This is a great incentive and glad I have the opportunity to receive cool gifts by doing simple task. Keep up the good work community rewards.

It's convenient because of its proximity to several restaurants and other businesses, and I get more for what I pay than I would at other places in town.

For my first college apartment, it wasn't a too bad of an experience. There needs to be some work with how maintanance comes about but other than that,Not too bad

The place is not bad you live close to campus and your around a lot of places. There is new management here now and things are getting better than before.

Overall I really enjoy it here at the Pointe. Lately things have been much better, maintenance wise and complex wise. I would like to see pets allowed!

Nice, personal apartments with awesome amenities. Service is pretty fast, and the grounds are always looking nice. And you can't beat the price! Great place to live.

I love the environment. I love the people I live with also. One of the employees by the name of Ian that works in the office makes me feel welcome and at gone that's why I still live here.

I love living here because if I need any help, the office is great at assisting! Every one is just so friendly! I also love living here because it is not on campus. I have more freedom to come and go as I wish.

I cant say I conpletely love living here but its cheap! The maintence work takes a while to get done and rent is always messed up but other than that its ok

The rent is great here and the quality of the apartment is outstanding. This is a nice and relaxing place to live. I enjoy the peaceful people who live also

I love our apartment and the layout. I love having the pool and access to a workout area. I like that it is close to a lot of things including campus.

With the new management this place has done a complete 180. Maintenance gets thing done in a timely fashion, The office is a comfortable, welcoming environment and most of all the management is INVOLVED in student activities. Its pretty awesome!

I don't like living here! Non of my maintenance has been fixed. Things keep breaking and everything. It is just stressful. I would only come back if I really had too. I'm trying to make sure I don't have too.

Its cheap I like living in the 200 building for the most part its quiet the workers always have answers to my questions and the apartment complex stays clean.

Great location, Priced Right for all the conviences! Office personnel and maintenance department are awesome. Great group of people! It has a gym, tanning bed, swimming pool, community room with pool tables

It's so cheap! Its nice student living and is super close to everything. It takes me only a couple minutes to walk to the shopping center with a grocery store.

Good service and management! Good living space. Quiet. Pet friendly. Just an overall good experience. Plus they have the cheapest rent compared to anywhere in BG

I think this is a good idea to give residents incentive to for being there and it is an easy to feel like we dont matter and that is very important

Point at western is a great place to live. It is safe and secure and I enjoy this place. It offers a right at home environment and I plan to continue staying here for a long time.

We pretty much get what we pay for. If your rent is $302.50, then you're going to get an apartment that looks like it's worth $302.50. If your rent is $360+, then there is going to be an obvious difference between the two apartments.

Nothing ever gets fixed here and the managers are rude they never want to help I have had a bad three years since I have been here and I can't stay one more year

My air does not work. And I some how can't get anybody to come and fix it. It's halfway threw the summer and the pool is just now opening. Which it's crazy but other than that it's ok

It's okay just wish they would come by and fix the apartment up more do more cleaning and the visitor parking is to far away from the front my mom wont walk that

Good service so far. not a bad place to live, especially for the rent you pay. You cant beat the rent here. The rooms aren't very big is the only downfall.

A LOT of spiders in my room. And i can't ever get anyone to answer the phone... I have a nice apartment though, and my roommates are great people