Nothing ever gets fixed here and the managers are rude they never want to help I have had a bad three years since I have been here and I can't stay one more year

The worst living 's property I have ever lived in, because I am in a big problem and they don't understand my situation. It seems that they uncaring. Also I want to sublease my unit if anyone interested just let me know because I am not interested maintain living here in this property anymore. Here is my phone number: (419)819-5970.

This place needs to upgrade their security. Take that back, they need security because there is absolutely none. I have never felt more unsafe than I do sitting in my own apartment. If they would install some cameras 90% of their crimes would go down. That's statistics. The management team needs to invest into some tshirts, sweatshirts, and jackets for their ENTIRE staff. I love the floor plan of my apartment and that is simply it. I'm always on edge and can never relax.

The top management of The Crown will give out information and make promises on prices or other situations, and then decide differently later. They don’t hold their word, they just change their mind, notify you, and then leave you stuck to deal with whatever they decide.

These apartments really need redone on the inside. I don't have any air in my room. The kitchen is gross and we desperately need new floors all over.

I could not possibly be less satisfied with how you do business. We needed to move in early because we had to start our jobs. Our coworkers were allowed to move in (to a dirty apartment) but we were stalled and told no early move ins were allowed and the apartments had to be cleaned. When I finally moved in there was dog food on my floor in my room, dust all over my ceiling, dust all over the shelves, the toilet wasn't clean, and that's just in my bedroom.

I don't like living here! Non of my maintenance has been fixed. Things keep breaking and everything. It is just stressful. I would only come back if I really had too. I'm trying to make sure I don't have too.

maintenance is not taken seriously, concerns about your apartment aren’t taken seriously. many people that run the office are unprofessional

The apartment and living community that I currently live in isn't the best the people around me are generally rude and loud and my apartment was supposedly renovated but hasn't been since like 1986

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Not what I was expecting. Haven't been here long enough to get a good feel of the place. I might change my opinion later. But at this moment i'm not a big fan.

Things need to be a little different. The rent issues have been ridiculous. Things are a little better but still not quite up to be what they should.

Getting better but it could be better, you absolutely get what you pay for. Some of the office staff are really rude but then some are nice. I don't think I'll be renewing.

I really enjoyed having my own bedroom and bathroom. It's just that the environment was not what I thought it would be. I will not be returning.

it was quiet when I first moved in but these walls are so thin I can hear everything the person in the apartment next to me is doing and every person outside my window

I have lived here since August and we have had several issues along the way and the staff and management is not so great. The place is not well kept and there is always trash and bottles all over the place. I wish maintenance was better. My roommates and I have not decided if we want to stay here next year or not but for the price and everything being included it's hard to beat.

Sure, its a good deal, but if I had known about all this construction before I signed the lease I definitely would not have signed that lease.

We pretty much get what we pay for. If your rent is $302.50, then you're going to get an apartment that looks like it's worth $302.50. If your rent is $360+, then there is going to be an obvious difference between the two apartments.

Its okay. the outside definitely looks better than the inside. But as long as you don't have any problems you'll be set. If you do have problems, then good luck.

Staff turn-over rate in just the past six months has been difficult. residence love seeing the same friendly faces. It just makes it difficult seeing someone new, and having to rebuild that same report as you did with someone else. Also the grounds are horrible. Cigarette butts laying everywhere, and trash in the parking lots or close to the roads, its just sad to see such a pretty place go to waste and gain a bad reputation.

I don't like it, should actually use them slips of paper y'all give us on who we want to live with! It's sad we HATE the people we live with!

There is little to no communication with the residents about construction, packages, or emergency messages. Our apartment wasn't clean when we moved in even though they told me I couldn't move in early because they "had to clean." There was dog hair, dog food, and cheetohs in my room when I got there. Vents were caked with dirt and grime. Our apartment flooded last year and they put fans in our apartment that made it over 90 degrees but did not tell us how long they needed to be there, who was coming in and out, or even if our apartment was safe. Our carpets are still stained with the dirty water. Most of the porches are rotting. Even under new management, the manager told me there would be no construction in our rooms after the new toilets were installed (contractors left trash in our bathrooms), my roommates dress clothes were thrown on the floor and left so they could install a PVC pipe in his closet. (Management left a note saying "keep your rooms clean") Clean means clothes put away in the closet. Clearly they know what construction will be done, and for some reason they cannot just communicate details so we know what to expect. Sometimes they call you if you have a package in the office sometimes they do not. They do not care about the residents here. You'll survive if you need to save money, but that's about it.

I love having my own bedroom and bathroom. We have trouble out of our neighbors almost every single night, and that is very annoying to deal with.

The apartments themselves are extremely nice, but the security here at The Crown is an issue. I understand that these are college apartments, but I would feel much safer with a better security team. The only form of security is one local police officer.

Decent apartments but honestly they just want as much money from you as they can get. keeps a towing truck right there and will tow you if you're not careful. Also management is rude and not very helpful.