about getting everything done on time.

Have had a great experience. Maintenance work orders are completed very quickly. All the staff members are very nice. It is a safe place to live.

This apartment complex is extremely affordable and most of the staff is super pleasant. They made it very easy for me when I needed to switch rooms out of a confrontational apartment.


This is the greatest place to live. I’ve lived here for a year and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. The staff is so friendly, my roommates are great. I love it.

I like living at the crown I just got this only really rude roommate but I like the pool and wifi but the rent is no ice and most everyone is nice except the one rude lady in the office

I have really enjoyed living at The Crown thus far. The staff is very nice and are always quick to answer questions. The maintenance staff if always so kind and are very quick to come fix things for us.

The staff are super friendly and helpful with all situations and my dog loves taking up all the room in the full size beds :) The parking is also really good because there is so much room.

It’s small and cozy and I love my roommates. Maintenance is a bit slow though. That given the air conditioner in my room is broken. So is the freezer door. The only thing holding the shelf in there in place is cardboard and tape

Great place! Wish we had closer guest parking for visitors, other than that I think it is a very nice place to stay. I would recommend to this place to others.

The front office and maintenance team are incredible. I appreciate them so much. I haven't gotten to know my neighbors very well at all, but the ones above me can be pretty rowdy. That and the fact that it smells like marijuana a lot are the only real downsides.

Great living environment and nice people at the front office very helpful and room it’s clean and have good enough space also great roommates

Not what I was expecting. Haven't been here long enough to get a good feel of the place. I might change my opinion later. But at this moment i'm not a big fan.

The Crown is a safe, affordable and cozy place to live. I have been pleased with all of the amenities and furnishings offered. The staff in the office is friendly, and they always make sure my questions are answered promptly. Maintenance has been absolutely wonderful. On several occasions, my apartment has needed service. From the sink stopping up, to the smoke detector battery running low, to an air vent falling out of the ceiling, maintenance has definitely been a need for my roommates and I. Every time we’ve submitted a maintenance request, the requests are always responded to in a timely manner. The maintenance workers are very friendly, and do their job quickly and efficiently. Compared to other apartments in the area that my friends live in, The Crown is far superior. I am pleased with the apartments at The Crown and would recommend them to others.

Most of the time it’s a wonderful place to live, however, at night, the complex gets a little scary especially for visitors having to walk all the at from the back of the complex all the way to the front alone. Visitor parking location is a big issue.

The office staff is always helpful and friendly. Every time I’ve had a question, they’d been able to answer my question, plus give me answers to questions I didn’t even know I had! 10/10 for sure!

I love it here! very nice amenities & people! love the environment & the location of these apartments too. love the friendly and helpful staff too

I have had a good experience with living at the crown! Everyone always compliments the rooms and the carpet, and how each of us have our own bathrooms. The appliances are all nice now, we had to get a microwave and new washer from the office though. Other than that I have had a great experience with my time here 😊

I really love my room and the way it is set up. For the most part the people at the front desk are friendly people. The overall community at the crown are friendly, easy going people.

I like living here enough to stay. I wish the pool would be open longer during the day. The gym is a nice feature. No matter what I’ve done I have gotten over charged since being in my new building

For the price, the apartment is pretty good. There are a few issues but nothing too serious. And maintenance will fix what they can. The staff is friendly so that also helps. The complex could work on their communication better about maintenance coming by.

My experience so far has been good. I have mostly good roommates and not too much noise in building. The trash problem in stairways is still bad but other than that I'm satisfied.