My experience has not been that great. When we first moved in, our apartment was not cleaned or renovated as promised. Also, the fridge did not work upon arrival. However, maintenance has been helpful in fixing our problems. The staff has been rather a struggle though. If you want anything fixed or done, you have to constantly stay on top of them. After the first few weeks though, we have made it our home with some challenges.

The apartments themselves are extremely nice, but the security here at The Crown is an issue. I understand that these are college apartments, but I would feel much safer with a better security team. The only form of security is one local police officer.

only thing good about the complex is the rent, and that’s pushing it. communication with staff at desk has gotten better but the apartments are so run down and disgusting

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So far, living here this semester hasn’t been my favorite. Mainly because maintenance is either really on top of things or takes months with multiple requests to get anything done. Also, the stairwells are always full of trash and that’s not something I love to see when I get home at night, especially when the stairwell light is out and it’s very dark. But, I do appreciate the addition of more visitor parking spots.

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Its okay. the outside definitely looks better than the inside. But as long as you don't have any problems you'll be set. If you do have problems, then good luck.

I have lived here since August and we have had several issues along the way and the staff and management is not so great. The place is not well kept and there is always trash and bottles all over the place. I wish maintenance was better. My roommates and I have not decided if we want to stay here next year or not but for the price and everything being included it's hard to beat.

I love our apartment and the layout. I love having the pool and access to a workout area. I like that it is close to a lot of things including campus.

most people won’t bother you but the walls are paper thin and you can hear everything the person above and next to you are doing. some staff are nice but maintenance sucks at doing things at a timely manner

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I cant say I conpletely love living here but its cheap! The maintence work takes a while to get done and rent is always messed up but other than that its ok

I had issue with the heat & air system in my room and maintenance never fixed it and it would get super cold at nights during the winter and I couldn’t run the heater that they gave me and the room would get too cold all the time. Also the paint was messed up & it wasn’t fixed.

The apartments themselves are good I like the space and pricing but, roommate matching will disappoint you. Maintenance is speedy and fantastic though.

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It's alright living here. I like the apartment layout. I think the rooms could be a little bigger but I guess you get what you pay for. Cheapest rent in town! Can't beat it!

My apartment was not cleaned hardly at all before move in. We had an early move in date which the office gave us and told us the apartment would be ready by, I showed up the week after that date and it was still not ready and I never received a call or anything saying that it wouldn't be ready. The happened 2 more times until it was finally ready over 2 weeks after we were originally told we could move in. The wifi is unusable and ridiculously slow when very many people at all are on it from about 4- midnight every day.

I have enjoyed The Crown. My only complaint: Some tentants have no regard when they throw their trash/food on the ground. I have a puppy and I have had to get things out of her mouth.

Love the apartment and the price but needs better organization. I love being able to live my friends at request. The Crown apartments are a great distance from campus too.

Have more community get togethers! would have loved to see a volleyball game, or even a tick or treat event, or maybe an outdoor movie. Or maybe have each employee responsible for events for each building. Make a sign up sheet and host a girls night or guys night with each building, so that we can meet new people/ make new friends with our building mates :)

It’s not terrible living at the crown as long as you don’t have issues with the staff. The apartment itself is nice enough to live in. The poo closes way to early it seems almost pointless & is very annoying. The staff is very contradictory when it comes to helping resolve issues. One person will tell you something & another person will tell you something else. It’s annoying.

If you have no problems here then you will be perfect. BUT if you have any problems good luck. The office has its favorites so try to get on that list.

It's convenient because of its proximity to several restaurants and other businesses, and I get more for what I pay than I would at other places in town.

Poor WiFi majority of the time. The current rate to live here is too high for what you’re given. You can get the same price at a lot of places that are in a lot better condition.

the apartments aren’t bad, location is great. it’s a decent price for the apartment. problems with maintenance and people barging into our apartment has definitely put my roommates and i in a sour mood.

Need work on apartment cleaning like cleaning the roof of apartment, finding laubdry doors and cleaning the blinds. These all would make my stay here fun

Very dirty people living here. Makes the stairs and stuff nasty with condoms, needles, old food, etc. I do however like how friendly the office people are.

I like the for bedroom apartment and the community feel at the pointe of western.. We have had some major leaks and they somewhat quickly fixed then but we had to call and push them to do so!

Things could be better! Office staff is nice sometimes they font get back with you after 3 attempts. Landscaping always looks nice. Close to shopping centers