I've only lived here for a couple weeks, but so far everyone seem friendly! The leasing staff is also not only nice and accommodating, but they get back to any of your questions or concerns very quickly! And they're very good about following up with you. It's also impressive how they get to know who the residents are.

Pointe on Rio is a grea space with a pretty private community life, where you can meet people if you want, but don't encounter any types of negative interactions such as loud neighbors. It is clean and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as well as comfortable and homey!

I've only been here for a week or two but I love it! My window/porch are my favorite part, I open my door every morning and get to watch the sunrise. The hallways are clean and the staff is nice and every maintenance request I put in is fixed within 24 hours

Great program. It guarantees useful feedback from residents by incentivizing them with gifts and helping management see issues with the building or in the community.

I've only been here for three days and already feels like home. The staff is very friendly and supportive, the amenities are first class, and the short walk to campus makes it an ideal student apartment.

I have been living at Pointe on Rio for 2 years now. The location is perfect for a quick walk to campus and for a view of downtown Austin. I love the amenities here, as well: a pool, a gym, a study area, and a very helpfully staffed front office.

It's only been a week, but things are off to a good start. There are some minor annoyances however, like small repairs that should have been dealt with between tenants, and oversights that are so easy to fix that they're hard to forgive. I don't know what it is with apartment property maintenance and managers, but they don't seem to know what a drop cloth is. When you paint a wall, even if it's just a touch up, YOU PUT A PLASTIC SHEET ON THE FLOOR. White splotches are glaringly obvious on a wood floor and this is such a simple problem to correct that there is absolutely no excuse. Also, parking prices are absolute robbery even by Austin and west campus standards. Those issues aside though, the management staff is incredibly nice and welcoming, and seem like they actually care about the property and their tenants. The rooms and appliances are very nice and well taken care of (except those darn splotchy floors), and there is ample living space. Amenities are also very high quality (wow what a gym). Overall, a very good move in and living experience so far. I look forward to the next year here.

Really nice apartment and nice staff! I am very excited about moving here and the location is amazing as well. Overall this place seems like a great place to live.

When I moved in, the desk staff had left early so I wasn't able to pick up my keys that day. That was frustrating but they were helpful in letting me come in some other time to pick up my keys. The apartment is nice too.

My experience with pointe on rio has been great so far. The rooms and amenities are very accommodating and living in a new place feels nice. The employees are approachable too

Angie was very helpful with the move in process! She answered all our questions and gave helpful suggestions regarding the neighborhood around UT Austin.

Excellent customer service, minus one incident! Other than that, the staff and friendly and super outgoing! They really make you feel at home!

Pointe is definitely one of the best places to live on West Campus. It has an incredible staff and a great environment to live in. I highly recommend Pointe!

I've lived at 2 other apartment complexes within Pointe's peer group and I can say without a doubt they have the best customer service. From friendly leasing staff to maintenance staff that is always willing to help out, Pointe has absolutely blown me away.

Love this place! The staff were so friendly and very helpful with the entire process! All questions and concerns were answered quickly and effectively. So excited to be a part of the community.

I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy my time at Pointe on Rio, with that being said it wasn't the perfect home but it came pretty close. I would it a solid 8/10. The staff is nice and as helpful as they can be. The apartment complex is generally kept pretty clean, except on weekends when residents would go out or have parties and invite inconsiderate guests. The apartments themselves are pretty nice with beautiful finishes and quality appliances. I would always get compliments on my apartment when I had guests over. I personally think Pointe on Rio is one of the nicer apartment buildings in West Campus; maintenance is kept up, maybe redecorate and repaint the lobby/hallways then it would for sure receive 5 stars.

My stay has been great this past year. I have had very few problems, and those I did have were quickly resolved by the staff. Every staff member I have interacted with has been friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work!

The staff here are really friendly and helpful. They are always available to answer any questions about the residence in general. The surrounding area is pretty clean and I'm looking forward to moving here in the fall.

Best service... Nice people. Noise less.... Good amenities. Bad crowd Okayish location. Boring place Claim to be in west campus but actually in south west campus

People at Pointe on rio are very at customer service. They listen and understand the needs. We like to stay at this location for four years for entire college time

I will be living here in the fall and every step has been a breeze. I've always been helped with courtesy and respect. I cannot wait to live here.

Apartment amenities are really up to date, and the proximity of the apartment to campus is a huge help. Management is right downstairs to help with anything needed!

I am looking forward to living at Pointe on Rio. Management is very friendly and helpful, and the apartment complex is quiet, unlike my current one.

I have yet to move into my apartment at point on Rio, but i have already begun to feel right at home. Many of the workers have contacted me via email and phone call with any concerns and I've greatly appreciated it!

Good neighborhood, good lounge area but the overall floors could be kept more clean. Since floors are "open-air" there seem to be bugs/spiders/crickets that may not be a big deal to some, but sure is to me! However, the gym is nice and the study area with printers is a neat place to work at.